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45th Baghdad International Fair: Iraq open for business

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Launching the Baghdad International Fair with the participation of 17 countries
Baghdad International Exhibition


Economy News Baghdad:

The Baghdad International Fair kicked off on Saturday morning with the presence of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and a number of government officials .

The main participating countries are Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Indonesia, India, Italy, France, Japan, South Korea and Syria.

"More than 17 countries and 20 local bodies participated in the Baghdad exhibition at its current session, " Trade Minister Mohammad Hashim al-Ani said on the sidelines of the opening of the 45th Baghdad International Fair .

He added that "the Iraqi market is ready to receive foreign investment," noting that "the Iraqi sectors have begun serious steps for development through investment capacity and cooperation with international companies."

On the other hand, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Saturday, work on the development of the Iraqi economy, while noting that the obstacles still exist to carry out investment projects .

Abdul Mahdi said in a speech during the opening of the Baghdad International Fair, and attended by "Economy News", "one of the priorities of the government is to work on the development of the Iraqi economy," stressing the need to "provide an appropriate investment environment for launching projects ."

Abdul-Mahdi said that "the obstacles still exist to carry out investment projects," calling for the contribution to reconstruction for the benefit of all .

"The wars have destroyed the infrastructure and Iraq can not bear the responsibility of building alone," he said. "Our battle today is to enforce law and order, and we do not want a single commodity economy."

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Minister of Trade: The government program represents a real gateway for the development of the Iraqi economy

11:57 - 10/11/2018

Information / Baghdad ..

Minister of Commerce Mohammed Hashim al-Ani said on Saturday that the new government program represents a real gateway for the development and activation of the Iraqi economy, stressing Iraq's keenness to maintain unity of cooperation and solidarity with the countries of the world.

Al-Ani said in a speech at the start of the 45th session of the Baghdad International Fair and his follow-up / information, that "the launch of the 45th session of the Baghdad International Fair and attendees and special participations comes in the context of Iraq's keenness to strengthen economic capabilities and development," noting that "Iraq's keenness to maintain Unity of cooperation and solidarity with the countries of the world ".

Al-Ani added that "Iraq is considered through the new economic orientation environment for investments," noting that his ministry "is working to activate the government program voted by the House of Representatives, which is a real gateway to develop the Iraqi economy."

The 45th session of the Baghdad International Fair under the slogan "Determined to Build and Build, as well as Liberation and Victory" began on Saturday and will last for ten days. Ending / 25

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Abdul Mahdi said in a speech during the opening of the Baghdad International Fair, and attended by "Economy News", "one of the priorities of the government is to work on the development of the Iraqi economy,"stressing the need to "provide an appropriate investment environment for launching projects.


To develop the economy Iraq needs openness to the world market

- appropriate investment environment ( important laws to protect investors, security and stability)

- basic services ( water, electricity)

- infrastructure 

- development of private sector

- diversification of the economy 


iraq 🇮🇶 is moving in the right direction.

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55 minutes ago, Officiallytook said:

Just not fast enough LB

Agree my friend👍🏻😊

War, Terrorism, Politics, Corruption and money laundering has slowed things down but the new government and the CBI are in the right track.!





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  • yota691 changed the title to Launching the Baghdad International Fair with the participation of 17 countries
Baghdad International Exhibition
Baghdad International Exhibition

Roudao - Erbil

The General Director of the Iraqi Exhibitions Hashim Sudani said that the events of the 45th session of the Baghdad International Fair will be launched on Saturday, with the participation of 18 countries and more than 700 companies representing different sectors. 

"More than 700 companies representing France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Pakistan, India, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia, as well as other countries will be contributing to the 45th edition of the Baghdad International Fair," Sudani told RODAO. Stressing that the opening ceremony of the exhibition will be with the participation of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Halbousi and a large number of ministers and deputies. 

He added that the Gulf states will not be participating in the Baghdad International Fair at its current session. 

Al Sudani stressed that major international companies will participate in the exhibition and from various industrial, commercial and food sectors.

The Director General of the Iraqi exhibitions expected that the participation for this year will be distinct and different from previous years, which will contribute to increasing the imposition of cooperation and investment between the international companies and the Iraqi economy and the growth of the Iraqi economy significantly.

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President of the Association of Iraqi private banks: Iraq does not build only his sons


 Emaar Construction
Economy News Baghdad

The head of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanalal, stressed the need to build a generation of young people capable of building their cities destroyed by terrorism, stressing the need for an attractive environment to invest in these cities.

He said during the conference "Emancipation of liberated areas" held on the sidelines of the Baghdad International Fair, and attended by "Economy News", "Iraq is built only by his sons," stressing the "need to build a generation capable of this construction."

He added that "to achieve the construction process must be provided jobs for them through loans and initiatives provided by the banking sector in Iraq," pointing to "the need to provide investment environment for investors in liberated areas and give priority to the firm companies as well as the elimination of bureaucratic procedures."

The governor of Anbar province, Ali al-Dulaimi, said that the damage to the governorate's infrastructure ranged from 80 to 90 percent, adding that efforts had been made to return a large part of the displaced within four months of liberation.

He stressed that the province does not know how much its share of the "Kuwait Conference", "counting on the completion of the government lineup," as he put it.

He added that Anbar province will witness the establishment of several projects in the next year, including the sewage project worth 140 billion dinars.

Meanwhile, the director of the municipality of Mosul, Engineer Abdul Qader Jbeil Khader Habo, that "Da'ash destroyed on the right side 12 thousand housing units, was destroyed Al-Shifa Medical Complex, which is similar to the city of medicine in Baghdad, in full." 
The financial adviser to the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Samir Nusairi, said on the sidelines of the conference that "the destruction of the cities that he controlled calls for the need for many years of reconstruction," calling for "the need to take the government to the private sector to participate in the reconstruction process." 
He stressed that the banking sector is struggling through its banking services to facilitate the reconstruction of cities destroyed by Dahesh.


Date added 12/11/2018

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  • yota691 changed the title to Video: More than 700 companies register their attendance at Baghdad International Fair
Monday 12 November

Miscellaneous goods and goods The land of the Baghdad International Fair was opened at its forty-fifth session with the participation of eighteen countries and more than 700 local and foreign companies. The participating companies indicated that this meeting will increase the chances of cooperation and investment between the international companies and the Iraqi economy and the growth of the Iraqi economy significantly. 

"We congratulate the Iraqi people on opening the 45th session of the Baghdad International Fair and call upon the government to support the private sector in terms of logistics, ports and banking facilities," said Mohammed Shaker, representative of one of the participating companies.


Mohammed Abdul Razzaq, representative of one of the participating companies, said: "This is the second year we participate in the Baghdad International Fair and last year we saw a great demand for the exhibition." 

As for the foreign wings participating, their presence was wide, and their products varied between industrial, commercial and food. 

The Gulf companies did not register their presence this year in the corridors of the Baghdad exhibition, while the Iranian pavilion was distinguished and led the exhibition with the participation of fifty-five companies followed by Jordan in second place with the participation of forty-eight companies. 

You can view the report on the video above.

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Iranian companies dominated the exhibition Baghdad and Saudi Arabia, the most prominent absentees



Iranian Pavilion at Baghdad International Fair

4 hours ago


+ -

Digital Media NRT

The current session of the Baghdad International Fair witnessed a wide Iranian participation . Tehran's ambassador and diplomats toured the Iranian pavilion, while the exhibition witnessed no participation of Saudi companies, which are considered the traditional competition of Tehran.

" While Saudi Arabia was courting Iraqi leaders behind closed doors at the weekend, Iran's rival publicly appeared on the Iraqi scene by intensifying its participation in the Baghdad International Fair, a showcase for business activities , a Reuters report said on Monday (November 12, 2018) in Iraq".

"The exhibition included a full suite of about 60 Iranian companies, offering a variety of steel and chemicals to carpets, welcoming Iraqi customers, offering them tea and sweets, exchanging jokes in Persian and some Arabic words," he said.

The report pointed out that "while dozens of Saudi companies participated last year in the Baghdad exhibition, the exhibition did not see the participation of any of them this year, Riyadh preferred to focus on high-level meetings, where he visited Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Faleh, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi in Baghdad "He said .

The two countries pledged to cooperate in the oil and energy sector, while the new president of Iraq, Barham Salih, made Gulf Arab states his destination on his first official visit abroad .

"The kingdom and other Arab countries are seeking to increase their influence in Iraq. New US sanctions on Iran's oil sector may be an opportunity, but Iran's influence in areas including politics and trade is difficult to counter . "

"The rivalry between Riyadh and Tehran over influence in the Middle East over the past years has led to Iran strengthening its alliances in Damascus, Beirut and Baghdad. The Shiite fighters in Iraq, some of them backed by Iran, have also played an important role in defeating the Al-Qaeda organization, And have become part of the security forces this year . "

Meanwhile, Iran's position as a visible business partner emerged at the annual Baghdad fair, which opened on Saturday, with Tehran's ambassador and diplomats touring the Iranian wing.

"Iranian materials are very important for Iraq," said Khalid al-Wali, an Iraqi businessman looking to Iranian chemical companies as potential suppliers. "Products coming from Iran are less expensive. They are a great source of raw materials."

"This is the first time that his company has come to Baghdad," said Arash, a sales representative for Chemicals, who asked not to divulge his family name .


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Iran, feeling sanctions bite, looks for outlet in Iraq



BAGHDAD – At this year's Baghdad International Fair, Iranian businessmen displayed thick, colorful Persian rugs to impressed onlookers while others showcased the latest in Iranian manufacturing in power generators and industrial tools.

For Iranian companies, the annual Baghdad International Fair is a major event, as exporters in carpets, foodstuffs and heavy equipment look to score sales in Iraq's import-dependent economy.

But this year's edition, running this week, is an even bigger deal than usual: Iran, already feeling the bite of newly re-imposed unilateral U.S. sanctions, is turning to its neighbor to soak up its exports in agriculture, manufacturing and energy.


Ambassador Iraj Masjedi promised Iran would grow its already flourishing trade with Iraq. The sanctions, he said, "will not affect the relations between the two countries."

President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the 2015 nuclear deal that Iran struck with world powers in May. United Nations monitors say Iran still abides by the deal, in which it agreed to limit its uranium enrichment in return for the lifting of international sanctions.

Since then, Trump announced what he billed the "toughest ever" sanctions regime against Iran and the country has seen its oil exports crash and its currency lose more than half its value. The full brunt of the measures came into effect Nov. 5 when the U.S. re-imposed oil and banking sanctions.

However, other major economies including Europe, Russia and China have refused to take parallel measures, and Iran can still do business with the outside world.

Iraq is Iran's second largest export market. Since 2003, when the U.S. invasion plunged the country into civil war, Iraq has depended on Iran for everything from food to machinery, to electricity and natural gas.

Masjedi boasted that trade between the two countries was on track to reach $8.5 billion this year and said Iran's outlook is to reach $22 billion annually -- more than triple its $7 billion in volume in 2017. He did not give specifics.

Non-American companies are free to do business with Iran, so long as they do not also do business with the U.S., or through U.S. financial institutions.

"We will not tie ourselves to the dollar," said Masjedi.

More than 60 Iranian companies are represented at the Baghdad fair, which runs until Nov. 19.

Mir Zad, director of Hisam, which sells generators and other electrical equipment, said he was aiming to secure deals worth around $1 million at the fair. He wasn't concerned about the new restrictions on the dollar; deals could be made in Iraqi dinar, he said.

Still, a substantial portion of trade between the two nations is done in energy and cannot easily be structured outside the new sanctions regime.

It puts Iraq in a delicate position as a partner of both Washington and Tehran.

With its electricity sector in tatters, Iraq depends on Iranian gas and power generation to power its economy. A temporary electricity reduction last summer fueled unrest in Iraq's southern provinces.

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad last Thursday announced it was granting Iraq a 45-day waiver to allow it to continue to purchase gas and electricity in Iraq.

It said the exception would give Iraq time to "take steps toward energy independence."

But it could take a year or longer to secure enough new power to make up for lost imports, said economist Bassim Jameel Antwan.

In the meantime, Iraq may have little choice but to continue to import from Iran. And Iran's deep entanglement in Iraq's political and military affairs further complicates the picture.

Iran has the ear of several of Iraq's top politicians and trains, finances and advises some of the largest militias in the country. While it is precisely this sort of influence the U.S. is aiming to curb, Iran can still play the role of spoiler in Iraqi politics.

"You plan for one thing, and the result might be something else," said Antwan.

Since May, Iran's currency the rial has sank in the black market from 60,000 to 140,000 to the dollar. Oil exports crashed from 2.5 million barrels per day in May to 1.85 billion in October and are expected to sink some more.


Associated Press writer Amir Vahdat contributed from Tehran.

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Editorial Date: 2018/11/14 21:30  424 times read
Director of the Baghdad exhibition shows the decline of Saudi participation
[Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The Baghdad International Fair explained why Saudi Arabia's participation in the current 45th session has declined.
"We have allocated an area of 2012 meters for the Saudi pavilion, but we are surprised not to fill it for a reason we do not know," said Hashim Mohammed Hatem, the exhibition's director. 
"We have pre-booked this space for Saudi Arabia and it is an approach to the participation of their pavilion last year." 
The events of the 45th session of the International Baghdad Fair were launched on 10 of this month and last for ten days, with the participation of 18 countries and more than 700 companies representing different sectors.
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On the sidelines of the Baghdad International Fair .. Media and Communications launches the first project "Dom" in Iraq

10:08 - 16/11/2018


Baghdad - Mawazine News 
on the sidelines of the Baghdad International Fair for its 45th session, the Information and Communications Commission launched the first draft of the Dom World in Iraq 
, a very large project has received a global documentation was opened on the first day of the Baghdad exhibition and includes this system all the institutions of the state and the media and communications sector, Similar to e-government. 
The Dom system provides electronic care for the media networks and deals with the electronic recruitment of all state institutions, as well as electronic archiving.
"The Dum project is a new electronic system for the Iraqi environment, which aims to develop individuals, especially people with special needs, and the rural population to achieve a high level of services and applications of technology, let alone the field To create jobs for young people and to create an environment conducive to the promotion of skills and the development of intellectual capacity. " 
This system also contributes to enhancing the level of Iraq in ICTs regionally and internationally.
"This system aims to make information and communication technologies effective for society, economy and the development of the permanent environment, enhancing the digital economy and social transformation by achieving and encouraging the growth of ICT use, as well as cooperation and participation among stakeholders and overcoming obstacles in the way of The development of the information technology sector and opening new horizons for investors, and contributes to support investment and achieve investment competition and facilitate the offer of real partnerships between private entities. 
On the other hand, the official of the Division of Foreign Relations and Information said that the Commission was presented at this session of the exhibition participation link iq, which gives Iraq a special link in the world distinguishes him from the rest of the States on the links Kokl and provides protection.
It should be noted that the Media and Communications Commission is responsible for organizing the media and telecommunications sectors in Iraq and granting licenses for these phones in addition to satellite channels and the audio-visual media.

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  • yota691 changed the title to The conclusion of the Baghdad exhibition and the ambition of preparing for the next session
Date of release: 2018/11/20 9:50 • 148 times read
The conclusion of the Baghdad exhibition and the ambition of preparing for the next session
(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The Iraqi General Company for Iraqi Exhibitions announced that the 45th session of the Baghdad International Fair was concluded with the participation of 17 Arab and international countries and 700 local and foreign companies.
The ceremony was attended by representatives of companies and participating countries and distributed certificates of participation and shield of excellence in the exhibition. 
"The current session witnessed the participation of countries and companies representing the private, public and mixed sectors, as well as an intensive program of seminars, meetings and agreements," said Hashim Mohammed Hatem, Director General of the Iraqi Exhibitions. Among representatives of participating companies, a step towards strengthening partnerships and participation in investment projects. " 
He added that "the next step involves preparing for the next session, ensuring wider participation in terms of quantity and quality, which will contribute to contain and attract major international companies."
Hatem pointed out that "the great attention and follow-up of the distinguished Minister of Commerce, Mohammed Hashim Al-Ani for the exhibition and his daily visits to follow the most accurate details have created an atmosphere of interaction and success and overcome many of the problems as well as his role in inviting ministries to participate heavily in their wings after they were unwilling to participate." 
He pointed out that "the exhibition company formed a committee of advanced staff to evaluate the Ajnj and participating companies according to criteria and considerations in terms of size of participation and space and decoration and organization and continuity in participation and number and the number of exhibitors for non-Iraqis and the number of visitors and contracts concluded and events and the nature of exhibits to honor the distinctive pavilions. 
The Director General of the Iraqi exhibitions that "the exhibition achieved its objectives and the ambition of the Ministry for broader participation in the next session, commensurate with the need of Iraq to companies for construction, reconstruction and investment."
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  • yota691 changed the title to Baghdad International Fair hosts conference on reconstruction and restoration of damaged monuments in Iraq and Syria

 Emaar Construction

Economy News _ Baghdad

The Conference on Reconstruction and Restoration of Monuments Affected by Terrorist Acts in Iraq and Syria and the Project Iraq Exhibition, organized by the Iraqi Engineers Syndicate in cooperation with the Arab Engineers Union and the International Group for International Exhibitions and Conferences Services, 
And the presence of the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Mohammed Halbusi and Trade Minister Mohammed Hashim, Minister of Housing and Construction and Governor of Baghdad and Amina Baghdad and the representative of the League of Arab States and a large number of deputies and officials, which lasts for 3-5 / 12/2018.
 "The devastation and destruction that hit Iraqi cities during the period of war and terrorism is great, especially the cities of Mosul, Anbar and Baiji," said Minister of Construction and Housing, Benek Rikani, in a statement to the Ministry of Commerce. "The devastation that touched the Iraqi ruins is the systematic targeting of history. And the civilization of Iraq to erase it from memory and not to be an incentive for generations to come to know its history and follow its ancestors. 
Stressing that Iraq is coming on a workshop in various sectors be planners and implementers of Iraqi engineers and that the coming days will witness a new renaissance and development in the construction of Iraqi cities and we aspire to the participation of the private sector and domestic investment and foreign reconstruction operations, especially after achieving security and stability.
For his part, the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Engineers said that during the conference many work papers presented by a number of international countries will be presented on the reconstruction of what was destroyed in a more civilized and aesthetic manner than it was in addition to rehabilitation and restoration of damaged monuments.
 In the same context, the Iraqi engineer's chief said that Iraq has emerged from a fierce war against terrorist gangs that wanted to destroy everything that was beautiful and resulted in great destruction in the infrastructure in the areas where liberation battles were taking place, adding that terrorist gangs stole, Which was invaluable was the large losses that included the infrastructure and all joints of development as well as the important archaeological sites and centers. And signs that the destruction witnessed by the Iraqi cities and monuments requires huge efforts to rebuild these infrastructure and services and that these great efforts will not be completed without the leadership of the field contribute to the reconstruction and economic integration and social.

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  • yota691 changed the title to 45th Baghdad International Fair: Iraq open for business

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