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    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning all! 
      The RV train is still chugging along, with nothing but positive steam powering these updates.
      The majority of our news has already been covered (see my earlier update from this week here) 
      so I won't beat that horse any more - suffice it to say that we're in a pretty spot!
      NOTHING has detracted from the good news on HCL.
      WE STILL have momentum on the budget, which is currently WAY AHEAD OF NORMAL. 
      And I'll sweeten it up just a little bit with this - you remember that $60 mark I mentioned about a 
      month ago?
      YEP, STILL GOING THE RIGHT WAY! Oil is creeping up on $56 as I write this. That's halfway to
      my mark of $60... and going strong!

      All of these things are coming together for us, creating the perfect situation.
      Obviously things can, and will, come up. I don't have an exact date for you, and I never will.
      But that sure won't stop me from being excited about what we're in the middle of right now!
      I'm actually very pleased to see the steady growth of oil, rather than a sudden spike. This 
      "controlled growth" is exactly what I would want if I were Captain of the CBI, because it shows 
      stability in the main area that needs it.
      Overall, things are just looking dandy.
      I'm keeping an eye on things, ready in the VIP whenever this thing pops!
      - Adam
      P.S. There have been a lot of newbie questions regarding what to do when this happens. Of course, 
      your best option is to be in VIP. But even if you aren't, the Cash In Guide (it's a short read!) will give 
      you some quick pointers and help you avoid some common mistakes.
      I'll attach it here. It's free.
      Cash In Guide - Iraqi Dinar - v1.6.pdf
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning everyone!
      I know it's Wednesday, and I was trying to move my weekly updates to Friday... old habits die hard, I guess  
      A Friday update this week is actually a strong possibility, the way Dinar news has been coming lately.
      This, for example:
      That thread has just been out of control with positive developments related to an upcoming HCL agreement!
      (For those of you that don't know, the HCL is possibly/probably the last thing we need to see for an RV.)
      I'll pull a couple snippets from that article above:
      We all love the word "soon", but this time... it's looking very, very real. 
      Two thirds or more is PLENTY to suit our needs!
      FYI, this is HCL. Plain and simple.
      There is a LOT of excitement around here concerning the middle of the month. This is a big part of that excitement.
      I won't encourage anyone to get too excited, but I'm also not going to downplay this one... this is BIG. We are in the best situation for an RV that I have ever witnessed.
      Stay positive, stay sane, and stay grounded!
      - Adam
    • By Adam Montana
      I know, it's not Wednesday...
      Hey everyone!
      I mentioned recently that the "Weekly Updates" may be switching days - I expected
      the news to start getting busy, and that is now official! I haven’t picked a specific day yet,
      and I may not need to.
      The weekly updates won't be necessary once we have an RV, and the stars are lining up very 
      nicely right now.
      Fingers crossed on that one. I’ll explain why below, and you might want to strap in for this one!
      First, the budget was submitted, signed, and looks like it will be passed, with a HUGE
      keynote - a significantly acceptable portion of the budget going to the Kurds. This has
      been a major point of contention between the parties over the years, in fact it’s possibly
      the biggest point of disagreement and reason for delays in the budget approval process
      in recent history.
      You can read the budget as it is written and posted here, but it needs to be published in the
      Gazette to be official. This may be happening yet this week, and if it does... that will be insanely
      It's barely the first week of February!!! Last year the Budget was boycotted by the Kurds in March,
      and they threatened to secede over the disputes.
      THAT is how far we've come in a year!!!
      If you’re not already squirming, let me tell you - this is awesome news. A happy GOI is a
      GOI that we can get behind, because it’s one that is more likely to RV. And this is possibly
      the happiest we’ve ever seen them!
      That by itself may have been enough reason for me to send out a special email on most
      weeks, but this week - THIS week - we have more.
      Maybe MUCH more!
      I’m trying to contain my excitement, and I’ve been doing a pretty good job of staying (mostly)
      in my seat, but it’s getting more and more difficult.
      We may have an HCL agreement shortly!
      I’ve been on the verge of releasing this information for over a week, and I’ve only held off
      because THIS is the kind of movement we need to see for an RV to happen, and I didn’t
      want to release the news without a full confirmation.
      As the news keeps coming out, this is going to start getting press in other places, so you
      may as well hear it here.
      If you’ve been following me for any time now, you know I’ve been on an “HCL-requirement”
      kick for a couple years now. No HCL = no RV. I've harped on that for years... and now, after 
      a long ride, it's not just on the horizon - it's coming at us, lights flashing and horns blaring!
      If you have NOT been with me for that long, let me introduce myself!
      Hi, I’m Adam Montana. The possibility of a Dinar RV has been in the works for a while
      now - over a decade, in fact.
      I’ve been following it, and helping tens of thousands of people avoid bad info, for the entire time.
      The summary on Iraqi Dinar is simple - back in 2003, the country of Iraq went through some
      stuff and their currency plummeted in value. It was once worth over $3 per one Iraqi Dinar,
      and now it’s worse than 1000 dinars to $1. 
      It was even worse, so much worse that those of us who got in early enough have already doubled our money.
      But, and this is why most of us are here in the first place, it stands a fighting chance of going
      back to it’s former value, or “ReValuing”, upwards to the tune of 100x where it is now or even more.
      When that happens, those of us who have the current Iraqi Dinar (not the “old notes” with Saddam
      Hussein’s face on them) will be able to exchange at that higher value, winning us an amazing profit.
      It’s called a “windfall”, and it’s definitely a real thing.
      Here’s where yours truly comes in. Throughout this whole venture, and before most of us ever heard
      of the Iraqi Dinar, I’ve been fortunate enough to have contacts in places that matter to get the absolute
      best return on the exchange. Because of the loyal group of members here at dinarvets who have committed
      to work alongside my partners and I in this, we have formed the STRONGEST and BEST CONNECTED
      group of dinar holders in the world… and this gives us EVEN MORE leverage. It's a snowball effect, and 
      it's a good place to be.
      In short, we’re going to put more money in our pocket than the average Joe or Mary that simply goes
      to the bank to cash in.
      Not only that, but the years of networking and planning for this event have allowed my contacts and
      I to put together the absolute best strategies for reducing tax liabilities, minimize risk, and even invest 
      after the fact to increase our returns.
      The best part? There will be no “800 numbers” to call. The VIP group will NEVER part with their dinar as part
      of their exchange. And if you decide to pay the measly amount of money it costs to join the VIP group,
      you are ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to get a return on that expense when we cash in on the RV, or I’ll
      refund every penny you spent on VIP.
      Your time may be running out. Join VIP here, before it's too late.
      Back to the Dinar, for the past couple years I’ve been saying that we need to see progress on the HCL
      to see the RV. While other websites and “gurus” are talking about people already cashing in (fake news),
      or having “secret intel” on the timing of this event… I’ve been telling people to remain calm. 
      That’s one of the reasons thousands of VIP members place their trust in my and the programs here,
      because I don’t fluff this stuff up just to get people excited.
      I do the opposite - if there’s nothing going on, I tell it like it is, no matter who gets mad at me for it.
      (It happens! )
      Well… the time that we have been waiting on may be over. There is news out right now that is more
      encouraging regarding the HCL than ANYthing I have ever seen, and that means we’re almost there.
      It means this may be your last chance to get in VIP. Your chance to get in VIP may be over before I
      get this email sent out! And if the RV is announced, and you’re not in the VIP group - you’re on your
      own. No benefits, no tax benefits, and good luck to you.
      Now is probably the most URGENT time in this venture to get in VIP.
      Join here:
      Remember, there’s a money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and a LOT to gain. 
      See you in there!
      - Adam Montana
      P.S. In reading the above, I see that I didn't explain why the HCL is important. In a nutshell, it's important
      to the Kurds so they get a fair share of oil revenue, and ties in very closely to their concerns on the budget. 

      Both of those issues are melting away, right in front of our eyes.
      With these two things lining up at the same time, we have the most perfect situation to see an RV that I've 
      ever witnessed.
      RIGHT NOW is an amazing time to be part of  this situation!



    • By Adam Montana
      Good afternoon DinarVets, and welcome to the weekly!
      I love days like today, where I can just hop right into the MEAT.
      As much as we all hate "I told you so's", here are a couple. Headlines from the past couple days include:
      1. BREXIT. When this was first brought up in 2016, I voiced my opinion that it wouldn't be successful and not to worry about it. As of this morning, it looks like the whole thing was a huge waste of time and is going nowhere... time will tell, but I could have told you that as well.  
      2. Did you catch my update last week? One of my talking points was oil, the price per barrel, and Iraq's sneaky but convenient exception to the ongoing limitations on production by OPEC members. Just look at these headlines... 
      "Could Oil Prices Rise By $25 Per Barrel In 2019?"
      "Kuwait National: $ 65 Brent crude average during 2019 and 2020 "
      " Oil Markets Could See Deficit In 2019 The oil supply surplus is “starting to reverse,” according to a new report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch."
      (the word "deficit" is a good thing here )
      "Heavy Crude: From Glut To Shortage
      - Jan 15, 2019, 5:00 PM CST"
      ("Shortage" is another good word for us right now)
      " Oil rises with hopes of a better market under OPEC-led cuts "
      ... and so on.
      Here's the thing, folks... this is the situation that Iraq wants. This writing is on the wall, in the headlines, and it's heading towards RV time.
      Iraq can read the headlines just as well as we can, so for now we just hang on tight.

      Oil is at $52.18  right now, and for scientific discussion purposes, I have painstakingly explained below what I'd like to see happen in this market:

      What more can I say at this point? 2019 is cruising along nicely for us, and as long as you're in VIP with me... you're ready just like me and a boatload of other DV members!
      Here's the weekly Q's:
      Possibly. Our VIP options in Mexico seem to change on a daily basis, and I keep an updated database of what is safe, reliable, and viable. If I say "yes" today, it could be "no" next week, so I won't give a commitment on that question until the time is here.
      In a roundabout way it does, because global events always have some impact.... so, yes. But it doesn't merit any concern for us at this time.

      I am midway through writing a post on exactly that topic. I'll wrap it up soon and send out an email.
      For now, my simple answer - I don't think it's likely that they will take the first approach. More on that later.
      That'll do it for now! Hang on tight everyone, when the nuts and bolts of my picture above come into play, it looks like we're ready for blast off.
      - Adam

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