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Selling my dinar

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6 hours ago, pokerplayer said:



No one is twisting your arm to sell. He made an offer and if your not Interested politly say no thank you and keep searching for a buyer.


    It's that simple.




1 hour ago, Bumper64 said:


Well said PP :twothumbs:

Thanks for chiming in Bumper64 before I could reply.      Pokerplayer...Thank you. You are absolutely right and I totally deserved that. I totally lost sight and allowed what was really bothering me to come out in my posts which had nothing to do with it.  Have a wonderful holiday and thank you for the gift. It may not be what I want for Christmas but it is exactly what I needed! 

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On 12/19/2017 at 5:40 PM, colts469 said:

No thanks, if you wanna go 900 let me know, thanks!

Please accept my apology. As I told pp, what was really bothering me had nothing to do with those posts but came out in them unfortunately. I am sorry. If your "turned off" at this point I wouldn't blame you but if you still have your offer of 900 on the table let me know. 

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If you sell them on ebay you should net about $970 +   You should get about $1150 minus 10 % for ebay and 3 % for paypal. Throw in free shipping at about  $7.50 flat rate priority mail envelope. As long as the post office shows it delivered you are covered. Or ask for signature confirmation for another $2.50. Always let ebay print your shipping label as they give a discount and they can not dispute it went to wrong address.


Good luck


Here is a link to some recent completed auctions.  I would do buy it now only though and not auction format. Put it up and it will sell

This is 250,000 dinar completed auctions. Green means it sold


This is 1 million dinar auctions and green means it sold

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