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* Breitling & Dinar Daddy: An Email Conversation


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* Breitling & another site: An Email Conversation

TIDBIT: Breitling and I have been discussing the nature of the dates that have continued to come up then leave. If you’re not aware, the UNSC meets with Iraq every 4 months. They met with them on Feb 16th, then again on June 15th, and will on Oct 17th. Is it coincidence there have been and are continuing to be more and more rumors surrounding these dates? Absolutely not! Read Breitling’s email to me below, then come to your own conclusion. There’s a reason I believe DrJ’s comments related to Oct 17th… as they tie to the UNSC meeting with/for Iraq. My timeline has not changed… by the end of October is when I believe we will see a change. The placement of the government of Iraq has delayed this twice, once on Feb 16th, then again on June 15th, wherein both times Iraq has failed to keep its commitments / meet it’s deadlines. This is JMO, but I believe I’m pretty close to the truth on what is going on, regardless of continual dates, rates, rumors, and theories being thrown around by those who claim to be in the know. Keep a level head about all this and plan accordingly. Go Dinar! - DD


Here are the conversations I just had with my contacts, Oct 17 is based on the U.N. security council

and if Iraq wants out of chapter 7 they need to be voted out of it from the U.N council. they are talking about a few options here

one is that they will not get out of chapter 7 in full, a few amendments will be made, (one is to have a full tradable currency.) but not get the full effect of being in chapter 8.

the other scenario they talked about is they get completely out of chapter 7 and into chapter 8, either way we are golden

this is intriguing because they still say the gov will more then likely be seated August or even Sept and still not RV until Oct 17th

I am asking you not to judge this information one way or the other just keep it on the table. but this goes in line with all the info I am getting. Remember they heard August Seated Gov and RV, for months and would not back off it. and they have changed their minds saying nope wont happen untill then only thing I can think of and hope for is an emergancy U.N security meeting and they pull the trigger right after the gov is seated, this is what I am hoping for. one other thing the rates, still at .86 from the good folks who got me into this investment. all the people I talk to out side of them say Euro.


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Thanks for the post. I was on Med's site yesterday afternoon while groovegal was giving a chat. Med came on and said Breitling was taking the floor to explain what he meant the day before when he and groovegal had a disagreement. Within minutes Breitling dropped the f bomb on gg(FU GG) and left like a little B word. I have no respect for Breitling anymore. I will take groovegal over B any day.

Oh yeah, did you notice B's new date? October 17. The exact date DRJ has been saying for months.

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I have been saying October 17th, 2010 since June 5th, 2010 when my source gave me that date and I am STILL saying it. Nothing is going to happen until then as nothing has changed. I caught a crap-load from just about everyone when I did say it on June 5th including Breitling so I find it interesting that he is now saying it. So be it, it is what it is...

Dr. J

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