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Kuwait says it has recovered the remains of 236 missing in Iraq


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bostonangler     2,257


Looks like we may be here a while....





4.   Expresses its intention to review the mandate of UNAMI by 31 May 2019 or sooner


, if requested by the Government of Iraq;



“6.   Requests the Secretary‑General to report to the Council every three months on the progress made


towards the fulfilment of all UNAMI’s responsibilities, including actions taken in response to the independent external assessment;


🔜🌷💪Seems to me like it all depends on how fast Iraq catchup with the rebuiilding progress. The only thing left for Cbi is to showoff the true convertible currency value,adopts IMF Article VIII & have tradeable currency to be used to buy & sell any goodies inside & outside Iraq inline & online. Bottomline line is Cbi are preparing themselves & to me it seems like they are just darn ready. Only time will tell.


Go Rv

Go new monetary policy

Go delete three zero & AMLA🔜💰💪


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Thanks...It reads that Iraq was taken off a list...Other articles have stated that the UNSC has started the process to lift Iraq's sanctions and that it has been put on the UN agenda...What's going on behind close doors is anyone's guess....jmho

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2018/07/18 16:50
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A reward for information on the remains of Kuwaitis and Iranians in Iraq



BAGHDAD (Reuters) - On July 18, 2018, the Ministry of Defense renewed the announcement of generous financial rewards for information on the remains of Kuwaiti missing persons in Iraq or looted Kuwaiti property during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

The ministry called on citizens who have any information on the remains of Iraqis, Kuwaitis or Iranians lost in the Iraq-Iran war, the liberation war in Kuwait and the missing Kuwaiti archives and property.

She explained that any information can be made in this regard through communication with the Directorate of Information and Moral Guidance in the Iraqi Ministry of Defense or the Directorate of Human Rights in the Ministry or through the system of e-citizen government.

The Ministry confirmed that it had allocated a reward to those who provide this information after confirmation without revealing the nature of the reward.


Follow the obeliskمكافأة-لمن-يدلي-بمعلومات-عن-رفات-كويتيين-وإيرانيين-في-العراق


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Ministry takes $ 23 million from the seizure of the funds of the central bank

The ministry is taking $ 23 million from the seizure on the central bank's money
 Twilight News    
 3 hours ago

The Ministry of Justice announced on Sunday that it had obtained a final decision to acquire the final grade for the Iraqi government and the Central Bank of Iraq from the French Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal of Paris to lift the reservation of the amount of return to the Central Bank of about 23 million dollars.

The ministry said in a statement to the twilight news that "this lawsuit dates back to the year 2000, has been filed by the Central Bank companies claiming to have been damaged earlier and demand the seizure of the funds of the Central Bank of Iraq."

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 Hussein Mohammed Al-Faihan _ Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq revealed that its measures against currency smuggling, money laundering and terrorism financing have been praised by the international financial organizations and the International Monetary Fund, calling for lifting all barriers previously imposed on Iraq.

The director of financial operations and debt management at the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Mohammad Dagher told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) on Thursday that the exchange rate of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar is stable for the past six months, denying what some media reported an increase in demand for Buying the dollar during the current year, to smuggle to some neighboring countries, noting that during the month of June, the sales of the dollar in the Central Bank of Iraq to half of the monthly sales for the months preceding the April, March and February, and also reduced the dollar sales in the first half of the year M in 2018 to a third of sales last year 2017.

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Security Council Sanctions Committee concerning Iraq Removes Four Entities from Its Sanctions List
On 23 July 2018
, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1518 (2003) approved the removal of the following entities from its List of Individuals and Entities subject to the assets freeze set out by paragraphs 19 and 23 of Security Council resolution 1483 (2003) adopted under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations:

B. Entities and other groups

A.k.a.: IraqI TOBACCO STATE ENTERPRISE F.k.a.: na Address: a) Karrada Al Sharkiya, Nadhimiya, P.O. Box 10026, Baghdad, Iraq b) P.O. Box 10026, Jumhuriya Street, Khallani Square, Baghdad, Iraq Listed on: 26 Apr. 2004 Other information:

A.k.a.: MOSUL SUGAR STATE ENTERPRISE F.k.a.: na Address: P.O. Box 42, Gizlany Street, Mosul, Iraq Listed on: 26 Apr. 2004 Other information:

A.k.a.: na F.k.a.: na Address: P.O. Box 11183, Baghdad, Iraq Listed on: 26 Apr. 2004 Other information:

A.k.a.: na F.k.a.: na Address: P.O. Box 2379, Muaskar Al Rashid Road, Baghdad, Iraq Listed on: 26 Apr. 2004 Other information:

The names of individuals and entities removed from Committee’s Sanctions List pursuant to a decision by the Committee may be found in the “Press Releases” section on the Committee's website at:

To obtain a fully updated version of the List of individuals and entities subject to the sanctions measures, Member States are encouraged to consult, on a regular basis, the Committee’s website at the following URL:  The Committee’s Sanctions List is available in HTML, PDF and XML format.

The Consolidated United Nations Security Council Sanctions List is also updated following all changes made to the Committee’s Sanctions List.  An updated version of the Consolidated List is accessible via the following URL:

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EU lifts sanctions on Iraqi companies

Moscow - Sputnik. According to the EU document published on the public data site: "The European Commission ... Considering that the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee decided on July 23 to exclude four items from the list of individuals and organizations to which the freeze should apply Funds and economic resources, decided to amend the annex to the resolution in this regard. "
The decision included the Iraqi Tobacco Company, the Mosul Sugar Production Company, the State Dairy Production Company and the State Vegetable Production Corporation.
The European Union adopted a number of sanctions in the area of economic and financial relations with Iraq in 2003.
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5 minutes ago, ChuckFinley said:

I am hoping. :praying:


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( . . . actually, I didnt mean chicken breasts at all ) Probably get into trouble for this too. 😆

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