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College of Agriculture honors the President of the Association of Iraqi private banks

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Economy News _ Baghdad

The College of Agriculture at the University of Baghdad, President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanalal, honored the "Wafa" Shield for sponsoring the patent exhibition held by the College.

The exhibition was attended by Undersecretary of Agriculture Mehdi Mohammad Al-Qaisi, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Shaker Abdul Amir Al-Attar and Chairman of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih Al-Hanal.

The president of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih al-Hanalal during his speech at the opening of the exhibition, and attended by "Economy News", "It is a pleasure to be among you today, in the rehab of this college, which was and still will remain Fadel Ali, has embraced me young young, and hosted me on "I have spent four years in this great scientific edifice, representing the finest periods of my life, and I found myself in my mind and in my heart," he said. Next from the provinces, wonderful professors, And good colleagues, Awadoni parting parents and lovers and loved ones, and I will not forget those beautiful memories that I still retain their images to restore the beautiful moments from time to time. "

"It is a great honor to sponsor the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, the first exhibition of patents, which is held in the rehab of this great scientific edifice, which includes wonderful innovations, scientific innovations and pioneering experiments, and it is beautiful moments, combined with creativity and festive atmosphere that gives us a boost of hope. In a promising agricultural future, framed by your strong hands and your mighty minds capable of changing the deteriorating developmental reality, advancing it and extracting it from the state of underdevelopment and decline, armed with solid hearts and solid will. "

"The country is waiting for you. Nothing but agriculture will bring prosperity to this country. Oil is depleted for a long time or a palace. Agriculture remains the unexploited wealth, the promised hope and the desired future. You will see how the agricultural sector will have the surplus share of the future development plans. And the foreign to establish huge agricultural projects to absorb millions of manpower, young Iraqi leaders conscious, you will be at the forefront, and the strength of your will and your efforts and your diligence and persistence will achieve the chances of success for yourselves and your families, and you will have promising young people, God willing, The future of the promising Mashreq for our country, and like you, the nations will rise and flourish and the nations and peoples will progress and the scientific environment will remain the primary teacher of man with the wealth that he possesses. "

"Without a successful innovation, there will be no real economic prosperity, and Iraq will continue to import its structures, while its land is moving year after year to more salinity and destruction. It is not acceptable and reasonable for Iraq to continue to eat what is sown, wear what is not manufactured and depend 70 percent on crops. The agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors need special efforts at the government, private sector and foreign investment levels in order to achieve the food security desired for our beloved country. ".

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