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Trump after meeting with Iraqi officials: I met the most brilliant group of thieves in my life

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56 minutes ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

I know what you mean. I have always thought that President Trumps biggest reason for running was Iraq. I still think that he actually did buy 

$30 million dollars of Dinar. Iraq and getting rid of ISIS was his first goal, and he succeeded wonderfully. And I don't think that Abadi nor anyone else

is going to be able to play this game much longer. We all know that Trump has his limits. 




Are you crazy? Tell me how ANYTHING that President Trump has said has hurt him in any way. 

Today's polls show him at 49% which is greater than that racist pig Obuthead was at this point in his pathetic career 

And now President Trump is about to destroy years of corruption in the Justice System of America. And that you think is bad?

As a Christian I understand how some can have issues with Trumps rhetoric, but as a human I know that we've allowed evil to grow for so long that 

rudeness is what is necessary to destroy the evil that is in our government. And in our nation. 

Agree completely!  The Deep State radical, violent, hater libs are doing everything to stop him because he's calling out their corruption and anti-constitution lawlessness. Because of Trump American's are learning about this now.  Killary, Willie and their evil sidekicks would never have exposed it, just continued it as the muslime BO did.   I hope he can weed out the evil by draining the swamp and gets some high level successful prosecutions.  We need Trump to bring back America from the 8 years  OBstrd worked to destroy this great country.  

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1 hour ago, boosterbglee said:

I remember as a kid........a long time ago..... a movie called "Ali Babba and the Forty Thieves!"  Some things never change!




"Ali Babba and the Forty MILLION Thieves!"


:o       :o       :o


The Best Of Your Week To You, BoosterBGlee!!! :tiphat:




OH, YEAH, BABY..................


Go Moola Nova!


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Articles from 2004


The Group of 7 nations that are the core of the Paris Club -- the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan ...”


So far, nothing but more assistance provided to Iraq over the years..... while the corruption and contempt continue. 


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I fear they are all just going to do nothing till the next bunch gets voted in, and who knows what to expect after that. Plus that is 12 weeks of sitting around watching them sitting around arguing with each other....all in the name of  “stallin ”...... :blink:

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On 2/10/2018 at 4:07 AM, currenzcraze said:

Trump is right!  We know he ia right.  The Iraqis just get their feelings hurt because they have been called out by a business man who doesn't have time to pussyyfoot around. 

Your the man currencraze. Nuf said. To anyone who is offended by POTUS Trumps' frankness ... Did the Iraqis greed and corruption let them think they could steal the $1.7 billion in USD  since 2014 ? Yes.  So what is wrong with letting them know that you know, and ain't gonna just let that activity continue? I only hope Trump told them if you want more cash outta the US you had better effectively stop those who are skimming off the money that is suppose to go to the Iraqi people, reconstruction projects,  and the like. They are still going to have to pay back the full amount plus interest.

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