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Warka Bank

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Does anyone know what is happening with Warka Bank, can't access their server, have no idea how long it has been down

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I last accessed Warka’s website and logged in successfully on 26 November 2017, but as of at least 30 November 2017 my browser gets an error message which says it cannot access the Warka server. Hopefully, it means the Warka staff is busy up-grading their security certificate and is getting ready to up-grade our accounts with another 6 months of interest earned.

Just a little while ago, Warka expired my account password 7 months early.

I had not logged in until 5 months after I had renewed my password in June of 2017. This early expiration makes me feel strongly that the Warka staff would still like to see us login to our accounts at least once every quarter to demonstrate a continued interest.

Even though we nominally have a whole 12 months before we should have to login in order to change our passwords, it seems that in reality we do not.


Logging in more frequently actually helps Warka protect our accounts because it demonstrates that the account has not been abandoned.

Still, it’s kind of a pain in the ass, especially since logging in is a continued reminder of how little control we have over our funds.


I requested a new reset password and got one in about 5 business days.


I will continue to monitor Warka’s website for the list of Correspondent Banks and look for a US based Correspondent Bank under control of the Fed.

When such a bank appears on Warka’s list, it will mean that the Fed has given the green light and Warka is getting ready to transfer USD’s via SWIFT to the US through the Correspondent Bank.

From there it is a domestic transfer into our individual private accounts.

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I tried both Safari and FireFox, which I used in the past, yet unable to find server. Would you please provide the URL that you are using.

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I just logged in with Firefox, no problem...


But are you talking about their main page? That one seems to be down.


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