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Maliki’s Coalition says IMIS will not hand over weapons to government

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The State of Law Coalition, led by Nuri al-Maliki, has said Iran-backed militias will not hand in their weapons to the government.

MP Ali al-Ghanemi, representing the coalition, said the conflicts in viewpoints between the political forces are considered a development within the structure of the country and an end to the sectarian blocs.

Ghanemi indicated similarity in viewpoints between Haidar al-Abadi and Maliki, given that they belong to the same source. He also added that there are calls for appeasement between the factions and Al-Hikma movement without escalation, which the two sides were committed to.”

IMIS, according to Ghanemi, are not militias, but a main part of the military institution. It will not turn its weapons to the government, for being part of the military.

Al-Hikma Movement is part of IMIS through armed factions that were established by its leaders, he said. “The prime minister did not intervene in the crisis between Al-Hikma and the factions, however, other parties worked on reducing the gap between them.”

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