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Selling 5 Million Dinar

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I was skimmed at a gas station last week. Bank of America, giant that does not care of course, is really dragging their feet about getting my money back.

I have to sell 5 million Dinar just to keep up with everything. It can be broken up into one million or half if needed. I am getting worried that they will not get my money back.

I have always enjoyed the people, jokes and pictures  on here and figured it is The best place to sell Dinar.  I don't like asking for help but no one does do they.

Thank you all for being such enjoyable people. And thank you for reading this.

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2 hours ago, Golfnsr said:

You seem to be looking more than buying.

You stated in one post that "$900 is as low as you would go".

Aren't you the BUYER?



Golfnsr, it seems you're referring to me.


I meant $900 per million is the highest I'd go, and just didn't see the mistake until now, but I'm sure it didn't confuse anyone since it's clear what I meant.


Today I sent $8000 to a seller off here for 10 million Dinar after we'd worked out the deal through email.


I buy as long as the price works for both the seller, and myself.

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