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iPronetwork & Procurrency had a Divorce

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Dear iPronetwork investors 


Our Government has put in place many regulations to secure the cryptocurrency markets as you all know recently. All MLM platformed ICO's have been forced to separate themselves from CryptoCurrency! iPronetwork is no longer working with Procurrency , but at the same token they never were the same entity they were always separate.  


Procurrency is still moving forward just fine and is in it's second phase of its white paper please read about the updates below. If you have any money in your Iwallet or your rewards wallet in your back office please remove all monies by the end of July. The Government has not forced a date on iPronetwork yet and is giving them time to comply. Every and any program learning package you did purchase from iPronetwork will still be available to you in your back office at anytime, so no worries there! All Procurrency coins you own will still be a great investment worth every penny you have put into it, plus it's a buyer's market right now , so get on Cryptopia.n.z  and buy ton's of Proc while the price is 1/4 cent . Proc will soon be on HitBTC and when this takes place ProCurrency will launch most of there Apps for Merchants and Exchange on the fly apps with their Media Launch and this coin will skyrocket don't be a looser and flushem just yet or you will regret it :)


In Christ 



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