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    • By umbertino
      RIP Massimo Riva (vocalist)
      Ok yeah....Allright
      Tonight I'm staying with you
      Ok Yeah... You'll see
      Tonight You'll die!
      Take all you want
      Tonight we won't ever leave each other
      It's your lips making me cry by now
      Sometimes when you kiss me I believe I'd die
      If you weren't around I could not live
      My life is only yours and you know this
      Ok Yeah
      Take whatever you want
      Tonight we won't ever leave each other
      Ok Yeah
      Just do whatever you want to me
      But remember that you'll cry afterwards
      Ok Yeah......Allright
            Original Italian Lyrics   Ok sì... va beh!
      Questa notte sto con te.
      Ok sì... vedrai...
      Questa notte morirai!
      Ok Ok Ok sì... Ok sì!
      Prendi tutto quel che vuoi!
      Questa notte non ci lasceremo mai!
      Sono le labbra tue che mi fan piangere oramai.
      Quando mi baci a volte credo che io morirei.
      Se non ci fossi tu io non potrei vivere.
      La mia vita è solo tua e tu lo sai.
      Ok sì... va beh!
      Ok... sì... va beh! beh! ... va beh!
      Ok sì!!
      Prendi tutto ciò che vuoi!
      Questa notte non ci lasceremo mai!!
      Ok sì!
      Fammi tutto quel che vuoi!
      Ma ricordati che dopo piangerai!!
      Ok sì!!
      Ok sì!!     They used to be  singer Vasco Rossi's first band...This song sounds perfect for Vasco's style imho......
    • By umbertino
      Based on a Native American legend reported and adapted by Jaime de Angulo about a man falling ill because his shadow has been stolen by a water flea
    • By umbertino
    • By umbertino
      Carlo Marrale, Antonella Ruggiero - vocals
    • By umbertino
      Bass & keyboards : 2 "Area" band members
      Saw him live in 1980 if I recall correctly...His beautiful voice along with his great band (talented bassist  Stefano Cerri-RIP)
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