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To all Dog lovers...

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Many of you were here and may remember when I lost my Jager Cat..we had each other for 20 years...My family knew it was coming and got us a Black Labrador. I am in love with her for sure. I have always had a dog but I have been through a lot of training with her and we are truly bonded. We have a rogue cat now as well Raja. who looks just like my avatar...(funny I have the avatar first) but animals do feel love....there are many many stories of this...and we love them. 


What do you have and what are they like?

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We have two rescue dogs. Terrier mixes. I don't know who rescued who. Bella is our sleep buddy. When she hears a noise at night she will come up from the middle of the bed and sit right in the crook of my neck. I don't know if she thinks she is protecting me or I her. Ellie is the other. She acts more like a big sister to Bella. They have a sleep over every once in awhile. It gives my daughter a break from the bed hog. And yes, they are spoiled. 

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I've heard that some don't believe that dogs don't know how to show love but I totally disagree.

I have a small dog.  I got her from a friend that already had 2 and couldn't keep her.  They found her running around loose without tags and a total mess.  Her nails were so long she could hardly walk.  We think she's part Chinese Crested (powder puff) and part Shih tzu so we tell everyone she's a Crested ****.  When I get home from work at night she's on my lap and usually doesn't leave unless she has to go out.  She lays her head on my chest and looks up at me with those big brown eyes and I just melt.  When I take her for a ride in the car, she has a seat on the console to get her up high enough to see out the window, she lays her head on my shoulder as we go down the road.  Also she listens to me and does what I tell her but when my Husband tells her, she totally ignores him.  All our children are grown and gone so she is my baby.


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I too have a sleep buddy that came to my house in the dead of winter, he loves me to no end. My Piper which you see pictured is also one that came from a unloving  family or what ever you may call them. They both nurturie us care for us, love us and we can only do the same for them. Our love is for them is unbound.  I've  been very sick for the last 4 months and their care and staying by my side has been a blessing for me and my husband.  The love of a dog or pet is more than we can ask


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The love that dogs pour out to us is 100% unconditional love. There is nothing like coming home and seeing my little buddy there waiting for me at the door.  I have been blessed to have a yorkie that I rescued from the animal shelter back in 2010.  He is absolutely my best four legged friend and I would do almost anything for my little man. 


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