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Adam Montana

Adam Montana Weekly 29 August 2018

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Hey all! Today has been complete madness for me, I've been trying to find time to put together my "weekly" but life is not cooperating!


I'll be back later or in the morning to post. Thanks for your patience and understanding! 




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Thank You for keeping us updated, Adam, AND The Best Of Your Evening To You!!! :tiphat:


Go Moola Nova!


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Adam,   if you're going to come back here tomorrow morning with an RV announcement, we'll gladly give you that extra time!   Yay!   

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1 hour ago, Pitcher said:

Thank you Adam.  Don’t let the mad world get to you, have an adult beverage and relax. 




I'm already a few in with Pitcher lol -  GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HCL!! HA! :lol:🍺


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Hi Adam,

     Thanks for checking worries.....Take care of yourself !   

       My Best To You n Yours !!😊


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4 hours ago, Adam Montana said:

I'll be back later or in the morning to post.


Sweet - I’ll Get The Coffee Going ! :o 


Wake Up Coffee GIF by good-morning
:D  :D  :D 
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Thanks Adam for your time.....Hope you check out Theseus's long statement I copied on

your Questions Forum.....It is very detailed and is very well written.....would like to hear your take....

Thanks LMB4321

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Thanks Adam, what you have to say will be worth the wait, so far everything had been good. I will be looking for your update later today or tomorrow till then



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2 hours ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

Whaaaat, you decided to be a trucker 😆


That’s Just How U Crazy Muther’ Truckers Roll ! :o 


Mexico,countries,garbage,truck,gif,gif animation, animated pictures 


:D  :D  :D 

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Good evening all!


If you can't tell by the timestamp on this post, my schedule didn't get any easier today! Unfortunately, none of what kept me busy had anything to do with DinarVets related items. 


Hopefully next time I have a wrench that big thrown into my life, it will be scrambling to make good on our Post-RV VIP benefits here! But sadly, that was not the case today and yesterday... it was just a series of goofy "life" events falling in my lap all at the same time :lol:


As hard as I've tried to make the "weekly" happen, I'm going to accept defeat on this one. And I will make up for it later! 


I'm going to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks and get through the weekly Questions at least! We're trudging through the slow, sometimes frustrating system that is the Government of Iraq. No bad news = Good news.


Crypto is somewhat the same - if you take a small view on it, you might be tempted to think it's going nowhere. Don't let that happen to you! Keep an eye on the big picture, just like we're doing with Iraq. Here's a prime example of how the "big picture" is the REAL picture:


Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 9.41.08 PM.png


Anyone who can look at that and not see how much potential there is in the crypto world is just a cynic, plain and simple! I'll take another 2 years like that in a heartbeat! 


(Oh, just to draw a very obvious parallel between IQD and crypto... there are TONS of folks who will argue that it's foolish to think IQD can ever produce big profits for us. These are the same naysayers that deny the potential crypto has, and yet here we are... lambos have fallen from the sky thanks to what lopsters said could "never happen". ;)


I ran across a great bit of news today, which @ladyGrace'sDaddy of course beat me to posting in our Crypto section... LTC is now available for purchase on Yahoo Finance. This is solid evidence pointing to crypto's future... up, up, and up, baby!


Here's the article in our VIP crypto section: 



On that note, try as I might... I just don't have a full update in me tonight, so I'll skip to the questions and beg forgiveness for being late on this week's briefing. Best regards to you all!



On 8/28/2018 at 5:05 PM, sally58 said:

Hi Adam,

So tell me what do you really think the value will be once this is RV, the oil is being dug out and going for a hefty price, as oil should be, this is going on for so long,,but i'm hanging in there....

thank you....   :} 


I'm hanging in there with you! I've been a long time supporter of a .10 RV. I'll attach my short thesis supporting that.


Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - <-- click there to download it. :twothumbs:


On 8/28/2018 at 9:02 PM, peace1221 said:

I hate to keep asking the same question, “ where are we will all of this”.


Trudging slowly through the sandy deserts of Iraqi politics. But moving forward nonetheless! :twothumbs:



On 8/29/2018 at 1:10 AM, lmb4321 said:

Hey Adam.... this is the take Theseus sent us about the date about the Monetary Reform..

and the SBA agreement with the IMF in July 2016....he later stated it might be 2023 before the Rv might happen

Just wan to hear your take.....


September date is about a 3% chance of happening. In November of 2017, the discussion on the third review was done from the 17th to the 21st, 2017 and the report at the time discussed the 2018 budget. This third review is crucial because the machinations of having everything setup to RV must be completed by August 2018, when IMF should begin reviewing Iraq for the third time. Now the seating of the new government could delay the completion of the third review by two months or so but it will be in the Summer of 2019 that is the best chance for an RV. A final review might also be needed but nothing has been said about this. Why? The IMF, if finding the the final review of Iraq as acceptable, will then give the green light. I know almost everyone is saying only the CBI can pull the trigger and they are right but the CBI is waiting for the IMF to give a green light (permission) to do so. I believe should the IMF find Iraq progressing, meaning all the objectives of the second review have been worked on in an exceedingly progressive manner, then and only then will the IMF give the green light for Iraq to pull the trigger. In 2012, there was conjecture that the RV happened. What brought about the RV at the time was a 2009 SBA. IMF is assigning Iraq homework. Iraq is doing the homework and being graded on it. If Iraq passes then they will be certified to RV just like they were in 2012. Once the 2016 SBA is completed, have everything in place agreeable to the IMF, then and only then will the window be open to RV. One other thing, I do not think it will happen as soon as the SBA is deemed complete. It might take a few months but the window opens up around July 19, 2019, the completion date of the SBA of 2016.

Edited August 17 by Theseus


Ah, that's what you were referring to last week. 


My take is that it's a well thought out point of view. At the end of the day, it's just another opinion, with some facts thrown in to support it, but it's still an opinion. I respect the thought put into it, but at the same time I hope @Theseus is proven wrong on the timeline. I'm sure Theseus wouldn't mind, either. :)



On 8/29/2018 at 1:16 AM, lmb4321 said:
  • s

While Adam is excellent at what he does, I am in disagreement with a couple of things. First, I agree the HCL must not only be passed but a full implementation of the HCL must be up and working. Just because the HCL is passed in legislature is not enough for an RV. The reason here is that there are certain logistical barriers that must be traversed before the HCL is really up and running. Think of it like this, I want to create a program for you to use on your computer. I haven't tested it. I have never put it into a live environment. However, I make all the promises of a fully running program that you will be able to use once you sign the paperwork. Do you use the program? Sure the technology has been in use before I come to you with the idea but the specific idea has never been tested or put together before on your system. Logically, no one would take receipt of such a program until it has been fully tested and vetted t make sure there are minimal to no bugs in the system. Just because the HCL is passed through the legislation does not mean an immediate RV. It has to be first passed, put in the gazette, then it has to have its infrastructure formed and then tested. While some may say some of it is going on now, the argument here is that while this is true, integration testing and implementation has not been done. 

Second, any RV above 0.01 will be good for some. However, will it be good for Iraq? I am in the camp that the RV must be either on par with or greater than a dollar and then float from there. While a ten cent RV may be a start, it would still be wildly undervalued at that rate and would not de-dollarize the Iraqi economy. There are ways around this from the government perspective, i.e. making the dollar illegal. However, this would open black market opportunities and effectively make the 0.10 RV as worthless as it is today given the current rate. I subscribe to the belief that in order for the RV to be beneficial to the average Iraqi, it either must come out equal or greater than the dollar. The dollar must be seen in the Iraqi's eyes as being obsolete. They must be empowered to have the equal purchasing power that the USD affords today in Iraq. Without this psychological view and tangible asset, the de-dollarization in Iraq cannot happen rendering the RV moot. This is very much a psychological as it is tangible because it plays to the moral of how Iraqi's view their sovereignty as a nation. Using a national currency that one can take pride in will boost morale, confidence and people will want to spend their national currency. It's taking pride in one's own nation and moral is psychological in nature as money governs our spending, savings and investment behaviors. Iraqi's will go through a period of trying to survive day to day to an abundance of wealth and will want to put that new found wealth to use thus increasing their overall behavior and moral. A football team acts differently when its loosing than when it's trying to maintain its status quo than winning.  People are people all over the world. They are predictable in behavior and Iraqi's are no different when it comes to how they will act and be governed when they have a sense of positive self-worth. They are more fatigued over this than any one person on this board. They are ready to move forward into a new era of prosperity just as much as you, as I or as anyone else waiting for the RV.


Lastly, the RV is just the beginning. If it comes out at 0.10 then in all likelihood it will be expected to appreciate in value. How the RV happens and what controls are put in place will determine the speed at which it appreciates. Having the triggered pulled is one thing but the governance of the dinar, once the trigger has been pulled, is the real battle. Think of it like this, you are going to bike across the USA. You need to purchase the equipment, the clothes. You need to plan the routes you will likely take. You need to train all the while each day brings you one step closer to the start of the cross-country bike ride. The day it happens you are pumped, you probably couldn't sleep the night before as a gazillion things running through your head. Then the day comes, you put your foot on the pedal and push with all of your force you can muster and your bike travels 0.10 of a foot. But before long each pedal stroke propels you 1.18 feet and then 2.05 feet for each stroke before finally settling down into a rhythmic cadence in which you can sustain of let's say 2.35 feet for each stroke of the pedal. Along the way, you may speed up and slow down, but your bike moves ever forward to complete the journey. The rules of the road govern your speed and direction. There will be stop lights and stop signs, there will be obstacles to overcome and days when you feel as if nothing is going right. There will be other people in cars traveling faster and other bikers who travel slower. Along the way, you will meet and greet new friends, to which most you will like and some outright despise. You will need sustenance to keep your pedals moving and replacement of equipment. You may get a flat tire or a chain link may break. All the while you take pride with each stroke to know you are accomplishing something, anything to which will change your life for, hopefully, the better. The RV is the first push of the pedal. Everything that happens afterwards is what I am more concerned with.



Thank you for your post. :twothumbs: 


On 8/29/2018 at 1:17 AM, lmb4321 said:

Thanks Adam......Hope we are not here in 2020 or beyond..



I hope we are "here", but in Post RV mode by that date! I don't plan on going anywhere after the RV! 


On 8/29/2018 at 2:50 AM, heeper00 said:

Excellent that's a great way other putting. 

Keep up the good work 👍.Believe in Yourself. 👍

Believe in your Future. 


Not sure how that got mixed in here, but it's good positive advice. Amen! :D 


On 8/29/2018 at 9:58 AM, AjVa said:

When the elections will be really over? Amd the new PM will be announce? They are dragging and dragging the process.


Actually, they are moving faster than they have in previous situations. I'm optimistic over their constant improvements in their political processes - it would have been nice to cash in already, but it would not be nice to have them not making improvements. 


Patience and a little bit of faith... sometimes both come in handy. :) 


On 8/29/2018 at 11:15 AM, RodandStaff said:

Sandfly for all y’all do!  Don’t get much chance to get on lately...but I’ve been wondering Adam...if the current leader doesn’t stay in (who has been imo way better than that Ol Malismuck -pun intended) who is waiting in the wings and how’s it looking (in your opinion) if they take the reins in Iraq? 😉


Hey RnS! I have a long list of potential government structures, with quite a few variations regarding the "who's who" and "where they are" on the totem pole over there... all of my possibilities that I've drawn up seem fine to me. The ONLY scenario that I would cringe at is if Maliki somehow took over Abadi's current role... that would be a serious setback of at least a couple years, IMO. I don't see that happening, but if it does, I would likely take a break from the site for a year or so :lol: . If it doesn't, then I think we're going to be in good hands.




On 8/29/2018 at 4:43 PM, justchecking123 said:

I was wondering what you thought about the sanctions on Iran in terms of the bigger picture for Iraq...short version. Thanks.



I think we discussed this in one of the recent weeks... the short answer is: I don't have any concerns about sanctions on Iran creating issues for Iraq. 




Again, my apologies for the botched attempt at delivering a timely weekly update. I'd promise it will never happen again, but it surely will at some point! :lol:


Warmest RV regards to you all!




- Adam



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