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If congress wants to continue investigating Trump then they must also investigate Obama and clinton

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I am fed up with the circus of attacking Trump while Obamas and Clintons walk free.  This is a petition demanding that if they are going to continue to spend countless taxpayers dollars investigating Trump which has proven nothing that Congress also start investigating the Obamas and Clintons which already have signs of corruptions, misuse of office perjury and other crimes against the nation up to and possibly including treason. 

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Uh-oh, KARSTEN.... are the liberal tech giants' monopolies messin' with the numbers....?


You bet they are.


Not ones to condone big gubment's heavy hand all up in our bidniz, we still believe it's 

past time these kommie tech giants get cut down to size and the the fields open up to some 

good 'ol American competition.


Apparently the little kommie rat bassturds aren't so busy workin' for the Chi-Coms that they can't make the time

to still mess with our Conservative Patriotic efforts.





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