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Iraq: Life returns to Mosul as shops and restaurants reopen

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3 hours ago, markb57 said:

I realize there are some destroyed parts of Mosul and other cities in Iraq but when you see this video and see how things are looking and how people are acting, you really wonder why Abadi needs 88 Billion to rebuild......????

Dude, the “Big Dig” in Boston cost 12 Billion just to go through the heart of the city and took years..... that’s just one city..... Iraq is pretty much rebuilding the whole country.... 88 Billion is doing it on the cheap ;) lol 


Then again, how expensive are sheep’s pens and 🐪 stables now a days?! We might be getting taken to the cleaners here!! 


However if they create the new Dubai.... then it would be pretty spectacular to witness :) 


I sure hope they hurry up 

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I wish this headline read:  Life Returns To DV Members As The Dinar Revalues


or how about: Life Returns To The Middle East And Gives A Boost To The World Now That Iraq Has Decided To Stop Rampant Corruption, Pass Desperately Needed Laws, Care About Their Citizens, And Be Real Country


....maybe sometime during my life would be nice

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