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A Great friend is selling his house..

moose 57

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This is what his realtor said... in quotations.


(My Realtor came today and told me to take this picture down before we do any showings.) I'm sad about what this world has become.

I'm sure there are Realtors on here. Any thoughts on this?  


This is his response-

This picture has been in my Family and every home I've lived in since a child. I was shocked to say the least. I've also made a decision. Since she was so strong on it, I've decided to stop and list with someone else. I have not signed a thing. I'm out.


This angered me. Moose does not anger easily. Had to vent-sorry!



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The picture of the dog?  Just kidding.  I love the picture and would probably want to keep it up as a witnessing tool.  The realtor can "suggest" but not "tell" you what to do as far as decorating.  The realtor is hired to sell your house, so that is their focus.  They also are familiar with the temperature of the buyer's pool.  They want to keep the maximum number of potential buyers, so they look for things that would cause turn-offs.  If the realtor was not a good fit for you, then it's good you had not signed a contract.  But I will say, if I was selling my house and a realtor with a great history of selling suggested I take it down, I would take it down. We have to pick our battles and choose not to be offended.  It might have been a great opportunity to witness to the realtor.

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