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'Tonight I'm going to die': the Iraqi women targeted by rapists

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Amnesty reports that women suspected of Isis links face sexual violence in IDP camps, amid claims they are being denied aid


Peter Beaumont

Tue 17 Apr 2018 06.00 BST Last modified on Tue 17 Apr 2018 17.10 BST

The report highlights the plight of thousands of female-headed families left to fend for themselves after the death of male relatives while fleeing areas around Mosul
Photograph: Claire Thomas
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Amnesty International: Prominent women at risk of "sexual exploitation" in displacement camps in Iraq

They are denied access to aid and shelter in the camps ...



 18/04/2018 - 00:46

Amnesty International: Raising women at risk of & quot; sexual exploitation & quot;  In displacement camps in Iraq

Amnesty International reported that Iraqi women and children with alleged links to the Daqash organization are denied humanitarian assistance, are prevented from returning to their homes, and frightening numbers of women are subjected to sexual violence. 

In a report released on Tuesday, the organization based its interviews on 92 women in eight IDP camps in Nineveh and Salahaddin provinces, saying it had interviewed 30 local and international NGO staff and 11 members of departments Camps and 9 current and former UN officials. '

 The report, entitled "Convicted: Iraqi women and children isolated, trapped and exploited in Iraq," cited widespread discrimination against women by security forces, camp administration officials and local authorities who believe these women belong to Dahesh.

 "Desperate and isolated women are at risk of massive sexual exploitation by security forces, armed guards and militia members operating in and around the camps," she said, noting that "the plight of thousands of women-headed families left alone to run in IDP camps after the killing of male members Families or arbitrarily detain them or disappear forcibly while fleeing from areas under Da'ash control in and around Mosul.

"In many areas, local and tribal authorities have issued orders to prevent the return of women and children with perceived ties to Daqash, leaving them in IDP camps," the report said.

"The war against Da'ash in Iraq may have come to an end, but the suffering of Iraqis is far from over," said Lynn Maalouf, Middle East research director at Amnesty International. "Women and children with alleged links to the organization are punished for crimes they did not commit.

"The Iraqi government must show its seriousness in putting an end to abuses against these women by holding all perpetrators accountable and preventing all armed men from entering IDP camps," she said.

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Hey umbertino, how are you? Are you in the music video thread? Need to go there and chillout a little bit. Ill download my fav song from the youtube

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32 minutes ago, navira45 said:

Hey umbertino, how are you? Are you in the music video thread?


He’s Down There With The Latest ‘Tiger Beat’ Magazine Droppin’ Some Wicked Fly Dope Justin Bieber Dance Medleys ! :macarena:

:D  :D  :D 

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5 hours ago, navira45 said:

Someone negs me thug...doesnt want me to go there and chillout a little bit with umbertino..hahaha

Got your back there navira. :lol:

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