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Questions for Adam's Update 5/16/2018

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Please post your questions below for Adam's Wednesday update.

Please do NOT respond to the questions posted!             :shakehead:

Responses that are not on topic will be removed!            :surgeon:


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My friend appears you haven't been onsite since last Thursday when you mentioned you would be posting about the 5-9 update in the next days....There have been several items in VIP you have mentioned you would have up coming posts on...still are doing a dis-service to yourself, and this site with your lack of presence.....


Interesting times in dinar land with the elections and all.......let us know how you see all of it......


Let us know you are doing well.....Thanks......CL

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Hello Adam, first thank you for all of your hard work for upfront and behind the scenes as well. Watching Mr. Hannity tonite,5/15/18, and at the bottom the ticker tape said that Iraqi Bank and other officials are being investigated for fraud/corruption or something close to that,fast ticker tape,:0). If there is any truth to that it can really put all what it takes to activate the RV on hold for quite sometime couldn't it? Do you have any info to that or can you comment ?  Thank you and have a blessed day. ........ptrrbbt

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So, the elections are over. I’m not sure if the outcome is good or not. Since it seems that processes stall during Ramadan, and a new Govt needs to form, are we looking to the fourth quarter or 2019? I would love sooner but this is Iraq. Your thoughts?

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