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Prayer request friends!

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Well it's been a long time in coming but my knee replacement surgery has arrived.  I'll have my first operation Wednesday (9/27).  I know the guy thing is to just man up like nothing but I feel I would be remiss in not having my prayer buddies from DV not cover every aspect of the procedure and recovery.  I'll be withoutout a phone all day tomorrow and most of Thur....but I'll let y'all know how it's going.  I can't tell ya how much so many of you mean to me and so I appreciate your thoughts and prayers!  :blush:

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Yes RodandStaff you are in our prayers.


After recovery you will be faster than a speeding bullet, leep tall buildings in a single bounce and faster than the speed of light. 

I wouldn't recommend warring the suit though............It's starts to ride up the back.

  We will keep an eye on you my friend !!!


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I will be praying for you Rod.  :praying:

My mom had knee replacement a couple of years ago and she is so glad that she did. Big difference. (she's 78)

2 pieces of advice. 

#1- take the pain'll need them at first.

#2- doing the therapy after the surgery is whats gonna get you back to normal. "DON'T FORGET THIS" "VERY IMPORTANT"

The therapy is whats gonna heal you. It will hurt at first but it does get easier.

Be strong , stay focused and remember we are all praying for you . 

Keep us posted.

Big hug :hug:


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My thoughts and prayers with you my fellow cheesehead. I had mine done right before Obamacare kicked in and lost my insurance.  


Like others have said do the rehab. Get the ability to get it straight again and then walking will be darn near normal for ya. 


If if you are in pain like I was it will be a good thing. It takes time but you will get there. I was told a year to truly heal from the surgery and it was.  I was walking on it with some weight and a walker the same night of the surgery though. It was a good thing to have it done. 

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Sandfly Y'all!  The Doc said I may stand a chance at only a partial knee replacement...he won't know for sure till he opens the hood to check!  I'm heading in shortly for @7:30 am est.  Thanks gang...your the best!  No cell phones in hospital so I'll post in a couple of days with update!

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