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    • By umbertino
      It. movie soundtrack
      Italian Enrico Rava is a renowned ( in Europe) jazz trumpet player
    • By umbertino
      He sings / plays  3 diff. parts / characters ( 2 men , 1 woman)  in this song
      It's his fault! It's his fault!
      Believe me!
      You weren't there... you weren't there
      to defend me!
      And his determination was stronger
      than my will.
      And the innocent one... and the innocent one
      will pay.
      I know you won't believe...
      you won't believe me,
      but it's his fault!
      It's his fault!
      I don't care if you
      are going to drink false tears.
      I can tell you they're salty,
      I already drank them, by now.
      Anyway, everything she says
      is not real.
      Her sweetness has been even stronger
      than my honesty.
      And now,
      you're gonna believe her... you're gonna believe her.
      Poor my fall friend, I know:
      you're gonna believe her.
      I don't know... I don't know
      who I'd believe to.
      I just know that... I just know that,
      one of... just one of
      the three of you
      is gonna die!
      She was mine... she isn't anymore.
      Now, none knows who she belongs to...
      Go away!
      Go away!
    • By umbertino
      Paolo Fresu - trumpet
      He has collaborated with many important musicians ( including Jon Hassell)
    • By umbertino
      Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini's son
      Drummer is Tullio De Piscopo who later will become Pino Daniele's drummer
    • By umbertino
      Claudio died on 8 /18/ 2018  after a long illness...I had seen him twice in concert... even talked to him once when I met him in a movie theater in Bologna ( his hometown , where I used to attend law school....eons ago)...Movie was " The Seventh Seal" by Swedish director Ingmar Bergman ( old movie...Very interesting)
      He was 68...RIP Claudio....Thanks
       Claudio Lolli RIPRODUZIONE RISERVATA © Copyright ANSA
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