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Adam Montana

Adam Montana Weekly 28 December 2017

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8 minutes ago, Texstorm said:

Bam ! Bring it on Adam !  Show us the :bagofmoney:


YEAH WHAT BOTH OF HIM"S SAID !!!!!:woot::woot:


Thanks Adam !!! I hope you had a perfect Christmas AT HOME with your other family. :D

Happy New Year to us, Happy New Year to us :twothumbs:   P.S   You are going to have us for a long time!

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Thanks ADAM!!!! 

I wish you and all of DV a very Happy New Year!!!!! 

2018 is shaping up to be a stellar new year!!!!!!!!

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If I may quote Prof. Henry Higgins, (from My Fair Lady) "I'm an ordinary man. A simple man...."

With that in mind, putting aside all the "lawyer speak", what does all this mean to us?

I pray I not the only dimwit that does not truly understand.

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Thanks for taking the time to update us.

I would go into the currency markets but would like a little help.

I seriously hope and pray for a prosperous New Year

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Thanks for the update Adam !  ( Ahhh , dang bit coin ,. Crazy exchange for virtual currency keeps saying " error " I am sure it would love my bank account number ...

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Good news Adam. Here's to you and your family for a very Happy New Year! RV year!

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18 minutes ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

Now ya'll know why I am constantly referring to myself as a, "dumb trucker", cause I ain't got a clue what this is all about.:confused:

And somehow I don't think that anyone is going to explain it to us  little people/ 

That you negged, GET A LIFE 

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2 minutes ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

That you negged, GET A LIFE 

Gave you a greenie to even you out Lgd 😊

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Don't understand much of this, but will be hanging around in hopes that osmosis will facilitate!  Exciting news, this!  HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Adam, your family, and the DV team and like-minded DV'rs.

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    • By Adam Montana
      Morning all!
      Just FYI today’s update will be coming in late. I’ll send out an email when it’s up!

    • By Adam Montana
      Morning morning morning!!!
      Let’s hop right into it, shall we? 
      Yes, we shall!
      In case you missed the last week of Iraqi news, here’s where we are:
      Iraq, in a rare move that surprised many and left a lot of jaws on the ground, appointed a President (Barham Salih) and the newly anointed one promptly gave us a new Prime Minister, Adil Abdul Mahdi. 
      I know, I know… TWO accomplishments in one swift move? In the same week!? There’s a couple words we’ve been dying to hear… “swift” and “accomplishment”! Believe it or not, it happened, and we’re off to the races.
      Before I go into my thoughts and analysis on the new landscape, let’s remember what this really comes down to… OIL. For us to profit off of a rise in value on the currency of Iraq, they must raise the exchange rate. This is a very simple concept - it is a simple matter of market manipulation and if it benefits them and is feasible - they will do it. When the value of IQD plummeted, that was at a time when there was no faith in Iraq’s ability to cover it’s debt. Iraq was a country torn by war, confusion, chaos… it had no leader, it had no way to act as a sovereign nation. Iraq was placed under Chapter 7 by the United Nations, rendered incapable of operating a full military, helpless and dependent on outside help. Without means of protecting themselves, they could not possibly take advantage of their natural resources. They did not have any strength, and they had to go the long road of rebuilding not only their country, but rebuilding the world’s confidence in their ability to buy back their currency and deliver on their contracts.
      A revaluation of their currency was a long shot in 2008, but it was certainly possible. Now, in 2018, it’s much less of a long shot. 
      In fact, with the complete passage of the HCL, it’s almost a certainty.
      Back to the present situation:
      According to the Iraqi Constitution, the new PM has exactly 30 days from taking the role to seat/appoint/select the new GOI. For those of you new to the discussion, that means nothing… if it takes longer than 30 days, nobody is getting hanged, tarred and feathered, or anything else. I expect to see the job 80% done inside the “mandatory” 30 days…  
      … but that 80% is probably enough for the job we need done.
      We’re looking at a very clear trend. We can trace this all the way back to former Prime Minister Abadi’s assumption of his role as former Prime Minister. He had heavy resistance, but with the support and backing of a (slight) majority of the PTB, he was able to take charge and for quite some time made impressive progress on many things that have propped up Iraq, making it a more stable country than it has been in many decades. Follow recent history over the last couple years, glance at the recent elections, then compare them to the elections that were held over 10 years ago when many Iraqi Dinar holders first heard that there was an opportunity for the Dinar to regain it’s former value… OH. WHAT. A. DIFFERENCE! The recent elections were held, they took their time sorting the votes, and there was no major drama or setbacks. A President was appointed, then a Prime Minister, and STILL no significant upsets or shocking news.
      Do you see what this says about Iraq? It says that they have control of their systems. They didn’t have to call for help on anything. And that is EXACTLY what we want to see, what the world wants to see, in order to support a revaluation on their currency.
      This brings us to the present moment, where PM Mahdi is tasked with the job of forming the government. A strong key to the future value of Iraqi Dinar is, as I mentioned earlier, OIL. 
      You know I like to save the good stuff for last!
      Oh, did I mention that incoming Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi served as OIL MINISTER between 2014 and 2016? That’s right… and he was placed there under Abadi, back when it was Abadi’s job to form the GOI. Even before that, Mahdi was Finance Minister under Allawi back in 2004. This new Prime Minister may not be everyone’s favorite… but he has some very serious credentials, and I think he’s going to play very nice with all of the important people in this process.
      New President, New PM, solid progress already happening.  
      These events are not random. The people leading the current charge were not pulled out of a hat. I mentioned in a recent update that I feel the “President” is mostly a figurehead, and that’s still my opinion. I’m not going to risk the wrath of President Salih… ah, screw it… he’s a sock puppet. Who am I kidding?! 
      Sorry everyone, I was getting off track and enjoying myself a little much there I’ll get back to the point.  
      This recent election is a ROARING success for Iraq.
      We have a new President. That issue is settled.
      The new President picked and named a uniquely qualified Prime Minister so fast that some members here have reported feeling the effects of whiplash.
      Said new Prime Minister is already showing how capable he is by moving with impressive speed in forming their new government.
      If this keeps up, we’re looking at progress like we’ve never seen before - the HCL is going to be upon us before we even realize it, and if you aren’t watching for that RV text from me, you might miss it!
      With all this going on, you can bet I’m redoubling my work behind the scenes to be sure we’re ready for it. I don’t know when that text message will go out, but I’m ready at a moment’s notice… are you?
      Our VIP group closes to new members IMMEDIATELY on announcement of a revaluation in the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar. 
      You can join here:
      Just one question from the members this week, and it's a good one:
      @Synopsis, that is indeed a doozie! 
      I'm glad you linked to the specific post that got you thinking about that. Reading the following articles, and then your post further down that page, is certainly thought provoking.
      My opinion - there is some meat there. There are also several workarounds, so I won't settle on that being a key factor... but the thought of Shabibi being reintroduced as a key player doesn't turn me off at all!
      It will be interesting to see if his name comes up in this critical 30 days we are wading through right now. Excellent post, and thanks for sharing your thoughts!
      In the Crypto forum... is Bitcoin ready to bounce?
      In the weekly lotto pool... I'm in, are you?
      That's my "short" summary and thoughts for this morning. Leave your feedback and comments below.

    • By Adam Montana
      Happy Wednesday and good morning!
      Any day this side of the earthworms always has potential to be great, and today is an exceptional example... we have breaking news.
      I'm going to give us two names to discuss this morning... Barham Salih and Abdul Mahdi.
      For the last few months, we've been in a holding pattern. We know what's coming, and it has been obvious that progress was being made, but let's be honest... it was a lonnnnng, slowwwww couple months waiting for SOMETHING to pop.
      As of yesterday, that slow moving train gave it's first puff of black smoke and the wheels made the first turn. The rust feel off of pieces that seemed to have been stuck motionless for eons, the tracks even groaned a little in protest as this giant piece of history began inching forward, and we have some actual news...
      ... Iraq has a new president.
      Here's a name you'll be seeing more of: The new Iraqi President, Barham Salih.
      What's more, and this happened lightning fast... President Barham Salih has named Abdul Mahdi as Prime Minister.
      Before I get too far into this, let's note a couple of important things:
      1. This is happening fast. If you're not in VIP when an RV is announced, you will never get in! Join VIP here and ensure you are set to receive the most important news first, regarding any tax implications, cash in procedures, and more. The doors will close immediately upon announcement of the RV!!!Don't put that off - the benefits are staggering. We are talking about $$$$(+!) in your pocket on cash in, not to mention all of the other benefits. Get in!
      2. This is happening fast! New Iraqi President Barham Salih had 15 days to name the new PM, but he did not wait. He did it immediately. There are obviously plans being set into motion, that were organized well in advance of this announcement. 
      Related article: 
      This is breaking news at this time, so the situation is fluid... but this was a major milestone, and we're hearing the train start to chug.
      CHOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Let's go, Iraq!
      Couple questions from the members:
      I don't see anything wrong with this pick. In fact, his immediate announcement of a choice in PM says a lot about how we can expect things to change.
      This is possibly even better than Abadi remaining PM... the status quo is due for a shakeup, and a "fresh face" can certainly do that now.
      Looking forward to the coming days!

      I did not predict Abadi to be the next/new/continuing PM, although there was certainly a chance. 
      Regardless - I have a good feeling about the new guy. The coming days will be a strong indicator of how things will shape out.

      This is big news, so I'll be monitoring the thread and checking in throughout the day(s). I don't normally respond to the follow up comments in the weekly updates, but this one is big enough to make an exception... leave your comments below.
      GO RVVVVV!!!!!

      - Adam
      P.S. The VIP entrance is here:
      Remember... you snooze, you lose!  
    • By Adam Montana
      Good morning and HAPPY HUMP DAY!
      Today's update is going to be short and sweet, you all know I don't like to use 100 words if 10 will suffice!
      Short update: October 2nd is a critical date. 
      If you want to just take my word for it, carry on about your life and wait for my email, you can go now.  
      Longer version:
      (**WARNING! Tin foil hat zone ahead. Proceed with caution!**)
      We're still slogging through the election/appointment process. I said weeks ago that this wasn't going to be a fast process, but we're nearing the end of it.
      You'll notice I just added the term "appointment" to the election situation... that's another thing I have been talking about for the last couple months. 
      They made a big deal of "counting and recounting" the "votes", they came to within a very small percentage of accuracy on the ballot totals, so it should have been a no-brainer who the winners were, correct?
      Ah-ha, nope! Not in this game, my friends! 
      Iraq calls their process a democracy, but anyone with half a brain knows it's not.
      Take this article, for example: 
      This isn't bad for us. It might be frustrating and unfair to the Iraqi people, the ones who cast their votes and find out later that their vote really didn't matter... but that's the way the world works, and it's just a bit more obvious in Iraq.
      The good news is that we're nearing the end of this 3 ring circus of Iraqi "elections". A few "winners" will be announced (selected, appointed, anointed, or whatever you want to call it), and progress will resume. 

      I mentioned that October 2nd is a critical date. Here's why: Parliament is set to vote in a President on that date. I have no opinion or real preference on who gets the job of "Head Puppet", but here's some info on one potential.
      Keep in mind that the "Presidency" is much less important than the Prime Minister seat, in my opinion. I'll link to an opinion piece from a writer who shares my opinion, I think it's a good read. And with the understanding that the entire process is rigged, I'm really looking forward to the very real possibility of a "*SUDDENLY*" event where Abadi retains his seat and this rocketship gets it's fuse lit!
      That might have been a lot to take in, so feel free to comment with questions and I'll check back in later to clarify my thoughts.
      My summary today is simple... we could be a short week or two from seeing major events.
      I'm looking forward to it!
      That's it for now, friends.... GO RRRRVVVVVV!!!!
      - Adam
      P.S. Remember a little over a year ago, when one of the hot topics on the forum was the threat of Kurdistan separating and causing havoc in this whole situation? Remember I said not to worry about it? My opinion is unchanged. Check out this article:
      P.P.S. Don't forget to join us in the Weekly Lotto Pool!
    • By Adam Montana
      ***UPDATE TO POST: We are helping out with Florence. See here: 
      Hey hey good morning!
      It's been another week in the life of a dinar holder, hasn't it? The news is flowing but it's as clear as mud, and dissecting the articles that have been poorly translated by Google or any other source can be a daunting task.
      Here's the summary:
      We have two pending issues before we will see an RV. One is a resolution on who, if anyone, will take Abadi's place. I'm feeling more and more confident that Abadi may very well retain his position, and that's a great feeling! Without getting too deep into it, because I've certainly spent a fair amount of time on this topic over the last couple months, I feel like he's a great option for the country and it would be much more expedient for our purposes if he were to retain his seat.
      The other issue, of course, is HCL. There are some rumors floating around that it is "done"... I have not seen any evidence to back that up, and that's my stance. Steady progress has been made, but until the first item is cleared up we really cannot expect anyone to stick their necks out and "get it done". Until they know where the money is going, they aren't going to be signing any deals! And until they have a new PM locked in, they can't be certain where the money is going to go.
      It's as simple as that.
      As far as a "timeline" on this situation... I don't know. It could be a week, or a month, or more. But they will not go forever without an official sitting Prime Minister, so as soon as that is settled, that is when we can expect things to move forward.
      Items of note:
      1. I like progress. It appears that the Speaker role has been filled. Good news there! Keep up the good work, Iraq... check those items off the list until we're ready for launch.

      2. Did you wake up today with a strong desire to bang your head into a wall? An overwhelming desire to be confused and lost? This might be the page for you to read!
      Be sure to get in the Weekly Powerball pool! You can't win if you don't play
      Here are the Weekly Q's from the members:
      I'm not sure what the question is.  
      Hey Ron, thanks for the post. I still think we are in a promising situation right now!
      "How" they are selling oil is exactly why they need the HCL in place. Without the HCL in place, their entire process is antiquated and inefficient, and prone to argument about profit sharing. Once the HCL is finalized, they can focus on other things... that's why it's so important.
      So, the answer is this: poorly, inefficiently, and not meeting their potential.
      I'm sure they'd love to, but their power is limited. No concerns there in my opinion.
      "Why" is it taking so long to implement a new PM? It's Iraq  

      I don't feel you are overstepping at all.
      You were around for our Dominica drive... I'm not a fan of just handing money over. If you recall, thanks to the efforts and contributions of the members on this site, I actually went to Dominica myself with over $10,000 in supplies and delivered them to a couple of worthy and capable organizations a few years back.
      Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to travel to the Carolinas to help out right now... so I'll do the next best thing and show some financial support.
      Can you please give me a direct link to the most efficient place to donate money to? 
      No direct insight on that particular article, sorry bud!
      Thank you for your generosity and support to Rod's question. I'll be doing the same.  
      Check out my response to Rod above - I'll be sending out an email regarding that in the next days.
      That's it for this morning, friends!
      I'll be in touch soon.
      - Adam


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