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I got email to check my ISO! It says I’m not authorized to get in this section I been paying and keeping all my info straight every August. I don’t know what could be wrong or what issues are going on! Respectfully Submitted 

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I’m sure you mean OSI.  If you are wondering about the status of your offshore Corp, send a support ticket to Julie.   Several years ago, Adam switched our annual payments to quarterly payments.  If you didn’t specifically request to remain on annual payments, your charge card would have been charged on a quarterly basis.  Emails are sent out every time your account is charged (or if your card isn’t accepted).  Those emails tell you to check your support area on DV which will have more details.  Be sure you are checking the support area for messages from Julie.  That’s the best way to know if you are in compliance with all payments and requirements.  

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Adam, There Are those of us that are platinum that for reason or other may not be able to attend the get together in #####. What plans do you have of informing us of the details of the meeting. My son and daughter as well as myself are platinum and will be in Europe most of March and are concerned that the RV will happen during that time. Would welcome some assurance that we won’t miss out on the advantages of being part of your group . I have dinars for years and been on your site daily also for years,  would be grateful for a response. I’m 92, but still going strong. Speedo 

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