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Let us have a THINK

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On 1/14/2019 at 4:20 PM, EverCurious452 said:

If you really are trying to "get this right" you do not seem to be trying very hard.


I did not say I was trying to understand why folks invest.  I know that, I even understand why people buy lottery tickets.  What I said was that I was trying "to understand why people do such things as put money into something that can not provide a return".   An investment is something where a positive return is possible (even if (extremely) unlikely).  The RV is not and never was possible.   Even breaking even will be extremely unlikely.  But again an investment is not something where the best possible outcome if you are extremely lucky is that you might break even.


And no I am not writing a book, I'm just curious.  Other actual investments have a possibility of a positive return, so no I don't ask this question in actual investment forums.

You would think that the belief in a overnight windfall that was sure to happen 10 years ago would have died away completely by now.  Simple logic would have debunked the notion but the rumors and badly interpreted news by the gurus keep the myth alive . 

I ask where will the money come from ?  No answer !  Dinarians want to believe that some day they get a email to call a number and they will go to a secret location with their dinar and walk out with a pile of dollars .. How ridiculous !   Banks dont do that.  Since  9/11 banks must operate on the "know your customer rule " .   Then there is the problem of what would the bank do with the stack of  paper , a special problem for those with lots of small notes.  Well they could make the RVed IQD a reserve currency ( Seriously !!!!!! NOT A CHANCE )

The most ridiculous idea is that the IQD is greatly undervalued and THEY are the only ones WHO KNOW .   The CBI  just has't found the right time to tell the world.    Oh, also they have been buying up IQD  and destroying it , but not telling anyone .  But the dinarians have figured it out.   


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