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Ki: Electronic payment supports economic reform

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More than 1.3 million people have applied for the Iraq Unemployed Emergency Grant


 2019/10/13 23:26:30


The number of unemployed who applied for emergency grant from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs during the week, more than one million and 344 thousand citizens.

The semi-official Al-Sabah daily quoted Labor Minister Bassem Abdul-Zaman as saying that his ministry, after mobilizing its technical and administrative staff, received all applicants directly and electronically after the launch of the electronic form last weekend. The emergency grant, stressing that his ministry will work to absorb all applicants for the grant to cover the eligible, especially after the completion of the application process on the 24th of this month.

He revealed that specialized committees will be formed to follow up the electronic screening mechanism after the closing of the application process through the ministry's website, as it will work to check and create a database of the beneficiaries of the grant in order to be distributed via the card (MasterCard) to eligible beneficiaries who meet the conditions of the grant. 

Abdul Zaman said that the Citizens Affairs Department is constantly cooperating with citizens in order to receive various segments of society and complaints, in addition to their inquiries, there is flexibility in cooperation and intensification of efforts, where 817 reviewers were received during the last month and received 373 requests through (citizen e-government) And 752 inquiries through the hotline in addition to 59 requests to meet with officials and send 50 notifications to citizens with official responses, with 58 field visits related to follow-up of various transactions of citizens.

He stressed that his ministry topped the ministries initiative to meet the demands of the demonstrators by giving them a grant and a job opportunity, as well as follow-up the reality of workers in various fields and registered with the ministry, where they discussed the adoption of a specific mechanism for workers within the medical graduation areas to strengthen the medical staff of the National Center for Occupational Health and Safety, He pointed out that his ministry is working to highlight the new graduates of doctors on the nature of work in the field of occupational health and safety and the importance of protecting workers in various work sites from the dangers of the profession of work injuries and occupational diseases.اقتصـاد/أكثر-من-مليون-و300-الف-شخص-تقدموا-لمنحة-طوارئ-العاطلين-عن-العمل-بالعراق/

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 2019/11/03 04:32:30

Shafaq News / An official source in the company K-Card, it continues to provide services to all beneficiaries without exception.

A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Jassem al-Aradi that the support of local companies that achieve successes that touch the need of the citizen, is very important.

He pointed out that the company keeps pace with developments in the field of electronic payment and is working to adopt them locally and in a manner that serves the family economy and the national economy.

A source at the company said it provides thousands of direct and indirect job opportunities to a large segment of the youth, and with the development of the service department, the job opportunities offered to the public are expanding.

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Release date:: 3/11/2019 11:56  132 times read
KI affirms its commitment to services and development
(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) An official source in the company (K-Card) that the company continues to provide services to all beneficiaries without exception.
The Economic Jassim Al - Aradi , a member of the Baghdad Forum in a statement that the support of local companies that achieve success touches the needs of citizens, is very important. "
He noted that" the company keep pace with developments in the electronic payment field and is working to adopt locally and in the form that serves the family and the national economy economy " .
to this source in the company said that it provides thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities to a large segment of young people, and with the development of the service circle expanding employment opportunities offered to the public ".anthy
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Ki: Electronic payment supports economic reform

 2019/12/03 01:16:14

The expansion of electronic payment is an important step that supports the paths of economic reform and the trends of economic recovery, a company official said.
The source added that the adoption of electronic payment in all financial operations bring great economic benefits for the country, and makes the tracks of funds in the direction of security away from forms of manipulation.
He pointed out that the expansion of electronic payment means more direct and indirect employment opportunities for a large segment of the youth.
The financial expert d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh between the adoption of fingerprint in electronic payment is an important step and safer in electronic payment, pointing out that the footprint helps to prevent all forms of manipulation that may accompany this process.
He praised the efforts of KNC, which represents a mixed national sector that has proved itself and led to the detection of cases of excess of public funds

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  • yota691 changed the title to Ki: Electronic payment supports economic reform

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