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Francesco Guccini - Incontro ( Encounter)

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Saw him in concert 3 times....Really good.....Great lyrics


From album "Radici" (Roots)







And while running she met me down the stairs
almost nothing seemed to be changed in her to me.
Then sadness enveloped us like honey
for the time slipped on us.
The sun going down already
reddened the city
before of us and now foreign
and incredible and cold
like an instant "deja vu"
shadow of youth the fog was around us.
Stable cars were looking us in silence,
old walls were proposing new heroes.
Ten years to tell each other,
but sentences remained inside us
"What do you do now? Do you remember...?
Our times were beautiful!
I have written you... It's one year...
They told me you were still away"
Then dinner at her home
my new courtesy
flatware coloured nostalgia.
And sentences, like we were two olds,
were running after time behind us.
For the first time I saw those mirrors
I understood pictures, ornaments and her parents.
Our myths dead now,
the discover of Hemingway,
feeling new,
things dreamed and now seen.
My America and hers
become in the way
our city so sad.
Papers and wind fly away at the station
cold and lights on maybe for us there
and finally in short her situation
like a lot of our films.
Like in a bad written book
he killed himself in Christmas,
but the sad story seemed to be absorbed by the dark.
Poor friend who was telling
ten year in few sentences
and I (was telling) mine in one greeting.
And I was thinking swung by the wagon
"Dear friend, time takes and time gives.
We always run in one direction,
but who knows what is and what sense has!
Timeless dreams remain,
impressions of a moment,
the lights of homes glimpsed in the darkness from a train.
We are something that don't remain
empty sentences in the head
and the heart full of symbols.
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Little Portuguese Girl Song  ( magical and powerful imo)











And then, and then… people come here and tell you
they already know each law of things.
And everyone, you know, boast a blind pride
about truths made of void formulas…
And everyone, you know, can tell you how to do,
which laws to respect, which rules to observe,
what’s the true truth, and then…
And then, everyone, withdrawn in a cell,
tries to speak louder than others
not to say that stars and death
make you fear…
In the sun warmth,
the Portuguese little girl
went down to the sea;
there were no words,
only sounds
like surprised voices;
only the sea
and her first amaranth bikini,
the nicest things
and the delight of the warmth on her skin…
The friends next to her
seemed to be submerged
by the voice of the sea…
Were they dreams or were they visions,
something seized her
and she started to think.
She felt she was a dot
on the edge of a continent,
she felt she was a nothing
facing the immense Atlantic…
And in that fact, she felt
something great
that she couldn’t understand,
that she couldn’t grasp,
that she had explained
if she would have understood
that endless ocean…
But the warmth caught her,
she felt herself dissolving
and went to sleep.
And she was alone in the sunlight,
like in the hands of the future;
only the sea remained,
and her amaranth bikini…
And then, and then…
if you find yourself reminding
you’ll realize
that you don’t care at all,
and you’ll understand
that an evening, a season
are like flashes,
lights switched on and then off.
And you’ll realize that the real ambiguity
is the life we are living,
is something that we call to be men…
And then, and then…
that the habit which will kill us
won’t be smoking or drinking,
but something you are carrying inside
that is living, living
and then, and then living
and then, and then living…

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Song for a (female) friend....SF..... who died due to car accident







The long road ran straight,
the car was running fast
the sweet summer had just begun,
he was [sitting] next to her, smiling,
he was [sitting] next to her, smiling.
A hand gripped the steering wheel tightly,
the engine was singing loudly
you couldn't have known that Death
was waiting for you that day,
was waiting for you that day.
You couldn't have known that Death [was there]
when you're young it's strange
to think that fate
could come and lead you by the hand,
could come and lead you by the hand.
You couldn't have known, but how did you feel
when the road turned upside down
when the car went off the road
and landed on another one,
and landed on another one.
You couldn't have known, but what did you think
when the crash killed you
when even the sky above crumbled
when your life left you,
when your life left you.
Afterwards, silence only reigned
among twisted metal.
You were looking for life on the highway
but Death met you,
but Death met you.
I'd like to know what good was
living, loving, suffering
spending all your days
when you had to leave so soon,
when you had to leave so soon.
But I want to remember you as you used to be
to think you're still alive
I want to think you're still listening to me
and that you're still smiling, as you used to,
and that you're still smiling, as you used to.

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