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3.5 million displaced Iraqis return to their liberated areas

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Salah al-Din's operations are chasing remnants of "calling" and killing a number of them

3.5 million displaced Iraqis return to their liberated areas

  • Baghdad - Iraq Ahmed
Date: 20 April 2018

The Iraqi Minister of Displacement and Displacement, Jassim Al-Jaf, announced today the return of 3.5 million displaced people out of five million, confirming the success of Iraq in overcoming the largest humanitarian displacement, at the time the Salah al-Din Operations Command launched a large-scale search in the mountainous areas of the mountain, .

"Iraq has managed to overcome the crisis of displaced persons with the return of more than 3 million displaced people to their areas, which is the largest displacement in terms of the humanitarian aspect, and the largest number after the Syrian crisis," said Jaffee, noting that "the ministry and through government support, in addition to Received from the support of the international community, was able to overcome the crisis with minimal losses, despite the amount of difficulties at all stages of the crisis ».

Jaf explained that «the total number of displaced and displaced persons, both inside Iraq in the provinces of Kurdistan region or central and southern governorates, and abroad amounted to about 5 million displaced and displaced, we were able to return more than three and a half million of them, which is a high proportion.

While those who remain, some may be due to the lack of infrastructure to return them, even in the minimum, in addition to the existence of security or tribal problems ».

"Our plan is focused on providing services to displaced families, sustaining the shelter camps, logistical, legal and administrative needs of displaced families, and focusing on the importance of supporting stability in the liberated areas, which will ensure the return of one million IDPs this year," he said.

Security operation

In a statement, the spokesman for the security information center Brigadier Yehia Rasool said in a statement that "the security forces in the Salah al-Din Operations Command started the inspection of the foot of the mountain, the carrots and the al-Hawi, in coordination with the army's air force. At the beginning of the operation, Four terrorists were killed. "

"Two terrorists were also killed by the Tikrit police." In the central axis, the Dhi Qar police department announced yesterday that a joint force of the joints of the police and military units of the operations of the Middle Euphrates, was able to detonate a car bomb and the destruction of 9 additives covered Bajader "north of Babylon," south of Baghdad.

The Directorate said in a statement that «the contingents of the emergency police battalion Dhi Qar V, who is charged with the duty to save the land and secure the area of Jarf al-Nasr in the province of Babylon, after being freed from the clutches of the terrorist, participated in a security duty under the command of Colonel Special Forces Shaker Hilal Huweidi, Qar V, to pursue elements of the organization calling in areas north of Babil province ».

She pointed out that «joint forces of the joints of the police and military units of the operations of the Middle Euphrates, in coordination with the intelligence and national security.

In the midst of the flight of aircraft to secure them, and within the activities in the tracking and prosecution of the remainder of the organization calling and destruction of their additions and places of gathering launched a process of proactive quality based on accurate information in the areas (Awaisat, First Farsi, Farsi, Al-Hujair, Abra, wells, In the district of Musayyib north of Babil province ».


She pointed out that «the process resulted in the detonation of a car bomb found hidden in the reeds and preparing for the explosion near the cemetery, and the destruction of nine additives covered (Bjader) in a rugged area containing trees and heavy cane in agricultural land, and found explosive materials and nine bags of live ammunition for a weapon (PKS) is estimated at (1000) launch used by terrorists to carry out their crimes ».

"The force detonated three bombs and seized a field of improvised explosive devices inside the additives containing 8 containers intended for detonation remnants of the defeated organization, and was able to detach the specialty to deal with them without any incident» The process has contributed to combing large areas to prevent any presence of cells A comprehensive security plan prepared to secure the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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6 hours ago, 10 YEARS LATER said:

. . . and the GOI " Has Gone Fishing - be back in the near future " 

Definitely absent! 

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ERBIL — German Development Minister Gerd Müller has reportedly travelled to Iraq in hopes of encouraging the return of more Iraqi refugees from Germany to their country of origin.

Germany is offering massive aid packages to Iraqi refugees who voluntarily return, but Müller is in Baghdad to ask for something in return, according to a DW report.

The German minister was scheduled to inaugurate an advisory center, intended to provide training places and jobs.

"IS is militarily defeated in Iraq, but more than two million people are still displaced," Müller said before his departure. "Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees must wait in Iraq until the murderous war in Syria has finally ended. Bridges, hospitals and entire cities were destroyed.”

“To prevent terrorism from regaining a foothold, it is important that people can return to their homes,” he stated. “That’s why we focus our aid on schools and education for children and young people as well as reconstruction.”

In return, Müller called on the Iraqi government to "consistently improve the framework conditions: to fight the widespread corruption, strengthen the rule of law and promote reconciliation."

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Parliamentary migration: 75% of the displaced returned to their liberated areas

14:10 - 30/04/2018

 Information / Baghdad ..

The Committee on Migration and Displaced Persons on Monday revealed the return of 75% of the displaced to their liberated areas, pointing out that the lack of financial allocations and the government's resort to the reconstruction of destroyed areas, the end of the entire file.

"The percentage of the return of the displaced to their liberated areas in the provinces occupied by a da'eef reached 75 percent," said Haneen al-Qado, a member of the committee. "One million of the 4 million displaced people have not returned yet."

He added that "most displaced people are deployed in the Kurdistan region and some other areas," noting that "the destruction of homes and the lack of services prevented many of the return to their areas."

 "The failure to allocate enough funds to rehabilitate the liberated areas and the government's refusal to assist returning citizens caused the file not to be completely closed during the past year," he said. Ending / 25 d

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