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Good Morning Yota! 


Hopefully it says “Payable it Dinar Holders” somewhere in there 😂


Thanks for all you do to bring us the news. Greatly appreciated. If and when we see a change in value to the Dinar we hold...... You will have helped hundreds if not thousands of families get out of debt, fund retirement accounts, discover financial freedom and change the financial trajectory of their families for generations! 


Your news has has been the glimmer of hope that I have held on to all these years.... so much good stuff happening in Iraq when we read between the lines. 


🎩 off to you,



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Statement issued by the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq

 October 24, 2018

Statement issued by the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq

      In line with the development of the democratic process in Iraq and the resulting rotation of the authorities in a positive and stable atmosphere, the Central Bank of Iraq looks forward to continue to play its pivotal role in building the state to improve the financial and economic situation in Iraq. This optimism is supported by a strong financial reserve exceeding US $ 60 billion as a result of the fiscal and monetary policies adopted by the Central Bank over the past years to stabilize the general financial situation, especially in 2014 and the years that followed, with financial conditions at their lowest levels. These years, which brought data threatened the ability of the state to cover the operational expenses and salaries of employees. However, despite the difficult circumstances of low oil prices and the high cost of Iraq's war against the terrorist campaign to liberate its territory, the central bank continued to manage the country's reserves sufficiently to meet international standards and to strengthen the country's financial capabilities Not less than (16) trillion dinars in the form of remittances discounted, which led to support financial stability and contribute effectively to overcome the crisis.As a continuation of the central role of the central bank as a pillar of the country's economy, a positive improvement in oil prices coupled with sound fiscal and monetary policies will enable the Iraqi government to pay early remittances and increase the value of reserves to higher levels. The central bank's monetary policy will continue to play an active role in maintaining exchange rates and reducing the gap between official and market prices under highly complex internal and external circumstances. This is in addition to playing a central role in controlling the inflation rate and reaching the low levels of less than (1%) to maintain the general level of prices and attract investment. As the central bank ensures the safety of the financial system, it will continue to play this role and more effectively in the next phase as the bank of the State to promote the Iraqi economy and support for reconstruction and investment efforts, which was the implementation of the largest lending initiative for the housing sector has exceeded two trillion dinars and other lending programs .

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