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Hey pp...he is no guro..he hates guros...n thinks all of them guros are clueless...he is right about the vote to take place in June 22...he was right(well almost) about the Dow Jones to reach 27000 by today( the Dow reached 26907/26957)..So I'd say he is reputable..cheers

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My crystal is still saying yes on or  by 16th of month. All thingscrossed.

I Bought My First Dinar Last Thursday - Hopefully This Thing Doesn’t Go On Much Longer ...        

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2 minutes ago, utah rock said:

Have they already been re-enlisted to the WTO?

I believe so😁

is their banking system linked to the international one (FX) something like that?

yes, I believe so😁

do they have lower denominations, like 1,5,10 and the like?

yes, I believe so 😁

will their currency be international soon? 

BRO!!! I sure think it might!!! 

Roll another to burn🤪😁 

lets see how this ride ends!!!!


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2 minutes ago, navira said:

Hey pp...he is no guro..he hates guros...n thinks all of them guros are clueless...he is right about the vote to take place in June 22...he was right(well almost) about the Dow Jones to reach 27000 by today( the Dow reached 26907/26957)..So I'd say he is reputable..cheers


Thxs navira,


Well only a week and a 1/2 till we find out.


  Boy I'm getting really pumped even though I know that I should  :) 



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Memorandum of Understanding between Iraqi Chambers and Turkish Exporters

Friday 21 June 2019



Baghdad / Al-Sabah
The Iraqi-Turkish Business Forum concluded its work in Baghdad amid a large attendance from the public and private sectors with the aim of boosting economic cooperation between the two countries. The forum witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Turkish Exporters Union.

The forum was attended by Trade Minister Mohammad Hashim, Turkish Trade Minister Rohasar Bekjan, Turkish Ambassador to Iraq Fatih Yildiz and a number of members of the Iraqi and Turkish houses of parliament and heads of chambers of commerce in the provinces.

The head of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce Abdul Razzaq Al-Zuhairi said in a speech during the opening of the forum "the importance of the meeting and its great role in deepening and developing joint commercial and economic interests in all fields."

 He continued: "We hope that this meeting will play an active role in the service of the private sector to promote economic development," stressing that "the next stage requires significant commercial steps to allow Turkish companies and businessmen to participate in this opportunity, because Turkish companies have extensive experience in Especially as our government works to support the private sector and involve it in the process of economic development. "

He called on businessmen and owners of Turkish Turkish companies to form partnerships with Iraqi businessmen, pointing out the importance of "creating economic partnerships in all fields to establish major strategic projects that serve the two countries, especially as the Turkish Republic is one of the developed countries in the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors, Of this experience. "

Zuhairi praised the efforts of Minister of Commerce Mohammed Hashim in changing the concepts of the ministry, which serves the Iraqi private sector.

Trade Minister Mohammad Hashim said in a speech that "the forum is an important historical stage in deepening the joint relations between the two countries in all fields." He expressed the hope that "the forum will play an active role in activating the private sector between the two countries after the victory of Iraq to the preacher and what the stage requires The future of the reconstruction of liberated cities, and it is available to Turkish companies to contribute in this area. "

 Hashem stressed the government's orientation to "support the private sector and find economic partnerships in various fields, calling on Turkish investors and businessmen to hold investment partnerships with Iraqi businessmen, especially that Turkey is one of the developed countries in industry, trade, agriculture, roads and housing," adding that "Ministerial Platform 2018/2020 Gave priority to the economic openness of neighboring countries. "

For her part, the Turkish Minister of Trade Rohasar Bekjan expressed her country's efforts to increase cooperation with Iraq, raise the level of trade exchange and benefit from the economic potential and opportunities available to both countries, and contribute through the business forum to encourage companies and businessmen to invest and find jobs and enhance trade cooperation.

The minister pointed to "the measures taken on Turkish exports to Iraq, stressing the importance of expanding the horizons of cooperation in all fields, and in the common interests of the two friendly peoples."
For his part, Turkish Ambassador Fatih Yildiz reviewed the history of historical and economic relations between the two neighboring countries and the desire of his government to develop relations in all fields.


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48 minutes ago, WheresmyRV? said:

Navara what rate does your investor think this will come out at? 1 to 1?


47 minutes ago, navira said:

Hey wheresmyrv,  380 pennies...


And With A Rate Prediction Of $3.80 - I’m Sure That He Hasn’t Been Chugging The Koolaid ! :o 




:D  :D  :D 

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Central Bank launches an electronic platform for financial transactions between banks


Central Bank launches an electronic platform for financial transactions between banks

 21 June 2019 59
Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The Central Bank initiated the launch of the electronic platform for trading between banks operating in Iraq Interbank Market (FX, Money Market).
A statement issued by the Central Bank received a copy of "Al-Sabah" that this "platform to establish an organized electronic financial market opens and facilitates the way for foreign investment in Iraq."
The interbank market is one of the highest levels of the foreign exchange market. It requires major financial institutions and banks, whether these groups deal directly with each other or use electronic brokerage platforms, to carry out all their transactions in a very transparent manner.
"The platform aims to increase cooperation between banks and increase their ability to diversify financial services for their customers and attract the commercial and financial operations available in the market."
"Within the framework of these procedures, the Central Bank sponsored a technical workshop between one of the world's leading companies in the areas of financial solutions and a number of banks operating in Iraq with the support of the Association of Iraqi Banks
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Private Sector Board

Friday 21 June 2019


Thamer Hymes
Preparations are now under way for the establishment of a private sector management council in Iraq, according to the recently announced Minister of Planning. The time has come for the public sector to rest from working decades later to undertake policy-making, development and investment maps, In his vision published in the "morning" on 15/6/2005,2019 .   

In practice, the public sector is now dominated by its legal, philosophical and political tools through oil. This is the basic problem and the first step is opened. Then the picture becomes clear, as no one has value as long as hegemony is difficult to solve.     

The economically and economically dependent sector is the productive private sector, which has been destroyed by the granting of open import licenses. This led the countries to decide what they export to us according to their plans and not based on the challenges of Iraqi production or the needs of the country and its economic feasibility.

We have the main intersection between consumption and its external trade machinery, which lacks an equal relationship with the agricultural or industrial sector, but is a relationship that competes relentlessly. The date importer is not pleased to increase production in our country. , And so the rest in the protected industry, so imports must be scaled down by opening documentary credits with real import licenses with local product manufacturing from food processing plants.        

In order to ensure this practical integration between the authority of the decision and the relevant parties, a parliamentary leverage is needed to represent the traditional economy of the industrial and agricultural sectors. This means that we have full faith in the transition to economic freedom and the policy of the open door and the depletion of oil revenues and the influx of foreign resources. The individual is reassuring and stable.

The Council, which is to be established in this case, will enter the crisis, where the incubator environment is not yet ready in all its aspects, but Labas is in the first developmental and legal steps in this direction, that is after the identification of priorities and bumps into obstacles and obstacles to become an overburden or office for theorization.

A number of specialists believe that it is a correct step in the right direction, but that several obstacles should be overcome, first of which is the continuous provision of electrical power to the laboratories, and then to provide a feasibility study on imported materials that can be produced locally, such as food industries, And quality control, and thus we have prepared the requirements of this Council to take its role in the economic process.


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It’s After 8am In Iraq Right Now With Parliament Getting Ready To Meet In Just A Few Hours ! :o 



Btw - Has Anybody Heard From Those Super Lightweight Bro’s Who Disappeared A Couple Of Hours Ago After Acting Like They Were Going To Pull An All Nighter :blink:


:D  :D  :D 



Today .. Parliamentary session to complete the cabinet and the termination of the proxy


Friday 21 June 2019


Baghdad / Al-Sabah 

The House of Representatives on Saturday, an important session includes its agenda to complete the cabinet reshuffle and vote on the special grades and the termination of the working file by proxy, and conflicting expectations of members of the Council from various blocs on the possibility of resolving these files in the session. 

The media department of the Council announced that the agenda of the meeting includes 11 paragraphs, the most important of which is: completion of the vote on the ministerial formation, voting on special grades and ending the administration of the state by proxy, forming an investigative committee on contracts of service and collection and contracts of Kar and Qian, voting on the recommendation of unification of security permits, Related to medical professionals, the Iraqi Olympic Committee, trafficking in human organs and other laws.

The deputies' comments were mixed on the possibility of resolving the files of the cabinet and special grades and positions by proxy in today's session, as MP MP of the coalition construction Amer al-Fayez, resolving the file completion of the ministerial cabin during the next three days.

Fayez said in a press statement: "The political blocs and during their last meeting have agreed to leave the resolution of the ministries of defense and interior of the Prime Minister, which makes this dilemma is very close to the solution," explaining that "an agreement between the coalition building and reform led to authorize Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the selection of ministers of the interior and defense according to specific conditions, "likely to" witness (Saturday) to put the names of candidates by Abdul Mahdi, "and that" the rest of the ministerial cabin and specifically education and justice are easier by providing agreed names " .

He added that "the next three days will be able to resolve the file completes the ministerial cab permanently,"pointing out that "the names currently raised in the media is not new and has been traded a lot in previous periods and there were differences within the same blocks, but it seems that there were agreements within the same Blocks, which makes the resolution closer. "

Fayez pointed out that "the file of special grades, although it includes a large number of grades, but it will be easier and take less time than the cabinet file because it is linked to the controls of the work of ministries in addition to the presence of political parties went to the opposition, making it far from demanding positions in those Grades ".

MP for the Alliance of Saras Abbas Aliawi, confirmed what MP Al-Fayez said, said: "Abdul-Mahdi arrived at advanced stages
in agreement with the leaders of political blocs to pass the four remaining ministries of the cabinet through the sessions of the House of Representatives for next week," pointing out that "the political blocs authorized Abdul Mahdi choose names provided they are fair and agreed upon. "

"All the political blocs are serious about completing the ministerial cabin as soon as it takes a considerable amount of time," Aliawi said, adding that "the ministries of interior and defense will be resolved their candidates from the womb of the ministries themselves and will not give the positions of political or partisan figures."

As the MP said the alliance of Raad al-Mukususi, that "the vote on the remaining four ministries will be during the next week, and may witness (Saturday) the resolution of the remaining ministerial portfolios,"noting that "the names of the candidate is not left but the parliamentary vote on it, especially the second legislative term Is nearing completion, as there are assurances that the parliament will not end its legislative term without completing the ministerial cabin. "

On the other hand, the MP of the alliance of Alaa Al-Rubaie, the Prime Minister and the political blocs, which he described as "the researcher of the quota" responsible for the delay in completing the cabinet cabins.

Al-Rubaie said in an interview on Friday: "The position of the alliance is clear on the remaining ministries, and demanded the Prime Minister on several occasions to expedite the sending to vote by us and by the national blocs that do not want quotas," noting that "the current situation difficult and embarrassing, The security file through the activity of cells to support the terrorist crises in the region, which makes the completion of the remaining ministries, especially security is necessary. "

Al-Rubaie added that "Aswan gave Abdul-Mahdi full freedom to provide those who see them suitable to fill the portfolios waiting for a bold position from him to send the names of the remaining ministries," pointing out that "the responsibility for the delay borne by the Prime Minister and political blocs looking for quotas."

For its part, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, is ready to submit its candidate to the Ministry of Justice if requested by the Prime Minister.

"The president of the Kurdistan region, during his visit to Baghdad, discussed the various files, including the governor of Kirkuk, the Ministry of Justice and the disputed areas," MP Hussein Narmu said in a press statement. "The name of Rizgar Mohammad Amin was previously presented as a candidate for the Ministry of Justice, Has great experience, but at the same time denied the official notification of candidacy for this position, and may be agreed in the coming days. "

"The National Union has a candidate for the Ministry of Justice, a judge from the province of Kirkuk, was addressed between Barzani and Abdul-Mahdi, but will be disclosed if submitted to the Prime Minister," according to the MP. 

In turn, between the MP for the movement of the will of Hussein Said Arab, that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi was authorized to choose who he sees fit in the special grades away from the benefits of blocks 
Political issues.

"Those who talk about the opposition should stay away from participating in the government and adopt their subject properly, and their choice is either to correct the mistakes or to go in the way of the government's opposition to the vote," he said in a press statement. Correct the work of the government and deal with mistakes and do not move towards the demarcation and destruction. "

He pointed out that "all the political blocs previously have special grades in the government, and those who go to the opposition to abandon these grades and withdrawal and not to claim these benefits, as all politicians know these grades," and explained that "the Prime Minister has been authorized to choose personalities for special grades as he deems appropriate" .



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