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The birth of a new economy


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The birth of a new economy



12/2/2018 12:00 am 

Haidar Kazem al-Baghdadi 
Despite the challenges faced by the Iraqi economy in all joints of production and service without exception, but hope exists as we are looking hard for exit outlets to the world of development, which was not impossible according to the accounts of specialists and researchers and interested in economic affairs. 
In the context of achieving sustainable development in all sectors and national will, the birth of a new economy is possible in all joints with real hope if accompanied by a sincere will, a hope that grows to be an ideal and positive model in society and serve it in a way that reflects a positive image Supports the family economy. 
The birth of an effective economy, after a waiting period that can be described as long, needs to organize the development process in all its forms, as well as the availability of data that can be the focus of real success in various fields of production and service alike.
Iraq has the human capabilities and resources, which in general need to carefully plan their investment in a way that transforms resources into real resources that serve the national economy and achieve a multiplicity of resources and contribute significantly to the GDP | 
Here, it is essential that the concerned parties play a major role in establishing advanced planning centers with international expertise to manage proper planning, as well as local participation in the management of these centers to create local planning skills with international expertise and thus we have passed the first important stage in the development process. 
And we are in the incubation stage of a new economy that can participate in the major international companies in the care and construction, and this is really expected during the next phase and we live in the days of the donors conference, which is involved in its activities a large number of major international companies that represent the international effort specialized in all areas to contribute to building the nascent economy  

The stage of preparation for an effective economy with international participation requires sectors that provide advanced services that represent the needs of international companies that contribute to the process of construction and reconstruction, which requires attention to an effective axis that supports the development process and is the first pillar in building the national economy. Here we mean the banking sector which must be Like the regional and international banks to be the size of the Iraqi economy, and actually began some banks are taking serious steps to reach the global in the products, and this must also be in the calculations of the Iraqi scheme in his calculations for the future development of the national economy.
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This article sounds great, but it may as just be saying blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

 blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.... since we’ve heard it all action equals more blah blah blah..... and why did they call it the “Donors conference” and not the “Investors Conference “...... because they just want handouts? What a bunch of thieves as Trump said.

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