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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam Montana 14 November 2018

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Morning all!


It's been a pretty interesting morning over here at DV headquarters, and there are a couple things I'd love to get your feedback on. 


In fact, today's update is more of an invitation to discuss than anything else. There are some brilliant people in this community, and even if you're not one of them, please get involved! 


There are going to be mentions of some stocks below, and these are not items that do or do not invest in (short/long/otherwise), but they play a role in the bigger picture and can be thought provoking, which lends insight to the future if you care to follow along.


One of these items is (of course) the immediate future of the Iraqi Dinar.


As the year draws to a close, there is a question of "Will this get done before the end of 2018 or is there a benefit to waiting until the start of 2019? Post your thoughts below on why they may want to pull the trigger before year end, or why they would be better served to wait till January 1 or after?


NOTE: If you are going to respond with nonsense like "We deserve an RV for Christmas" or "I don't think it will ever happen because I was bullied in school and it's scary outside of my crying closet", please just move on. Those are not legitimate or intelligent thoughts. Thanks :)


Next, and related, is US economy and oil prices in specific. Yesterday WTI posted it's lowest price of the year at 56.55, OPEC has been flirting with production cuts (which makes sense), and President Trump encouraged the opposite (not sure why yet). The DOW has taken a beating lately, but is up over 150 as I type this.




A couple of very interesting topics recently have been Tesla (TSLA) and Amazon (AMZN). Tesla is fun to watch if for nothing more than the fact that Elon Musk is a wild child and does whatever the hell he wants, by all traditional measures the company simply shouldn't even be in business, yet.. :lol: 




And Amazon is fun to watch because... who or what is going to stop THAT train? 


Final topic of discussion for the morning, and the "meat" will be in the VIP section, but let's throw this out there anyway... crypto.


Last year there was a selloff, causing a dip, before Christmas. BTC has been extremely stable for some time now, but are we heading towards another dip? I'm about 3 weeks early on this particular dip, if it's going to happen again, so this is the perfect time to prepare. 


Full discussion on that in the VIP section:




I have lots more on my mind right now, but I think those three(+) items will make a good starting point. Let the discussion begin!


Weekly Q's:


On 11/10/2018 at 2:59 PM, Chartman17 said:

Dear Adam, I need a clarification in regards to the HCL.  This morning I read that the PM is working out payments to Iraqi citizens with regard to the



On 11/10/2018 at 3:04 PM, Chartman17 said:

If it has, I missed the memo.  As I recall, Adam said when the HCL goes so goes the Dinar.  Any comments?  Sorry for the multiple posts, my "enter"
 key is on steroids.  All the best.

Chartman 17


Don't worry about the multiple posts bud :lol: it happens!


Regarding HCL - you have to give me a link if you want a response to a specific article. We do not currently have a completed HCL.


On 11/12/2018 at 12:17 PM, ezrapound said:

So Adam...first off, thanks for the reinstatement of my posting privileges.  Secondly, after being in this endeavor now for about 14 years, I am sure you can understand the word frustration. Do you think perhaps this end of year our adventure may come to fruition? I knw it isn't your style to predict, but surely you can throw a bone or two out there for this question?


This topic is now open for discussion, as I posted above.







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I think the RV will happen before the end of the year due to the pressure the citizens are putting on the CBI to get this done (per social media), the fact that they owe Iran $1B and it needs to be pa

Hi Adam!   As ALWAYS, many Thanks for Your down to earth and tempered posts, Adam, AND The Very Best Of The Rest Of Your Week AND Your Up Coming Weekend!!!    I am SO Thankful for

Morning all!   It's been a pretty interesting morning over here at DV headquarters, and there are a couple things I'd love to get your feedback on.    In fact, today's update is mo

With all the post about giving money to the Iraqis from the sale of oil and the constant discussion about revising the 2019 budget, I believe it will be January 2019.    i would like to see the currency auctions stop and the some news in December about lower denominations.  That would be a dead give away.  Until then we wait patiently.  

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I don’t think now or the beginning of 2019 makes any difference! It appears the banks are ready. What is important for the Iraqi people is to get it done. To do that they need to wrap up taking care of the corruption and counterfeiting > pass the HCL > get the lower denominations out > & then start the float!

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Great topics, Adam. As for my thoughts on an RV, my right side brain (the part that tells my wife that SALE is a dirty 4-letter word) can't help but logically point to something happening after January 1st. I mean, there's no sense in doing this before a clear 2019 budget is passed for Iraq and Mahdi has all his COM ducks in a row. If you are making a whole sale change to your currency, value, marketing, contracts etc. why not start with a new year, clean slate. They still have a clean-up on aisle 3 (auctions) to contend with too. JMHO.

                                                                          :twothumbs:  +:moneybag: =  :D

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Thank you again Adam for all you are doing.  You pose some interesting questions.


As to the timing of an RV I think it depends a lot on tax status.  If we participate in OSI and use other tax deferred options there is less of an impact if an RV were to take place this year.  If one were to take profits right away then having the RV after the first of the year postpones paying taxes until 2020 instead of 2019.  With a now divided Congress it’s hard to speculate on what changes there may be in tax law by 2020.


As I’m typing the markets are up a little but there is no rally going on.  The price of oil has multiple effects.  Higher prices hit the consumer with higher prices of gasoline and heating oil.  Typically higher prices help the oil companies and the investors who own their stock or are long in the market.  Maybe Trump is playing to consumer interests.


I follow AMZN but haven’t been trading it.  TSLA has been a wild card but a speculator’s dream this last year.  It’s IVR (Implied Volatility Rank) (see TastyWorks website) has been high and selling strangles have worked very well.


With regard to crypto currencies I think it’s going to be a wild ride before it settles out.  I see the Bank of China may be planning to create its own.  Unless and until there are only one or two widely used crypto-currencies or a great system is developed for transferring from one to the other I don’t see them becoming the main financial system in the near future.

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If they pass the HCL in full this session which they say is one of their priorities and seat the rest of the ministers which should also be a priority then I believe we will see the RV. The only caveat to this is that we have seen "HCL" and "this session" multiple times with nothing being done.

If that pattern continues look to 2019.

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Thanks Adam for the update.  Much I would like to have RV this year I do not think that will happen.  My reason are the HCL have not been completed and I believe the CBI will not RV until there is completed HCL.  How long that will take is anyone's guest..Hope Iraq can get that completed in 2019 for HCL.  Another is the lower demons and fully seated and committed GOI on passing the important laws for Iraq.  Just my :twocents:

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Many folks talk about needing to educate the people before this will happen, but I would hope that that has been going on for the last couple/few years. Slowly letting the citizens know what is to come, how it's going to change their lives, and how they will be competing in the world, and doing commerce as the world does. Why would they wait til they're ready to pull the trigger? Crash courses wouldn't be prudent.


I hope they are ready to go, just finish up the HCL so everybody in Iraq can benefit, like the Kuwaitis do, and so on, get GOI in place, aaaaaaand GO!! I have a feeling they will wait for the new year? Who knows?


Crypto has been around for a long time, App pays, Frequent Flier Miles and such are all cryptos so it's really not just finances, it's also technologies, so I don't see it going away. I see it growing and being more and more widely used. Probably one or 2 main 'currencies' will be BTC or Etherium or whatever, but I feel there will be many other 'crypto's' for emerging technologies that will continue being developed with blockchain and others. There will DEFINITELY be a shake out of smaller and more useless cryptos, as in anything, but it's not going anywhere, IMO.


Let's get this RV/RI whatever, going!!!! I've got some investing to do!!! :rodeo:


Thanks Adam!! Looking forward to meeting everyone soon - hopefully! I mean we GOTTA throw a BIG OL DV BASH somewhere in the world once this happens!! Would love to meet my fellow DV'ers!!!


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Interesting chat. Great questions and especially with where the economy here in the US currently appears to be heading. Texas is drilling more oil than ever before. Therefore, it is hard to believe the cost per barrel will fluctuate up much. However, while the budget is based a great deal on the oil in Iraq there are other factors, such as gold and farming, that can stabilize the budget, IMO. Will they RV before the end of the year, I think a great deal would depend on the 2018 budget being finalized and the 2019 budget issues addressed. It COULD happen if they put the peddle to the medal, but will they? Time will tell. This late in the year and the way things happen in Iraq I feel we are looking after the first of the year. But it would be sweet if they surprised us all.


Amazon keeps trucking forward, Tesla is in a game all its own.

Import taxes on items we have been use to having available to us at a lesser amount will cause people here in the states to have to adapt. But that's what we do.  

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I  hate to compare Iraq to other countries like Haiti or other impoverished countries, but governments are governments just the same, What I am getting at is that when a country like Haiti are receiving billions from Aid- giving countries to help those peoples, the Government takes these monies and never distributing to the needy, thus keeping the country impoverished and the officials get richer. I have felt that Iraq has become somewhat of a Haiti with the aid given them by aid giving countries like USA, China, Russia, etc. , I fear that the government of Iraq may not want to have Iraq become successful and lose their cash cow. Please tell me that my thinking is wrong and there ARE  some honest officials in the GOI and actually want to help their people....... I wish that we had some of those kind of government people here in the US of A.  Your opinion ????

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Due to a load of problems in Iraq with the government I don't believe the CBI will act on the RV until after Jan 1. The CBI has made it clear that ALL of the bal of 8 cabinet members must be installed before they will act. I also believe that there is so much fraud in the government that people have been making so much money from, such as the auctions that they don't want to see the RV go through anytime soon. The Iraq people have had to deal with this corruption for so long that they have no faith in the government. The RV needs to be done, not for us but tor the citizens of Iraq who have very little.

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Hi Adam!


As ALWAYS, many Thanks for Your down to earth and tempered posts, Adam, AND The Very Best Of The Rest Of Your Week AND Your Up Coming Weekend!!! :tiphat:


I am SO Thankful for Your Rock Solid AND Bullet Proof poo poo guru poo poo filter!!! :twothumbs:


I, for one, wish I had such a useful "filter". Hey, I would purchase a poo poo guru poo poo filter like the one You have AND use if available through the Store here at DinarVets!!! :D


I REALLY appreciate Your focus on and acumen (as well as nous) for the ACTUAL relevant aspects to this Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Investment so have no problem seeking relevant input. :eat:


So, my take (hopefully at least somewhat relevant).


I lump in now to nominally the end of January 2019 for significant changes in the international Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar exchange rate with up to end of day Monday, January 7, 2019 being the MOST prime.



  • Massive Volume of funds to be exchanged internationally for the needed Reconstruction, Construction, Economic Development, AND Foreign Investment. The "closed economy" weekday CBI daily currency auctions of nominally 200 million USD per day won't cut it and needs to be a real time "open economy" transacted based.
  • The Bicraqi Iraqi weekday CBI daily currency auctions are corrupt and the Bicraqi Iraqi are UPSET about that so they need to stop and go to a real time "open economy" to eliminate THAT corruption with the current program for Anti Money Laundering AND Corrupt Foreign Terrorism (or something like that) (AML/CFT) in place.
  • The stiff Insanian sanctions are in place AND the specific Insanian entities (banks included) have been cut off from SWIFT. The ability to FREELY purchase Insanian crude oil is "tanking" and cutting off a significant source of income so a priori prioritizing the cutting off the Insanian Terrorist Machine Funding via the corrupt weekday CBI daily currency auctions would make sense for terminating another significant source of income from the Insanians.
  • The Bicraqi Iraqi were told to wean off the Insanian electricity and other sanction related items in 45 days nominally ending on December 23, 2018.
  • The internationally exchanged Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar rate likely needs to be stabilized BEFORE the implementation of the Bicraqi Iraqi 2019 budget (hence first full week day of Monday, January 7, 2019).
  • Due to the apparent shortage of 250, 500, and 1,000 dinar notes in Iraq, the demand could skyrocket with more Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar notes being pulled out of circulation due to damage, etc.
  • The Parliament is looking to boot Ali al-Alaaq from acting as Bicraqi Iraqi CBI Governor.
  • It was announced NOW is the time to fill the remaining 2018 budgetary items that seems to be out of place for ANY sort of urgency with the Bicraqi Iraqi. NOTHING else seems to get done ON TIME so why NOW???!!! If the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar international exchange rate were to change SUDDENLY, the cash flow in Iraq could be problematic if the numerical values of the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar were apportioned according to the 2018 budget.


  • Nouri al-Maliki is still breathing and reeking havoc behind the scenes. I suspect this is why the remaining 8 Cabinet Members were NOT voted on this past Monday as advertised last week. As well as other problems to include the Insanians in Iraq meddling in a host of Bicraqi Iraqi affiars.
  • The Nouri al-Maliki appointed temporarily acting CBI Governor Goof Ball Ali al-Allaaq is still doing stupid stuff as acting CBI Governor and looks like HE can't do much of anything since, when he does, Parliament is all over him. I suspect Ali al-Alaaq CAN NOT legally modify the international Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar exchange rate so is conveniently placed to facilitate the financial corruption through the Bicraqi Iraqi CBI.
  • The Bicraqi Iraqi Cab'net is not fully seated. This could be a sticking issue for International Confidence for Bicraqi Iraqi Stability, Safety, Security, AND Stability.
  • There APPEAR to be some pesky pieces of legislation that APPEAR to need to be approved and implemented such as the remaining portions of the HCL, Federal Court Law, Article 140, etc.
  • International Credit Agencies have NOT given Iraq an international investment worthy credit rating.
  • Not all the UN Resolutions have been satisfied.
  • There is a Stand By Agreement in place that has yet to be fully satisfied.


All in all, I think there is more going on BEHIND the scenes to make the most of the remaining 2018. I favor more of a quicker change in the international exchange rate of the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar for a more stable transition to the advertised 2019 Reconstruction Phase as well as getting things set for the 2019 Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Budget to be implemented smoothly.


I believe sooner rather than later to prevent wild speculation that could drive the international Bicraqi Iraqi exchange rate down. My opinion is Nouri al-Maliki and Ali al-Alaaq will need to be fully removed as a couple key indicators of significant progress being made to kick off the Reconstruction Phase so I anticipate (I may be wrong here) Good News about the "disposition" of at least THOSE Two Miscreants.


So, my "prime time" (hopefully before) is December 23, 2018 - January 7, 2019 (nominally two week "window") with going beyond January 31 could be problematic especially if the 2019 Bicraqi Iraqi Budget is "opened".


Just my conjecture, thoughts, opinion, and :twocents: for whatever THAT is worth!!! Hey, I might be a nut job or somethin'!!! CAVEAT EMPTOR, Reader!!! :o


In The Mean Time....................................................



:rodeo:   :pirateship:

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No facts or figures. Just think it would make sense for the RV to occur before the end of the year to allow it to somewhat stabilize before heading into 2019. They've been moving forward, the news has been great and there's still 45 days left in the year. plenty of time to take care of outstanding issues like Budget,  HCL, Maliki, Corruption, etc. Sorry I used both Maliki AND corruption. I forgot they were interchangeable.

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The walls are closing in on Maliki with the reduction in upper level government staff and hopefully he won't be able to negotiate a new place in the government to seek protection from prosecution. The Maliki appointed CBI Govenor looks really bad with the last minute bombshell of the sewer soaked 7 Billion Dinar. We need a seated government followed by a big ROUND UP of corrupt officials. This should go a long way to proving to the people of Iraq that their government is working on their behalf.  Approval of the HCL and a currency with newly issued lower denominations  plus an associated rate change.

I have been hanging on the edge of my seat for many years but this country does not move fast on anything. At this point I'm thinking 2019 although the pressures of sanctions on Iran along with the dollar and oil squeeze may force it into this year which I truly hope so because I'm tired! A few years ago during one of our election cycles there was some middle east crisis in the news and a congressman from some east coast state made a comment something like.... "You can't trust anybody with a Dairy Queen tablecloth and a fan belt on their head". He conveniently disappeared from the scene never to be heard from again. At this stage of the game with so many things I have read and the corruption that is rampant in Iraq I am truly ready for this ride to be over not to mention that I sorta share that politicians sentiment.


The FAANG Stocks are two rich for my blood. They are fun to watch! I rode in a Tesla Model 3 the other day and I was quite impressed by it's features and benefits along with the ride and quiet cabin. The stereo was high end home audio and you could even play video games. All in all.. Tesla was super neat technology that I would consider owning at some point. I am an avid fan and customer of Amazon. It's convenient , fast, easy if you need to return something ( on that note I don't know how ebay stays in business) and Amazon is competitive on many items.


Oil is really a risky sector to say the least. I've been watching some potential oils stocks for months and I have seen them take big hits just in the last few weeks. Don't know if I will play even at the low prices I'm seeing today.


CRYPTO - Well that is equally as confusing as oil. I dabble in several coins now and some alt coins but I am down at least on the alt coins as much as 50%. I am hopeful that they will return and soar way beyond my expectations but who knows. Markets are jittery and I think people are anxious to see what happens with the change in congress. Hopefully we can continue moving forward and hopefully our current state of political misery will subside and people can just agree to disagree like we always have and still continue to move forward. I am glad Texas stayed RED and hope that all our elected officials work together to keep this country great.






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Just my thought but if POTUS Trump and the UST do have anything to do with the IQD and it's value I would think getting it done before the Year End of 2018.......The Elections here aren't looking good at all with the Voter Fraud running rampant and the Left over turning Senate Races.


They took the House and are demanding Investigations into anything Trump. If they should pick up 2 Senate seats nothing will get done and the House or the Senate for a good 2 years thanks to the Hard Core Partisan Divide.


Then a while back people were claiming the price of Oil had to drop before Iraq would need to make some adjustment in is down big time today.



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    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon, DinarVets!
      I'm going to run through this one pretty quick, because it's very simple to explain.
      That's a good thing. Simple = easy to conclude, which also translates loosely to "soon"!
      OIL is slightly lower than in my last update, but it's still in the "good" range.
      Anything in the $60s is great, as far as I'm concerned!

      More importantly, however, is all the HCL talk.
      I'm almost certain you're hearing it from other places, and I can confirm this is true: Iraq is dealing with the HCL as we speak, and I think it's going to get done this time.
      Check out the article below:
      I'm going to repeat that last part:
      💥    "It is noteworthy that the Oil Ministry’s sudden announcement of the draft oil and gas law
      coincides with marathon negotiations between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region regarding
      the latter’s share in the 2021 budget and the mechanism for managing his oil file."   💥
      The Budget was completed some time ago, and Baghdad and the Kurds were even in agreement on the original Budget that was preliminarily approved... 
      ... the fact that there are now disputes, that are tied to the oil and gas law, tells us very clearly that they are not arguing over a few dinars... they are arguing over a LOT of dinars, which is also dollars.
      My friends, we are closing in on a spectacular finish!
      I'm looking forward to it. I know many of you are, as well.
      Hang tight! This might get bumpy before it's over, but OH BOY will it be worth it!!!
      Happy Sunday, everyone.
      - Adam
      P.S. OH! Did I tell you, or did I tell you?! Once again, I'm telling you... BTC was at around $50,000 two weeks ago. Today it's 57,000. That's 14% in two weeks. It is STILL a great time to get into crypto! You did NOT miss your last chance! We are talking about it here.
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    • By Adam Montana
      Hey hey, happy Sunday!
      Things are still cruising along nicely. In addition to everything else I could share, I decided to just pick one topic... OIL.
      The HCL, or "Hydro Carbon Law", is a key element in Iraq's eventual ReValuation of their currency exchange rate.
      In simple terms... when they finalize the agreement on how the profits will be shared, via the HCL, we are either past the RV date or it's a different kind of "soon", like immediately or tomorrow.
      OIL was at $61.53 when I did my last update.
      I stated then that we only really need OIL to be in the $40+ range for the logistics of the RV to work, so $61.53 was very encouraging.
      Do you know where OIL is right now?

      💥 BOOM!!! 💥
      This stuff isn't rocket science, and you don't need me to explain the simple stuff... so let's move onto something more fun.
      I'm going to share something I posted in our OSI section, in response to a news story regarding the Seychelles (Africa).
      We have some amazing stuff in VIP/OSI, fyi! The resources we have are the cumulative results of over a decade of planning, networking, researching, extensive world travel, and more.
      Our VIP group here IS the premier group to be in when the Dinar RVs... I've got a hundred stories about situations like these.
      Anyway, a member shared a story and the street in the photo was very familiar... it brought me back to a special time:
      ======= my response below ========
      I love that photo... it looks exactly like the street I was stranded on at around 8 AM in the morning on my first trip to the Seychelles.
      I say "stranded" because I am an early riser, I was jetlagged, in dire need of coffee, and my hotel didn't have coffee available that morning when I was looking for it around 6AM.
      It was an $800 per night hotel.
      I wasn't too upset, because I figured I'd just go find a coffee shop and be closer to my destination and all would be good.
      Turned out, none of the coffee shops in that little town open till 10AM.
      I was bedraggled, jetlagged, tired, in desperate need of coffee, and asking strangers where in the heck do I get some coffee, and one of the strangers I spoke to told me (again) that no coffee shops in Victoria, Seychelles, would be open until 10AM.
      But he had an espresso machine in his office, and I could come with him.
      My appreciation at that time could not have been greater, and I followed him up to his office. He made the most amazing espresso I've ever had in my life, and as my head cleared around 8:30AM our conversation drifted to our plans for the day.
      Turns out, my 9 AM meeting, downtown Victoria Seychelles, was closer than I thought.
      This angel who had given a stranger some much needed caffeine was actually the exact person I was meeting first that day.
      Pure magic, if you ask me.
      I bought a similar espresso machine when I returned home, and our business relationship also ended up being pure magic.
      Some things are just meant to be, I guess.
      ======= / end of post =====
      I'm serious - I have a hundred similar stories, where things just lined up in our favor and you can call it luck or whatever you want, but the fact of the matter is we have some amazing connections.
      I can't tell you when the RV will be, but I can tell you exactly where you want to be when it happens...
      I can't tell you when BTC will hit $100,000 either... but I told you when it was below $600 that it was a good investment.
      I can only "tell" you things so many times... and I certainly don't want to try to convince you to do anything you don't want to do.
      BTC is still a good investment, even at the current price of ~$50,000 per BTC.
      The IQD is still one of my favorite "high potential" speculations.
      And VIP is definitely where you want to be, now, before the crypto market explodes even more, and before the IQD RVs.
      Choice is yours, of course!
      That's all for now... happy Sunday, and 

    • By Adam Montana
      Happy Sunday, everyone!
      I'm tagging this "Adam Montana Weekly", even though the updates are no longer weekly, just to keep them showing up in the same searches for your convenience.
      Also, I don't have a lot to say... but I wanted to check in so you all didn't think I'm abandoning you! I'm just incredibly busy with some new projects in my life that have taken me away from the computer.
      I'm very thankful for the reprieve from the computer screen, my eyes and my back have been screaming at me the last couple of years.
      It was time for a change. 
      With that said, I'm still in daily communications with all of my dinar contacts. I still get my usual briefings from the important people on dinar. And I'm still 100% ready to drop everything and give you all of my time when this RV happens.

      The last time I touched on the price of OIL was quite a while ago - I was optimistic even though oil prices were only at $40ish.
      Where are they today?

      $61! Which happens to be above where we need them to be for a launch of the RV. I don't need to say more on that topic.
      In GOI news, Iraq is muddling through the final stages of the Budget. We don't need the Budget to be complete before an RV, but a "happy agreement" between the Kurds and Baghdad will do a lot to grease the wheels.
      You can keep up with the current Budget proceedings in this thread, where our tireless @yota691 has been keeping everyone up to date.
      I know it can be a bit painful to try to decipher the articles, so I'll give you the elevator summary:
      Things are going well. There is a current discussion on "raising the price of the dollar", which would be bad for Dinar, and the overall sentiment is that they publicly do NOT want to "raise the price of the dollar". (That's a good thing for us!) Part of the reason is due to the current favorable price of oil.

      And, of course, none of that matters when the HCL goes through. It's been pretty quiet on the HCL front, which is part of why I've taken a break on posting.
      When the HCL comes, we have an RV either already announced or just around the corner.
      Until the HCL is done, we wait patiently.
      Personally, I'm staying the course.
      In other news... LGD made a pretty compelling argument in this thread for taking a serious look at Silver.
      BTC (we discuss this a LOT in the VIP Crypto section) is experiencing one of the best buying opportunities we've seen in a while, and maybe the best we will ever see again.
      While we've been waiting for the RV, many millions have been made in other areas... I encourage everyone to not tie all of their hopes and dreams to one windfall. I have no doubt that we will reap the dinar windfall, but why miss all the other opportunities while we are waiting on the RV? 
      See you in VIP.  
      Go Iraq... Go Dinar...
      GO RRRVVV!!!!!!!!!
    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon-evening, all!
      This has been a roller coaster of a week for so many sectors... I know some of you are here for "Just the Dinar News, sir.... just the dinar news".
      I'll start with IQD. There is talk - and I'll leave it to you to research this, because I have 17 articles on my notepad that would really only cause confusion - but there is TALK that Iraq isn't able to use USD anymore.
      Or they won't be able to, or they shouldn't, or whatever.
      Listen, this is a fundamental issue, and anyone that's followed me for any amount of time should know that I am here because of the fundamentals.
      If Iraq is currently unable to use USD (that's not entirely the case at the moment, but follow along) then they couldn't conduct auctions, they couldn't trade anywhere that uses the USD (that's everywhere), and they would basically fall into absolute poverty and die of malnutrition.
      Does that sound like a serious possibility? 
      Of course not... so let's get back to the fundamentals.
      Iraq has a majority of the OIL in the world.
      There's no way in heck that the WORLD will just pretend that oil isn't there.
      There is NO WAY that they can't use their resources to "buy in" to anything they want.
      So... what's with all this talk about Iraq not being able to use USD?
      I'll answer.
      It's an idle threat, but a promising one.
      It means Iraq has one more reason to up their game, Iraq has yet another reason to RV, and the world has one more reason to accept the "NEW" rate, even if it surprises everyone.
      Even if the analysts and the advisors and the bunches of panelists and "experts" say "OMG they shouldn't/can't/won't" do that!
      It doesn't matter what those talking heads say.... it's going to happen when it happens, and we are ready and here!
      On a side note... I hope you caught some of these crypto gains that many of us are rolling in!
      Sorry this update was late - I've had a ton going on this week, some of which has been rolling my crypto profits into other deals and just having a blast doing it all.
      Life is good, friends! See you in VIP  

    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon, beautiful people!
      Budget: All you need to know about it is here:
      What that doesn't tell you is that the Budget doesn't have to have the rate. The Rate also does not need to be included in the Budget!
      That's not to say that the Budget doesn't matter - it does!
      But what really matters is the satisfaction of the Kurds... and that, my friends, is happening very nicely.
      In fact, it's happening more than just "nicely" - check this one out:
      I don't have much more to say on it than that... it's a "wait and see" game right now.
      Wait for the RV, then see you on an island!
      BITCOIN - making it's way back up there. I haven't had this much fun in ages! Hope you're with us in the VIP Crypto section!
      Our Weekly Powerball Pool is HERE. Join us!
      Go BTC. Go Iraq.
      GO RRRRVVVVVVV!!!!!!
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