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Iraq holds 19 thousand people on terrorism charges

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First Published: 2018-03-22


Iraq holds 19 thousand people on terrorism charges


A shocking number of prisoners and sentenced to death on the pretext of belonging to terrorist organizations at a time when international organizations confirm that Iraqi law does not guarantee fair trials.


Middle East Online


A judiciary not competent to resolve terrorism cases


BAGHDAD - An Iraqi official revealed a shocking number of detainees on charges of terrorism related to belonging to the Islamic state and the number of people sentenced to death in a period in which international organizations confirm the lack of readiness of the Iraqi judiciary to resolve these cases and criticized the law of terrorism "loose".

The Associated Press quoted an Iraqi official as saying that at least 19,000 people, 3,000 of whom had been sentenced to death, were being held behind bars for belonging to terrorist organizations.

According to data at the end of January, the total number of prisoners in Iraq is 27,849 people, including those accused of terrorism.

The agency pointed out that thousands of others are being held in the prisons of the federal police and military intelligence and Kurdish forces (Peshmerga). "

"Of the 8,861 prisoners convicted on terrorism-related charges since the beginning of 2013, another 11,000 are held in MOI prisons and are being interrogated or awaiting trial."

"A large number of Iraqis were detained in the early years of the third millennium, when Iraqi forces and the US military were fighting armed groups with different affiliations," she said.

In 2007, the US military arrested 25,000 people. About 6,000 people arrested on terrorism charges by 2013 are still serving sentences.

Last November, Human Rights Watch warned that anti-terrorism laws in Iraq stipulate that those who have indirectly dealt with the organization of an Islamic state face the same prosecution as those who have committed the worst crimes of terrorism.

A report by the Associated Press showed that 3,130 prisoners had been sentenced to death for terrorism charges since 2013, more than two people a day.

The "Associated Press", "Trials, often only takes 30 minutes," and are convicted of the law of terrorism "loose", according to the agency.

Since 2014, the Iraqi authorities have executed 250 people on charges of belonging to the state organization, 100 of whom were executed last year, referring to the high rate of executions.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said in November that "Iraqi courts and tribunals do not have jurisdiction over international crimes (genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes). Prosecutors, police investigators and judges lack the capacity to investigate, Related to such crimes ".

In addition, Iraqi law does not adequately guarantee due process or fair trials, he said.

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Well thank goodness the Iraq court system doesn’t work like the one we have here in the good ole USA. Each prisoner stays on death row for 20 years before their put sleep. Sure the courts will hang a few inocent men, but the country will be safe again. It obviously sucks to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when the security forces made their sweep...

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