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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

Adam Montana

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Sandfly to you Adam and your whole Mod Squad!!! I’m so excited I almost wet the sheets! Well that could be the pain meds or the fact that I’m just coming outta surgery from knee replacement #2...but let’s not get confused with facts! :lol: Sandfly for makin’ my day...that and wakin’ up from the operation! Is it cheesy to illicit prayers for a speedy recovery in a chat? :blush:Wait...I’m from Wisconsin... everything’s cheesy!!! :eyebrows:  (Not takin’ responsibility for crazy things said while on dah pain meds). :rolleyes:

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2 hours ago, gp49 said:

Ok can anyone tell me what is the 0.0015 conversion? I haven’t visited my charts for at least a couple of years 🤪 or at least give me directions to a conversion chart? Thank you kindly! Ha! Just realized that I have been on and supported this site for over 10 years!!!


@gp49 Just multiply the amount of dinar you have by .0015

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Hi Adam, I’ve been following you for over 10 years.  It’s been so long I can’t remember the process but I know you have to be careful of snakes.... when the stars are aligned and we can finally trade in our Dinar bills for Dollar bills... what is the best ways to go about this.  I remember you saying something about this years ago and how to protect yourself.  

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With all due respect Adam,

I dont see what HCL has to do with VIP and Platinum?

Please explain!

In the light of other forums who we know milk subscription benefits and other dubious

benefits, I dont think it was in good taste to pin this Google rate news directly to the

VIP upgrade/ Platinum status as if one rides on the back of the other, ie, "Sucks to be you"!

I am not taking the piss out of you, but I am saying that ethically, the good news of a

possible rate change  on the premise of HCL is significant on its own. It is in my view unethical

to muster an anxious rush to join the VIP Platinum upgrade on the back of this good news.

Instead of rushing out to purchase IQD the premise is now apparently to rush and get Platinum.

I liked this group because the idea was to give news only in the absence of milkers such as TNT
and Dinar Recaps et al etc etc etc ad infinitum!

Posts structured in this fashion dilutes the authenticity of Dinar Vets delivering real news!
Keep it real!


(Not my intention to offend anyone)

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