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The RV Has Started Out West?

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Luigi has found numerous rumors around the web of an RV start.

Warning...Take these various rumors with a grain of salt. They are only rumors.

Not varified. Your opine.



19 Oct 2017...Dinar rumors from around the web...

Meetings in Washington, New York and out West ending last night Oct. 19 resulted in the IMF and US Treasury both congratulating Iraq on implementation of their new economic reforms.
An announcement from Prime Minister Abadi in Iraq was expected to be made in the next day or so that would include the new Iraqi Dinar rate. That could happen Oct. 21 evening Iraqi time or Oct. 22 morning EDT.
There would be notification for us a little bit later after Abadi's announcement.
The RV has started out West.
Some of the Fines and Penalties payments have gone out. We heard that some recipients of the Prosperity Packages were notified last night, Oct. 19, but those needed to be delivered and would take another 24 to 72 hours after notifications took place.
A lot more money has moved into position with the banks. Some of these funds probably coming from Hong Kong and possibly Singapore. These large tranches that are going to our banks to be in position for deposits that we would make after our exchanges have taken place.
Paymasters are loaded and ready to go.
We should have some announcement even if it is a crawler across the screen that we are back on a gold back standard, asset backed.
Our USN is actually at the banks and we heard the new 100s are out, but it is not a USN note. It is a Federal Reserve note, but it does have some indicators that it is gold backed.
Iraq has a huge flag that weighs over 2,100 pounds that was ready to be unfurled on Sat. Oct. 22 and put on one of the side of their buildings in Baghdad.
This economic reform system law was to be enacted and activated tomorrow night or Sat. morning Iraqi time.



Oct. 19 2017 9:19 pm EDT Intel...rumors from around the web:
"Frequent cabal cyber attacks on the new financial system are being repelled. New software continues to be installed to prevent additional attacks. Cabal attempts to delay progress are being subverted. Cyber security for the new financial system is priority. Release date still unknown."
Deep Source (Resistance):
"The Republic is currently operating behind the scenes. Disclosure of this operation will commence at the right time."




Oct. 19 2017 8:33 pm : rumors from around the web...

The bank did not lift the temporary freeze on our funds today.
Our main funds are coming in next week. That schedule is rock solid.
The currency and assets that are being paid will not yield funds until next week at the earliest.
The bank will shuffle off the release until at least tomorrow and get them to us next week.




On Oct. 18...rumors from around the web... 

The Dinar was trading on the Stock Exchange between $1.75 & $1.79. They were working on raising the value of the Dinar through the Stock Exchange and the sale of oil.
 The banks were behind schedule and not yet ready for the Dinar to come out. The US economy must be strong. It may take 3-4 weeks for the banks to be ready to exchange. (Was he talking about the general public exchanges?)
The reval started today, Oct. 18. They need to earn the trust of the international market. That may take a window of up to 4 weeks.
All currencies go at the same time and everyone would exchange at the same time.
There will be no double dipping allowed where you exchange and then buy more because by then, the currency would be more expensive.
At your exchange you could "cash out" and have the possibility of a high tax on the exchange, or you could choose to go by a contract. The countract would be with the country, like you would invest in Iraq with a contract on the Dinar.
With a contract you would have a long term payout, but be able to live off the interest of the money left at the bank. You can negotiate the interest rate.
The banks would have competitive exchange rates depending on the currency rates on the Stock Exchange. Those investment package rate changes may go up into next year.
Do not allow someone to exchange for you. Money changes people.
All this stuff about aliens, light workers and humanitarian projects are suspect. If you are really a humanitarian you would be out there doing the work right now and not waiting for the exchange.


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2 minutes ago, murd11 said:

Oh come on this fella has more lies than Heinz has Ketchup



Now let me guess...they're dancing in the streets of Reno.

Uncle Bruce the Goose wouldn't  lie...would he?

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1 minute ago, four wheel drift said:

Just let me know . I'm 2 hours from Reno, ten minutes from firing up the parking lot party.



One day closer



Correction...what appeared to be dancing in the streets of Reno...

It turned out to be just another routine M-13 drive-by shooting.

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Hey guys, the above post is kind of long. So, I wanted to sum it up for you. I think this explains it. Sorry Clown. I know this is usually your department, but I just wanted to help.


"Washington, New York, Oct. 19, IMF and US Treasury, implementation, economic reforms, new Iraqi Dinar rate, Oct. 21, Oct. 22 EDT,  notification, announcement, Fines and Penalties  payments, Prosperity Packages, 24 to 72 hours, more "notifications", Hong Kong, Singapore, large tranches (??),  exchanges, Paymasters (may be my favorite), announcement, screen crawlers, gold back standard, USN, Federal Reserve, indicators, huge flag that weighs over 2,100 pounds, unfurled, economic reform system law, enacted and activated, the cabal, repelled, subverted, Cyber security, Deep Source, Resistance, The Republic, temporary freeze, next week, rock solid,  shuffle, Stock Exchange, $1.75-$1.79, 3-4 weeks,   general public exchanges, the reval, international market, double dipping, "cash out", high tax, contracts, long term payout, negotiate, competitive exchange rates, investment package rate, Money changes people, , humanitarian projects, (And last but, definitely not least important), aliens  (this is my favorite)."


This seems to have all the ingredients. Even a couple extras to spice things up. I like it. This qualifies as a good BS rumor. 

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