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The First Amendment to the Amnesty Law was published in the Iraqi Gazette

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The Minister of Justice stresses the need to seek to take into account the interests of all associates and by law


2018-04-23 08:27:00

The Minister of Justice stresses the need to seek to take into account the interests of all associates and by law

His Excellency the Minister of  Justice  d. Haidar al-Zamili on Monday during a meeting with representatives of the Iraqi reformers in his official office, who seek solutions to their problems related to the issues of forging certificates and dismissed for them. 
The minister stressed the need to follow the legal methods for this subject through the law of amnesty and obtaining the false associate to testify on a judicial decision to include a general amnesty to be dealt with within the Department of Iraqi reform. 
The issue of cash allowance for food as well as infection allowance was also discussed. This is related to amending the reform law for inmates of the Iraqi Reform Department, which has not yet been legislated in the Chamber of Deputies until this day with numerous official claims by the ministry to complete it. 
In addition, the Minister has previously formed a higher committee consisting of the administrative agent, the inspector general and the director of the reform department to look into the complaints of the beneficiaries and deal with them according to the law. 
The House of Representatives has voted on some paragraphs of the reform of the inmates of the reform service earlier and did not vote on the law in its general

form and still locked the inclusion of the House of Representatives did not come into force.

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Editorial date: 2018/5/6 13:26 • 96 times read
Justice announced the number of released in April, including women and are covered by amnesty
The Iraqi Department of Reform of the Ministry of Justice announced its monthly position on the number of those released last April.
"The total number of released from the prisons of the ministry during the last month amounted to [676] inmates of the prisons of the ministry in Baghdad and the provinces, including [184] covered by amnesty, and [54] Of women and [622] of men were released after the end of their sentences. " 
He stressed that "the reform department has made great strides in the field of release operations with the implementation of the electronic supervision system, which allows the possibility of determining the inmates ended their judicial rulings and contribute to the resolution of their files in accordance with the legal period set for release." 
He pointed out that "the number of those released by the amnesty decree reached [7537] inmates since the month of November 2017 to 30 April last."

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2018/08/02 21:28

Rules of amnesty issued for internal members (document)

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Interior Ministry announced on Thursday (August 2, 2018) the rules of amnesty imposed on its employees.

The "Obstacle", issued by the ministry under the title of "Expedited" and immediately, revealed the controls of the employees of the ministry with amnesty.

According to the above-mentioned circulars, 103723 on 22/11/2017, 44241 on 12/5/2018 and 95 590 on 5/7/2018, and in accordance with our circulars above and for the issuance of administrative orders for the direct admission of your employees covered by the amnesty law General and according to the specified period of time and to provide financial support to them based on the letter of the Directorate of Financial Affairs No. 10294 on 3/7/2018 and to simplify the procedures and shorten the effort and time and the loss of the rights of the members after the presentation of the subject in front of the Minister and under our notes number 1617 on 30/7/2010, 2018 decides as follows:

1- To provide us with the names of your employees whose administrative, legal and security procedures have been completed for the purpose of issuing the administrative orders issued by us in accordance with the instructions of the Minister of Interior Anqa and within a maximum period of 5 days for the names provided to you pursuant to our faith number 59059 on 5/7/2018.

2 - Provide us with the minutes of the Commission, certified and sealed, by the commander of the highest control of each Directorate recommends the safety of their security, criminal and legal position and bear all the procedures in the event of any indication of their right.

3 - The direct acceptance order issued by our agency to the right of any associate is subsequently canceled, and negative and negative security information appears against him.

4 - In the event that we do not provide us with what is required during the specified period, the formation of boards of inquiry against the directors of

management in agencies and directorates at the headquarters of this agency.


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Enactment of an amnesty law covering all but the issues of private rights



The MP on the National Axis bloc, Faleh al-Issawi, on Tuesday, the existence of a search within parliament to enact a law of general amnesty includes all except for issues related to the special right of citizens and victims, pointing to the existence of "a large number of innocent" in prisons as a result of secret informer and "

Issawi said that "the issue of issuing a new law for amnesty was not raised until the moment, as the last law was issued in this regard was in 2016 and was a lot of observations and emptied of its content at the time as a result of political pressure and will," noting that "what we are looking for is a general amnesty Inclusive of all but cases concerning the special rights of citizens and victims ".

He added that "there are a large number of innocent people in prisons as a result of the secret informer and false falsehoods, and the Iraqi judiciary relies on its witnesses and evidence, which is his right and do not interfere with the work of the judiciary." He went on to say, "As we seek to condemn criminals, Effective measures to rid innocent people of prisons in very large numbers because we need to preserve the freedom of people. "

He added that "many innocent people went to the secret detective Bushha has been issued in some of them large sentences reached the death and they are innocent, so we are seeking to end the secret laboratory or at least not to consider what he makes evidence of condemnation," stressing that "during the beginning The next legislative term we seek to enact many laws that touch the suffering of people and freedoms and will be a public amnesty law strongly and mechanisms give it meaning without emptying of its content, especially that Iraq is ahead of a very large work, both on the regional or international axis and these things need to reconcile the community.

Al-Issawi pointed out that "Jordan is an example for us and it is going through a great financial crisis. It has worked to issue a general amnesty to all prisoners and detainees. This is clear evidence of opening a new page for all." He stressed that "we have the intention and try with all our ability and ability to legislate many laws It is not only public amnesty that serves everyone and relieves embarrassment for everyone. "

It is noteworthy that the House of Representatives voted, during its meeting held on (21 August 2017), the draft amendment to the first law of amnesty No. (27) for the year 2016.

Firas Ghadban Al - Hamdaniتشريع-قانون-للعفو-العام-يشمل-الجميع-با/

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