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      The coalition of victory depends on his share of the special grades and agents and confirms his rejection of quotas
      Political | 11:37 - 23/05/2019
            Baghdad - Mawazine News The 
      coalition of victory, on Thursday, on the share of special grades and agents, confirming his refusal to share. 
      "The position of the victory coalition of the government is related to its performance, independence of its decision and its ability to manage the country, and is not affected by the decision of the victory coalition, whether taking the position of the opposition or pro-government share of the ruling," the coalition said in a statement received. 
      He added that "it was clear from the early days of the formation of the government, as it was declared against the principle of quotas, which paralyzed the state and led to the party swallow, and that the victory refused to participate in the government to oppose sectarian sectarian division sectarianism and was hoping to form a government of national competencies independent capable of serving the citizen And to run the country efficiently, professionally and nationally. "
      The coalition said: "As for the special grades and agents are currently talking about, these sites of service in the state, the sites of participation in the government, as sites of professional service non-political," rejecting "the principle of ethnic sectarian division of the party to form a government and reject them degrees special agents. 
      He pointed out that "any sites calculated on the victory coalition in the state, it will be considered a share of national professional elite, and will choose their personalities from the national competencies, not partisan."
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