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Matching Mole - Matching Mole

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Band founded by fmr "Soft Machine" drummer ( & composer) Robert Wyatt ( who got paralyzed from the waist down and on a wheelchair since 1973 due to an accident)


In the  2 only  MM albums ( this one and "Little Red Record", both rec'd before the accident) he plays drums and sings.....


RIP Phil Miller (guitar)


"O Caroline" (Sinclair, Wyatt) –00:00

"Instant *****" (Wyatt) – 05:05

"Signed Curtain" (Wyatt) – xxxxx copyright issues

"Part of the Dance" (Miller) – 08:04

"Instant Kitten" (Wyatt) – 17:21

"Dedicated to Hugh, but You Weren't Listening" (Wyatt) –22:20

"Beer as in Braindeer" (Wyatt) – 26:59

"Immediate Curtain" (Wyatt) – 31:02





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Robert Wyatt then (after the accident) went on with his unstoppable involvement in music  with a solo career ( and collaborations)






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