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Supreme Judicial Council calls for lifting the immunity of deputies accused of corruption

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6 hours ago, siberian_shaddow said:

I agree Chuck, but I do believe there is a plan in motion and there just waiting to either get all in order or waiting for the perfect time, which for all of us, it has been the perfect time for years. But they know this guy’s middle name is (King of Corruption) When they decide to go after him, there will be no place in this world that he can hide, ok maybe Iran. 🙂

I am personally counting of it. Iran may be the only place this guy can land safely. I was hoping that it would be done before the election.

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Under the supervision of an international investigation team .. 1000 arrest warrants against those accused of corruption, including Iraqi political leaders and former prime minister 25-03-2018 02

"Massacre" of the dollar in Iraq ... Official movement against fraud at the auction "Central"   Baghdad - Ali Husseini, Mohammed Ali 12 July 2019   The file

It is time to stop the auctions and give real market value to the dinar.   Go Art 8 Go end MCP Go RV Go $1:1

Posted Images

Dr. Al-Yasiri discusses with the head of the National Retirement Authority how to provide the best services for the retirees and reduce the routine

Head of the Integrity Commission Dr. Hassan Al-Yasiri and Chairman of the National Retirement Authority Ahmed Al-Saadi discussed ways to provide the best services to the retired sector and ways to reduce the routine, in order to complete their transactions easily. 
Dr. Ali Yasiri stressed during the meeting the need to upgrade the services provided to the retirees segment, stressing the importance of using mechanisms and modern methods and advanced in the conduct and completion of transactions of that segment, pointing out that the Integrity Commission suggested to the ministries and institutions of the state to promote pension transactions three months before the date of referral to In order not to delay the receipt of salaries of retirees.
The head of the Integrity Commission praised the achievements of the secretive mobile teams of the National Pension Authority, praising the latter's response to the work of these teams and taking positive steps to alleviate the burden of retirees, calling for the need to develop methods of preventing corruption and assisting state institutions and supporting them. And effectively contribute to preventing corruption before it occurs.
In response to the Integrity Commission's observations, such as the use of the electronic footprint, to detect cases of fraud and transgression, by preventing the waste of large sums, indicating that General Ahmed was able to open several branches in the outskirts of the province of Baghdad and a number of other provinces; to reduce the momentum of the Directorate of General Retirement, and proposed the idea of creating a cross-audit program involving the oversight bodies and the Board of failure National believes in the ability to monitor and audit information and the intersection of retirees is easy.
During the meeting, the two sides discussed the mechanism of dealing with the abstainers from disclosing their financial liabilities, stressing the importance of the final link issued by the Department of Prevention in the Integrity Commission from among the papers required in the pension.

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Monday, April 23,
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad 
Revealed a source familiar with, Monday, that the former director of the Agricultural Bank granted fake loans to 600 million dollars, and called for activating the arrest warrant to recover this money. 

The source said in an interview for Alsumaria News that "the director of the Bank of Agriculture, former Mohammed al-Khafaji granted fake loans to non-existent investors estimated at 600 million dollars." 

The source, who asked not to be named, said that "al-Khafaji caused the loss of billions of dollars in Iraq ," and called for the need to expedite the activation of the arrest warrant to recover this money and to obtain its fair parts before the Iraqi courts.



On 22 April, the Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands warned against the existence of information on the intention of the director of the former agricultural bank and the fugitive to Jordan, Mohammed al-Khafaji, to seek asylum through the United Nations. 

The member of the Committee on Agriculture Ali al-Badairi called on Saturday (September 9, 2017), the judiciary and the Integrity Commission to issue an international arrest warrant against the former director of the bank of the fugitive Mohammed al-Khafaji, pointing out that the latter fought Diwaniyah poultry project and his arrest will lead to the detection of files of serious corruption, Heads and whales "looted money. 

On Thursday (August 31, 2017), the Integrity Commission announced the seizure of agricultural loan transactions that were disbursed without the knowledge of their owners in the Agricultural Cooperative Bank in Maysan province , while confirming that the amounts of these loans amounted to 700 million dinars.

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Finally, and thanks to the upcoming elections it seems, the machine has begun working, and we now hope that it will not break down again or suffer any damages that burn out its engine as soon as the ballot boxes close on the evening of the 12th of May, Political writer and analyst Adnan Hussein said in an article published by al-Arabyia.

By the machine, I mean the one fighting administrative and financial corruption, Adnan said.


In the past few months, Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi escalated his tone while speaking out on fighting corruption and pledging to act against it. Meanwhile, the Commission of Integrity is no longer ‘shy’ or ‘hesitant’ like it was in the past in terms of announcing the details of the corrupt and the corruptors who are pursued or transferred to the judiciary or convicted.

Two of the corruption tycoons, Abdel Falah al-Sudani and Ziad al-Qattan, were both extradited to Baghdad. Some have voiced fears that their cases will be settled like what happened with other figures including governors and heads of provincial councils who were part of the amnesty law. Some of these latter figures have been so impertinent to the point that they are running for the upcoming elections within the electoral lists of powerful parties, which are the main sponsors of corruption!

Meanwhile, other corrupt figures are still free, both inside and outside the country.


Ministries and departments went with the flow and began competing to announce the corruption cases they’ve exposed. However, those exposed are not major figures as the latter are protected by the government as well as by religious groups.


Ministries, departments and banks announce their “achievements” in terms of exposing corruption on almost a daily basis. This certainly makes us happy; however, it’s also worrisome and painful as it’s the same feeling you’d have when you are in a ship in the middle of the sea and you suddenly realize that there is a hole leaking water.

Corruption and chaos

From what we can tell from these announcements about corruption - which do not have a lot of details - we are in a country where everything is violated: the state’s money, constitution, laws, dignity, sovereignty and independence. We are in a society where everything is also violated: morals, values, traditions, customs and higher interests.

This administrative and financial chaos would not have been if it hadn’t been supported by influential parties and forces, and their leaders. It would not have continued and worsened if effective control measures had been timely.


What is also terrifying is that the light in the end of the tunnel seems dim and very pale. This is what we can tell from the photos showing the campaign posters for candidates for the upcoming elections. These posters have filled the country’s streets and squares.

There are dozens and perhaps hundreds of candidates, especially on the lists of influential parties, blocs and coalitions, who are corrupt par excellence. The problem is that these people’s victory is guaranteed thanks to the “haram” earnings they, along with their parties and blocs, made from looting annual budgets or other sources and thanks to the political support they have from the leaders of these parties and blocs!

How do we fight corruption when we open the doors of the most important and supreme authority in the state for the corrupt?




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Action against corruption and challenges



24/4/2018 12:00 am 

Abdul Aziz Subhi Al Khudairy

In a meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abbadi and his vision, which was characterized by credibility and comprehensiveness, put his hand on the reservoir of the problem, and the location of the wound in the case of rampant corruption, where he said: "The routine, and the complexity of administrative procedures in government institutions is the most important factor of the spread of this negative phenomenon" Exploitation of positions for material gain.

The specialized researchers have identified the phenomenon of administrative and financial corruption as a term intended for irregularities and crimes committed by the public employee. It can be divided into three types: the first involves the exploitation of the job for personal interests; the second type violates internal regulations; and the third type is linked to financial abuses such as bribery Embezzlement, and other financial excesses.
The researchers discussed the phenomenon of administrative and financial corruption in Iraq, it is very shameful to include Iraq among the five most corrupt countries in the world in the report of Transparency in 2016, and despite the fact that this deadly community scourge in the past, and known throughout the ages, We find it pervasive here and there. The danger of this phenomenon is reflected in the fact that it causes the administrative system to fail and prevents societies and states from catching up with the path of civilized progress and prosperity among nations and peoples. There is no economic recovery (industrial and commercial). Government The gap widens and the danger increases.
From our point of view, we have occupied this negative situation in our country because it is not about the great effects and obstacles we face in our daily dealings as a private sector with government institutions, but because it penetrates deep into the moral system of the society and its individuals. And the subsequent generations as well. Therefore, we have taken a serious and effective stand to address and correct what happened since 2003 and today, from the collapse of some concepts and the human values of society, which give our Iraqi people their cultural identity, which is proud of every citizen,  
The National.
It was necessary for us, after sensing the scourge of administrative and financial corruption and our suffering for its dangerous negative effects, to look for the real reasons for it. We propose effective solutions to eliminate them in cooperation with officials, headed by the esteemed Prime Minister and his support in his great campaign to fight corruption and punish the corrupt. a few class lacked experience, efficiency and effectiveness, and ignoring the public interest, lead in the future to bad and harmful effects on all levels, where this corruption is evident, for example , are not limited to the following practices: 
1 - in violation of the laws, and contrary to the values, and the First of which we were brought up on them, and planted the Islamic religion, sound and instinct that God mushroom by man as a creature of God generosity of mind, and ordered him to reconstruct the land, and succeed him  on 
2 - Routine killer, and sterility, and the large number of obstacles, and the difficulties in the daily reviews between the citizens of the State Departments, making him have no choice but to engage with them in corruption, and provides them with bribes in order to get the need and legitimate rights, or lose those rights, His suffering is increasing. 
3. The prevalence of nepotism and the loss of democracy. 
Proposed solutions to address administrative corruption:
1 - Establishing monitoring bodies and accounting in the management of administrative affairs in governmental institutions, for example establishing an independent body to reduce the routine, and government reviews by automation and electronic information management, in order to increase productivity and reduce waste in time, effort and speed of delivery and quality This body has a supreme authority and is linked to the highest levels in the state. It also has the power of judicial control. Follow-up of administrative corruption requires an organizational decision from the government and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The Commission is an integrated body that fulfills all powers. Dome of government bodies at a high level, and the accountability of each administrative official by submitting a financial report on personal revenue; to be held accountable if exploited, his job.
2 - Declaration of the State strategy in the fight against corruption, dissemination and education, as well as the existence of the secret guard to follow up the work of ministries, the lack of state institutions result in the exploitation of power and dictatorship in decision-making without oversight, or accountability. 
3 - Receiving citizen complaints, grievances by e-mail, or telecommunications company, and verified through a committee of specialists in legal affairs, and then send them to the concerned authorities to respond to such complaints and  
(Penal Code No. 111 of 1969), as amended by the Penal Code No. 111 of 1969, which is considered an offense against the duties of the post in articles 223 and 224, Other materials.
5 - Develop the provisions and procedures to prosecute those who pay, or offers a bribe to an employee, the displays of bribery be held criminally responsible as well, and the development of control mechanisms of preventive administrative corruption, and the therapeutic example of choosing the right employee in the right place, train constantly and spreading the culture of reporting irregularities to the  
- employees . 
6 - Dissemination of the rules of conduct in government institutions, and private in order to ensure integrity (eg, ethics of doctors, pharmacists, etc.) according to each ministry, and the provision of strict provisions to prevent the acceptance of gifts or material amounts or moral services to any employee in order to accelerate, And to expedite the completion of the work of the employee responsible for his performance by virtue of his work, or to refrain from performing the work entrusted to him, or mediated employee to another employee to violate the legislation in force. 
In conclusion, we say that countries seek to advance, promote and strive to eliminate corruption so that they can achieve advancement and development in all areas through adopting methods and legal procedures that regulate and regulate the functioning and performance of work, prevent slippage and career deviation and achieve equality in dealing with Citizens, and provide all guarantees, and achieves administrative control in government institutions, and private, up to the flowers, and  
progress. Federation of Iraqi Industries

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Britain's policy provides a solution to corruption in Iraq and hit the example of Africa

Britain gives a solution to corruption in Iraq and hit the example of Africa

 Twilight News    

 one hour ago

The British ambassador to Baghdad, John Wilkes, on Tuesday proposed to take advantage of the experience in African countries to eliminate the financial and administrative corruption rampant in government departments and institutions in Iraq.

"Iraq has made progress in the security field, and the British institutions concerned have supported him in this area," the ambassador said at a conference in London under the slogan "Together we build Iraq."

"Elections are on the way and we must work after the elections to provide security and services and improve people's living conditions," he said.

"Africa has seen corruption, but with good leadership it has been able to overcome this problem," he said.

"After the elections, we are working to cooperate with Iraq and provide a platform to improve the economic, financial, social and service conditions, and some may ask that it takes years. I say yes, but it can be achieved," he said.


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The judiciary approves the "withdrawal of the hands" of the pharmacist's captain and prevented him from running again

13:45 - 25/04/2018




Information / Baghdad ..

The committee charged with investigating the head of pharmacists, Mortada al-Sharifi, revealed Wednesday that the judiciary approved the "withdrawal of the hand" and not allow him to run for the union again, pointing out that the files referred to the judiciary confirms the existence of "illegal gain" of millions of dollars through the introduction of corrupt drugs to Iraq.

A member of the investigative committee, high Nassif said in a statement to the media that "all cases of pharmacist captain Morteza Sharifi responded by the Iraqi judiciary," pointing out that "the judiciary has ratified the withdrawal of his hand and not allow him to run for the union again."

Nassif added that "when he assumed the post of captain, Sharifi worked on the appointment of dozens of greedy pharmacists to sell corrupt and expired drugs," noting that "the Commission continues its work in the follow-up of all files transmitted to the judiciary."

"The files referred to the judiciary confirm the illegal gain of millions of dollars in illegal ways through the introduction of corrupt drugs to the country carried out by al-Sharifi." Ending / 25 h

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Britain: Extend the custody of the official responsible for the export of counterfeit bomb detection devices to Iraq

12:13 - 26/04/2018

Information / Baghdad ..

British businessman James McCormick has been jailed for 842 days, according to British media, citing the inability of the authorities to seize all his £ 8 million financial assets.

The network " ITV 's " British television, he "was scheduled to release McCormick , 62 - year - old later this week after a decision in this regard from the City Court (Northern) Somerset, but the inability to deliver $ 1.8 million Pounds sterling to the authorities has resulted in the extension of his sentence for 842 days. "

"The court records reported that McCormick received £ 21,354,169 in profits from his export of counterfeit bomb detectors to several countries around the world," she said.

"The convicted man spent his profits buying luxury properties in Somerset, luxury cars and yachts, as well as an apartment in Bath, all of which were confiscated by local authorities and more than 4 million pounds in cash deposited in the city. Bank account ". Ending / 25

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The integrity of Baghdad accuses the former local governments of "wasting" more than one billion dinars

14:19 - 26/04/2018

Information / Baghdad ..

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Integrity Committee of Baghdad's provincial council on Thursday accused local governments of "wasting" huge sums of up to 1,200 billion dinars, saying they had made little progress.

"The local governments of Baghdad received large sums of money during the past years, amounting to more than 1200 million dinars without achieving any significant achievements on the ground," committee member Ali Khudair said in a statement.

Khudair added that "this money was wasted in the wrong place," pointing out that his committee "worked on the referral of corruption files without a decision by the judiciary and the Integrity Commission."

The Commission on Integrity in the Baghdad Provincial Council revealed earlier to refer files of "serious" corruption related to Baghdad airport and the army channel to the Integrity Commission four years ago without a decision, accusing the political blocs did not name it to stand in the way of disclosure of files transmitted to the Commission. Ending / 25 h

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Yak yak yak. When are they going to bring the hammer down on Maliki and his cohorts ??  Corruption and his hand on the death of thousands of Iraqis during his tenure, yet any movement against him gets little attention. Now we see his feral mug on political posters for May elections. Disgusting.

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Integrity reveals the verdict of the presence of the right accused of embezzling 211 billion dinars from one of the banks

15:52 - 26/04/2018



Information / Baghdad ...

On Thursday, the Integrity Commission revealed a sentencing verdict to one of the defendants in an attempt to embezzle a sum of 211 billion dinars in the Agricultural Cooperative Bank - Amara Branch.

"The Criminal Court of Maysan issued a five-year prison term and one month of conviction, which was working as an accountant at the Agricultural Bank in Amara, to prove its agreement and to join with other defendants whose cases were broken," the investigations department said in a statement. Embezzlement of (211) billion dinars from the bank. "

She added that "the decision of the sentence issued in accordance with the provisions of Article 316 of the Penal Code and the meaning of Articles 47, 48 and 49, gave the right to the affected party (Agricultural Cooperative Bank) to seek compensation before the civil courts after the decision to take the decision categorical.

The Integrity Commission has revealed in (30/4/2017) enabled the investigative and audit teams to prevent waste of more than 200 billion dinars from the development budget allocated to the province of Maysan, confirming the irregularities accompanied the process of disbursement of the Agricultural Bank - Branch of the amount of the amount of money, Which resulted in the receipt of the Agricultural Bank (bills) guaranteeing the right to recover the amount disbursed, as well as obtained the value of the annual interest of more than nine billion dinars. Ending / 25

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Thursday, April 26,
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The Integrity Commission on Thursday issued a five-year prison sentence for one of the defendants in an attempt to "embezzle" 211 billion dinars in the Agricultural Cooperative Bank branch of Amara. 

"The Maysan Criminal Court issued a five-year prison sentence and one month of conviction against the accusation that it was working at the Agricultural Bank in Amara to prove its agreement and to join with other defendants whose cases were being tried to embezzle 211 billion dinars from the bank," the agency said.


The Commission added in a statement received by Alsumaria News, that "the decision of the sentence issued in accordance with the provisions of Article 316 of the Penal Code and the meaning of Articles 47, 48 and 49, gave the right to the affected party (Agricultural Cooperative Bank) .

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Deputy: The size of financial corruption amounted to half a trillion dollars 

09:30 - 28/04/2018



Information / Baghdad ..

The parliamentary legal committee on Saturday estimated the amount of financial and administrative corruption in the country since 2003 to date about 500 billion dollars, noting that all successive governments have contributed to the theft of public funds without seriously addressing corruption.

 "The volume of corruption in successive governments after 2003 is estimated at 500 billion dollars," Committee member Zeinab al-Sahlani said in a statement to Al-Mawlama. "Smuggled and stolen money are huge fake projects and transfers of hard currency without the support of law and currency, For political deals, all of public funds. "

 "The successive government has sung in the fight against corruption, but it has been involved in the looting of money and theft of the people's wealth," said Sahlani, noting that "senior officials and deputies participated in the theft without any deterrent."

"Fighting corruption requires a popular revolution to force the government to take effective steps to bring corrupt people into prison and return looted money," she said. Ending / 25 d

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One must notice this strategic timing right before the elections. It would not be a surprise to see even more hard-hitting prosecutions happening higher up in the former and current government, possibly (and hopefully!) the former prime minister of Iraq Al-Maliki being in that list. Could make for a very interesting next few weeks!

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7 hours ago, Joe Sutherland said:

One must notice this strategic timing right before the elections. It would not be a surprise to see even more hard-hitting prosecutions happening higher up in the former and current government, possibly (and hopefully!) the former prime minister of Iraq Al-Maliki being in that list. Could make for a very interesting next few weeks!

Now that would be a nice addition to a "suitable environment" for an RV!  :rocking-chair:

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48 minutes ago, nannab said:

Wow 500 billion dollars!!!  This means the committee has only hit the tip of the corruption ice berg . 

:twothumbs: Butifldrm.


thats no joke,  maliki's son was arrested in lebanon with more than 1.5 billion in cash , they are only reporting a half trillion they probably dont know the half of it , sadly the people suffer . 

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2018/04/29 12:10


Tott: Files

fall Mosul, however, will open after the next election

BAGHDAD (AP) - A member of the parliamentary security and defense committee, Iskandar Wattout, confirmed on Sunday (April 29th, 2018) that the file of the fall of Ninewa province but the organization is calling the terrorist closed before the military judiciary pending a government order.

"The decision issued by Nineveh Operations Commander Lieutenant-General Mahdi al-Gharawi is one of dozens of upcoming resolutions condemning dozens of senior officers and officials," he said in an interview.

He added that "the issuance of the resolution at this time without other decisions is part of the campaign and political auctions," asserting that "the file will open fully after the next parliamentary elections."

He explained that "the next government will take it upon itself to hold accountable all those involved in the fall of Nineveh and other provinces, but the organization of a supporter of the terrorist."

Follow the obeliskوتوت-ملفات-سقوط-الموصل-بيد-داعش-ستفتح-بعد-الانتخابات-المقبلة

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The citizen and his role in removing the corrupt political class

15:48 - 30/04/2018



Books / Mohamed Tawfiq Allawi ...

(The fourth) of the role of young people in reforming the political process

Fourthly, we have shown in the first article that at least 10% of this population is of a high degree of integrity and efficiency. The number of those who can play a role in the administration of the State is not less than half a million. Then how can these be brought to the leadership of the country and to the joints of power in the administration of the state? If the people knew these, he would not hesitate to elect who would run for them; if the question remains: What should be done in order for people to recognize these? What are the practical steps that must be taken to get these people to the leadership positions in the state? Then what is the role of this same group in the effective and successful action towards the achievement of leadership positions and strengths of the country? Is it possible for young people to play a role in achieving this achievement? However, if the government, especially its decision-makers, cooperates with the prime minister, the acting ministers and other influential forces, this matter can be accelerated and achieved within short periods of time. This is discussed in the following paragraphs below.

Fifthly, it is the responsibility of the public to define the people themselves. But the definition alone is not sufficient; they must play a role in the reform process, although they are far from the authority and the source of the decision. There is an imbalance in all the facilities of the state and all its sectors, an imbalance in the provision of electricity, The failure to provide security to people, failure to provide telecommunications services properly, imbalance in banks and monetary system, imbalance in the economic program, imbalance in the provision of adequate housing for citizens, imbalance in hospitals and in the health system, imbalance in the problem of work and increase the unemployment rate, A defect in the light Or education at the pre-university level and at the university level, an imbalance in the provision of decent schools for students, an imbalance in dozens of sectors and aspects of the lives of citizens in Iraq.

In order for this efficient and fair category to be able to assume its natural role in the management of the country, it must seek to study all the files in which there is a defect between what we mentioned and what we did not mention, gathering information, studying it at length, studying the possibility of providing solutions and studying the requirements to achieve these solutions. At all levels, to the official bodies and put them in the media, and generate public pressure to push for the realization of possible solutions for the benefit of the citizen and the interest of the country in general. We have in Iraq thousands of disciplines capable of finding solutions, engineers in various disciplines, economists, doctors, educators, and those with military and security specialties and others.

Sixth: Here is the bottom line. What practical steps should be taken to achieve this change? Here young people can play a detailed role to achieve this project. I appeal to young people, especially young university students, but to any youth grouping that includes certain disciplines, but any group that can be composed of young people, not young graduates and competent in a particular field. For example, to solve the problem of electricity, students of electrical engineering can form a gathering in their colleges, call for seminars, research work and studies to repair the reality and problem of electricity, obtaining information from the Ministry of Electricity and even including engineers graduated graduates working in the Ministry of Electricity or other ministries or in the private sector , Or engineers who are unemployed; such research and solutions are presented in the media, from television programs, radio or various news agencies, or the establishment of social networking sites, or even the establishment of specialized news agencies by the same category, Such studies are sailing (2) students and engineers to build actual projects that promote the country in this area; (3) identify citizens in this active category; (4) highlight field leaders that address reality and appear in the media , (5) people and the public have a wide knowledge of this category, (6) enables this group to address and grow

The same process is repeated by students of medical colleges, pharmacy, medical institutes, doctors, pharmacists ... etc to repair hospitals and health reality, and so on for the agricultural sector, industrial sector, investment sector, transport sector, housing sector, security sector, planning sector, urban development and all other sectors.

After that, the voters will find a wide range of competencies, each of them competent in a specific field, who have provided comprehensive studies of various aspects of life and are able to provide real service to the country and reform the various sectors. These people are competent and sacrificing their time and effort to Building the country is the right of people to lead the country. The half million people we mentioned with a high degree of integrity and efficiency will be discovered and sorted in this way. As mentioned above, the majority of competent people are usually honest people. Over time, For the spoilers of the street support for them, especially if the silent majority participated in the elections and will be a sort of honest and honest politicians on the one hand and the ignorant and corrupt politicians on the other. The silent majority now will determine who will rule the country in the future. If this silent majority turns to elect the new faces Of the competent

Therefore, the saying "Iraq will return better than it has been" is not far from reality and can be achieved, but it needs some time, and it needs initiatives by the people loyal to their country and seek a real quest for advancement, and need initiatives and seeking the competent for their country to take their real role; In the end to the support of the decision-makers, who have the power of the Prime Minister if he is sincere and loyal to some ministers and some members of the House of Representatives and some heads of parties and others, and we hope God to save us from the state of decline and decline and decline and collapse due to the corruption of the majority of the ruling class Hopefully We see our country as a bright future characterized by development, growth, progress, prosperity and good deeds through the efforts of the good and the keen and the faithful of its children.

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Sadr's policy comment on leaking to the Twilight News

Chest attached to leaking to Twilight News
 Twilight News    
 one hour ago


The leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr refused to issue an amnesty for those responsible for the fall of the city of Mosul. 
A source familiar with the Iraqi government said Sunday in an interview with Ashfaq News that the former commander of Nineveh operations, Mahdi al-Gharawi, included the amnesty law No. (27) of 2016, pointing out that the authority responsible for issuing the amnesty is the judicial committee formed under the instructions of the Supreme Judicial Council No. 1 ) Of 2016. 
A document addressed to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior revealed that the former Nineveh Operations Commander, Majdi Mehdi Subaih al-Gharawi, had been apprehended and executed for the execution of his death sentence from the Military Court. 
The document, signed by the Federal Police Chief, Lieutenant General Raed Jawdat, confirmed the need to report the whereabouts of Ghraoui to death by firing squad.
Al-Gharawi was released from military service and sentenced to death by firing squad on charges of failing to defend the province and its Mosul position against state organization in June 2014. 
Asked about this file and why the culprits were not held accountable for the fall of Mosul, he replied, And punish them before they punished, such people are involved in selling the Mosul and shedding the blood of innocent people to deserve amnesty. " 
"The convicted person can resort to the judicial committee formed under the instructions of the Supreme Judicial Council No. (1) for the year 2016 in order to obtain a decision in its entirety, especially that the crime attributed to Gharawi was obtained before the end of the law," the source told Abadi. 
"The document leaked to the media as a death sentence, according to Article 29 (VIII) of the Military Penal Code."
"The amnesty law makes exceptions in Article 4, such as terrorist crimes, kidnapping, counterfeiting, possession of silenced weapons, smuggling of prisoners, rape, sodomy, incest and crimes of the former regime," he said. 
"The amnesty law included all sentenced persons, regardless of their sentence, even if they were executed, provided that they are not among the excluded crimes." 

Al-Gharawi was surprised by his death and the reasons for his disappearance after being sentenced to death by firing squad on charges of being weak in the face of an oppressive organization when he invaded Mosul in 2014. 
Al-Hurra said Gharawi was still in Baghdad near the government complex, And he is aware of this decision, but he can not make statements to the camera by order of Prime Minister Haider Abadi. "
"Gharawi described the decision of the military court of the Ministry of Defense as a political target, perhaps for former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki or Abadi or the Dawa Party by competing political parties." 
Al-Gharrawi confirmed that "the document referred to is a letter from the Federal Police Commander, Major General Raid Shaker Jawdat, to Interior Minister Qassim Al-Araji, who briefed him on the verdict he received against Gharawi from the Ministry of Defense." 
The Iraqi officer sentenced to death, "Interior Minister Qassim al-Araji expressed his deep resentment of the decision to execute him from the Military Court of the Ministry of Defense, as the Gharawi belongs to the police."

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    • By yota691
      Integrity controls a printing press to forge the origin of products and manipulate purchase receipts
      Tuesday 29 December 2020 45

        Baghdad: Morning     The Integrity Commission revealed that it had implemented duties in three governorates, during which it seized manipulation of purchase prices and receipts, a printing press, to forge the origin of products, and illegally transferring property ownership. The first duty in Basra, as the work team of its directorate managed to arrest five accused members of the procurement and price moderation committees in the Basra Municipality Directorate. Because of their manipulation of prices and purchase receipts for the materials of the project of rehabilitation of the imports division in the municipality, and it was decided to arrest them in accordance with the provisions of Article (315) of the Penal Code. The second duty is in Diyala, as its team was able to control major laboratories for refining burning car oil, and manufacturing plastic and iron containers in the province. Al-Nazaha clarified in a statement that the team's investigations revealed that the plant performs the process of refining and recycling the oil by adding granules of poor origin, and refilling it with plastic or iron cans of various sizes, as well as placing forged posters of known international origins that are printed inside the plant, and the printing press was set while working. As well as a factory that includes machines for making iron and plastic cans, with all the machines used in forging operations for their original manufacturing facilities. In Nineveh, the third duty was, where an accused person was arrested for promoting transactions of illegally transferring property ownership and in contravention of instructions in the Directorate of Real Estate Registration - Flowers, and in possession of the transactions and copies of those real estate registration and receipt receipts, as well as an amount of money and it was decided to arrest him and conduct an investigation with him in accordance with the provisions of the two articles (289,298) of the Penal Code. ”
    • By yota691
      Economists: changing some corporate positions is an important step towards reforms
      Tuesday 17th November 2020 38

         Baghdad: Hussein Faleh is 
      an economist, making changes to some positions in economic institutions is an important step towards financial and economic reforms, and while they indicated that reforms need to re-establish the functional structure in institutions, they stressed the need to develop practical plans to combat corruption and stop the waste of public money.

      Economist Safwan Qusay said in a statement to "Al-Sabah": "The process of changing some of the positions of important institutions, especially the economic ones, is required in order to achieve real reforms in the state apparatus," stressing the need for appointments to be in accordance with the data of scientific specialization, experience and competence.   Functional structure He added, "If a specialized and competent person is chosen to head a department, there will be a change for the better in the work and management of this institution." He stressed "the necessity of forming the Federal Service Council to impose its will in the appointment process, away from the various influences," noting that "financial and economic reform can be achieved through redrawing the functional structure within each state institution, as well as defining the relationship between ministries and agencies."  The Independent.   Financial reforms He explained, "The accumulation of mistakes of previous years and the existence of corruption files led to the administrative structures to defend themselves and prevent real changes in order to hide previous mistakes." He continued, "We aspire to see effective financial reform through reducing operating spending and diversifying the economy by increasing Iraqi resources," noting that "the top of the pyramid in the institution helps in the process of developing reforms, especially when it sets up economic development programs and works in a transparent manner."   Fight corruption For his part, the expert in financial affairs, Ahmed Al-Majidi, said, "The changes made by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in some important positions in the state, especially the governor of the Central Bank, the head of the National Investment Authority, the head of the Securities Commission, bank directors and others fall within the real economic reforms That the government promised  Hold it. " He added, "The vision of the prime minister and his government staff is to maximize the state’s financial revenues in terms of diversifying the economy and reducing operational spending, as well as eliminating corruption," indicating that reforms are not achieved without fighting  Corruption. He pointed out that "the government is determined to fight corruption, and these are good indicators towards achieving financial and economic reform in Iraq."  Country. 
    • By Mary B
      The President of the Judicial Council discusses with the US ambassador frameworks for cooperation in cases involving accused persons
       two hours ago 489   The head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faeq Zaidan, discussed with the US ambassador in Baghdad Matthew Toller, frameworks for cooperation in completing the investigation of cases involving accused persons from Iraq and America.
      A statement from the office said, "The President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faik Zidan, received in his office today the Ambassador of the United States of America in Baghdad, Matthew Tueller."
      He explained that "the two sides discussed frameworks for cooperation between the Iraqi judiciary and the American investigation authorities in completing the investigation in cases involving accused persons from Iraq and America."رئيس-مجلس-القضاء-يبحث-مع-السفير-الامري/
    • By KristiD
      I honestly don't know who the Chinese guy in this video  is.  I don't know the youtuber either, but apparently he/she is a Chinese tanslator.  I do know the video has almost 300,000 views since it was posted Sept 24, which tells me a lot of people are interested in it.  It is in Chinese with English subtitles.  Sometimes the titles go by fast, so you may want to slow down the playback speed down to .75. He talks about 3 hard drives that some people in the Chinese government who apparently would like to take down the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), gave to the Trump administration last month.  Interestingly, the first hard drive seems to corroborate the sex and pedo stuff, along with Biden-China deal information, that was found on Hunter's laptop that was only just reported about this past week.  Also interesting is that the second hard drive is about Xi Jinping's assets and the third is about a bioweapon which I assume is Covid.  According to this guy, he  thinks this may actually take down the CCP.  On a side note, he says copies of the 3 drives were also given to Nancy Pelosi by the CCP to remind her and the other corrupt politicians that China owns them and that they better make sure Biden wins the election.  This could explain why Nancy is particularly crazy lately.  But if Trump wins in a big landslide which I think he will, it will be hard for the Dems to try and forge enough ballots in time to overturn his victory and that could cause a world of hurt for the crooked politicians (probably mostly Dems, but no doubt also some republicans) and hopefully topple Xi Jinping and the CCP, too. 
      However, as I said, I know nothing about who this guy, so I almost hesitate to post it.  Still, some of what he says does match other things that I know to be true, and that makes me think the other things he's talking about might be true as well.  In any event, I like to hope it's true because I pray every day for Trump to drain the swamp and get rid of the corrupt and unjust people in government and also for Xi Jinping to lose power and for the CCP to collapse so I'm happy to learn of a potential plan that might actually make that happen soon.  
      Sept.24th Lude's broadcast: 3 hard drives.Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, Meng Jianzhu made the move - provided 3 hard drives to the DOJ of America, and another copy to Nancy Pelosi. However, with the help from our fellow fighter, these hard drives reached the hands of President Trump.The 1st hard drive: sex tapes & pedo tapes of Hunter Biden, as well as his 4.5 billion dollars secret deal with Xi & Wang;The 2nd hard drive: the allocation of Xi & Wang's overseas wealth, and 'the architecture & art project', which is the information of their illegitimate children;The 3rd hard drive: CCP's bioweapon
    • By Markinsa
      Go to link for video
      Hunter Biden email story: Computer repair store owner describes handing over laptop to FBI
      The man, John Paul Mac Isaac, said he “can’t be 100 percent sure” it was Hunter Biden who dropped off the computer for repair.
      By Thomas Barrabi, Jacqui Heinrich, Tara Prindiville | Fox News NY Post: Emails indicate Hunter Biden introduced dad to Burisma exec
      Fox News talks to computer shop owner who found hard drive with emails; Jacqui Heinrich reports
      The owner of a Delaware computer repair store where a man he believes was Hunter Biden dropped off a laptop that allegedly contained emails detailing an opportunity for a meeting between former Vice President Joe Biden and a top Burisma executive and other "disturbing" items, told Fox News on Wednesday that he was frightened by what he saw.
      The man, John Paul Mac Isaac, said he has a condition that affects his vision and “can’t be 100 percent sure” it was Hunter Biden who dropped off the computer for repair. The Wilmington shop owner said he contacted the FBI out of concern, but declined to specify what he meant.
      John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of a Delaware computer repair store where Hunter Biden allegedly dropped off laptops in April 2019. (Jacqui Heinrich/Fox News Channel)
      Isaac’s claim that the laptop in question belonged to Hunter Biden has yet to be substantiated. Isaac told the New York Post, which first published the emails earlier Wednesday, that he determined it was Hunter Biden because the laptop had a sticker from the Beau Biden Foundation, which is named after his late older brother.
      “I just don't know what to say, or what I'm allowed to say,” Isaac said. “I know that I saw, I saw stuff. And I was concerned. I was concerned that somebody might want to come looking for this stuff eventually and I wanted it out of my shop.”
      When asked, Isaac, whose social media posts indicate is a supporter of President Trump, rejected the possibility that the laptop did not belong to Hunter Biden and was an attempt to set him up.
      The Mac Shop, John Paul Mac Isaac's computer repair store in Delaware. (Jacqui Heinrich/Fox News Channel)
      Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings drew renewed scrutiny following the New York Post’s publication of a 2015 email purportedly exchanged between him and an executive at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings. At the time, Hunter Biden served on the company’s board of directors.
      Isaac said the man who he believes to be Hunter Biden dropped off three laptops at his store in April 2019, only one of which was salvageable. While repairing the laptop, Isaac said he discovered disturbing material.
      The customer did not return for the laptop within 90 days and Isaac could not get in touch with him. Isaac said he first searched the emails by keyword in June or July of 2019.
      “If I'm somebody that has no journalistic ability, no detective ability or investigative ability and I was able to find stuff in a short period of time, somebody else should have been able to find something to show,” Isaac said.
      In September, he contacted an intermediary about the emails. The intermediary then contacted the FBI.
      Isaac said the intermediary is an American citizen who he has known for decades, but declined to provide further details about their identity.
        According to Isaac’s account, the FBI first made a forensic copy of the laptop, then returned weeks later with a subpoena and confiscated it. When he stopped hearing from the FBI, Isaac said he contacted several members of Congress, who did not respond. At that point, his intermediary reached out to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney, Robert Costello.
      An attorney for Hunter Biden told the New York Post that Giuliani “has been pushing widely discredited conspiracy theories about the Biden family, openly relying on actors tied to Russian intelligence.”
      An FBI spokesperson declined Fox News' request for comment, citing the bureau's practice of neither confirming nor denying the existence of an investigation.
      Representatives for Delaware's U.S. Attorney's office did not immediately respond to multiple requests for comment. When contacted by the New York Post, a spokesperson for the Delaware U.S. Attorney's office said, “My office can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an investigation."
      The New York Post published photos of a Delaware federal subpoena that detailed the FBI's seizure of a laptop and hard drive.
      When asked what he hoped would come of the information once it went public, Isaac was ambivalent about his motives. He acknowledged the current political landscape had played a role in his actions and specifically referenced Trump’s impeachment as a motivating factor.
      “I wanted -- above all, I wanted safety and security,” Isaac said. “I wanted anonymity. I wanted just to be [able] to wash my hands of it, and like it never happened. And that did not happen.”
        In the email published by the New York Post, Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, thanked Hunter Biden for introducing him to then-Vice President Joe Biden. Less than a year after the meeting took place, Biden is accused of pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor who had launched an investigation into Burisma.
      “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure,” the email reads.
      In an earlier email from May 2014 which was obtained by Fox News, Pozharskyi, who was said to be Burisma’s No. 3 executive, asked Biden for “advice on how you could use your influence” to help the company.
      The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is investigating the newly released emails, Fox News confirmed.
      The Biden campaign pushed back on the allegations in the report, asserting that a review of the former vice president’s “official schedules from the time” showed that “no meeting, as alleged by the New York Post, ever took place.”
      "Investigations by the press, during impeachment, and even by two Republican-led Senate committees whose work was decried as 'not legitimate' and political by a GOP colleague have all reached the same conclusion: that Joe Biden carried out official U.S. policy toward Ukraine and engaged in no wrongdoing,” Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement. “Trump administration officials have attested to these facts under oath.”
      Critics have long alleged that Hunter Biden leveraged his father’s position in the Obama administration to enrich himself in his personal business dealings. The Trump campaign has repeatedly attacked Biden on the campaign trail regarding his son’s conduct.
      When pressed on the matter by Trump during the first presidential debate last month, Joe Biden again denied Hunter had engaged in any wrongdoing.
      “My son did nothing wrong at Burisma. He doesn’t want to let me answer because he knows I have the truth,” Joe Biden said. “His position has been totally, thoroughly discredited -- by the media, by our allies, by the World Bank, by everyone.”
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