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Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

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RIP John Bonham (drums)







Dedicated whole-heartedly to Italian minister of Interior affairs Matteo Salvini....And also to other big-shot Individuals internationally

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The riff at the end of each musical phrasing is stunning imho ...Pure musical intuition.....





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In 1977  I was  in the States and they were touring..Which I thought was an great chance for me to see them ......I thought it was very likely for it to happen infact...I had been wanting that so much....


When suddenly I read the news they had to get back to UK real quick as Robert Plant's son  ( a kid around seven or eight) was very ill and all band members decided to come back......Of course...


Then the story was bound to a tragic ending as the child died.....Unfortunately



I was still able to see another great band in that period anyway....YES (and Donovan Leitch as opener) in Oakland,CA. in Oct.77

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