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Everything Is Done In Iraq & USA...RV.

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Luigi says...

Treat this article as a rumor.

Not verified. Your opine.



29 Aug 2017  Bruce The Goose...

They were celebrating throughout Baghdad with major fireworks, singers, etc.  their new rates, lower denoms, etc, things that are really good.

That is what has been happening that people came into Iraq and enjoyed the celebrations that they had going on last night. Is everything perfect?

All the ATMS are all hooked up and running with new rates and lower denominations. Iraq did receive yesterday 80% of the debt that was owed to Kurdistan that the central government of Iraq which was being held by the Bank of International Settlements for about a year. It was released to Kurdistan at the new rate yesterday.

Over the weekend at the financial conferences in Jackson Hole, WY...On the last day, Sunday, the announcement was made and certain documents were signed by Janet Yellen, head of the Fed, to enable the new USN to be utilized in the US and the TRN to be utilized around the world internationally.

What else is happening relative to us according to my understanding is there is large amount of funds that HSBC has ready to transfer into accounts that will be used for Tier 4 redemption.

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Homework man Homework! Just saying!

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen will join European Central Bank President Mario Draghi in Jackson Hole, Wyoming next week, setting the stage for a potentially revealing debate over the common challenges facing the world’s two most powerful central banks.
Yellen will speak on the topic of financial stability at 8 a.m. local time (10 a.m. in New York) on (Aug. 25) at the Kansas City Fed’s annual symposium, the Fed said on Thursday

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If the ATMs were out and running with new denoms and a rate change,
we would know what the new notes look like AND we would have a rate.

Do you think the ATMs are dishing out fractions of a penny per note?


Another load of parrot poop.

He keeps repeating the same old ________.

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14 hours ago, Luigi1 said:

there is large amount of funds that HSBC has ready to transfer into accounts that will be used for Tier 4 redemption.


Where's "Wife In The Know" when I need to shed a tier ??  :lol:


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    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests...
      Guru says it RVed...we're just waiting on the official announcement.
      Another Guru says it hasn't RVed.
      Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine.
      7-21-2020   Intel Guru Frank26  ...I feel, my goodness, we're right there.  Somebody says to me, 'Frank, why have they delayed?  What are they waiting for?  When are they going to do this?' My answer to them, IMO, IS THEY'VE ALREADY DONE IT- LIFTED THE VALUE.  That's why you see all these articles that are international with Iraq, externally with international companies.  That's the only way they could have done it.  What they need to do now is make this announcement...
      7-20-2020   Intel Guru Footforward  I'm very leery on this "the RV has happened they just haven't told anyone" stuff. Because that's impossible. You either have RV'd or you haven't.  If they have, the new rate will be in and on forex.  You can't have a secret in country rv.  It doesn't work.  They can be ready to go and ready to pull the trigger. But once it's pulled, you can't hide it...This can go any day. But until we...can cash out, we don't really have an RV...
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found these articles of Dinarian interests... It looks like it's a done deal. Iraq has a completed Government. All Iraq needs now is to get the Kurds on board & there will be economic reform. Treat as rumors. Not varafied. Your opine.     6-6-2020  *** Dinar Guru Newsflash ***  The news is flooding in...Iraq's new prime minister has done what no other prime minister in the last 10 years has been able to do.  Iraq's parliament voted and seated the last 7 ministers of PM Al-Kazemi's government.  If this is fact and it appears to be, this is a monumental accomplishment and fits with everything else Iraq's leader has done in the last month.  Stay tuned as gurus chime on this unexpected development.  The latest guru posts will continue below...   6-6-2020   Newshound Guru MilitiaMan  Article:  "Member of Parliamentary Finance: The country's financial situation is very critical and we are working to get out of the crisis"    Another reiteration of what is going on. But, Al-Nassery just told us what he is doing and that is going into the social market economy. That includes the Secondary Markets...They are not going into the market economies of the world at a program rate. The theme is not wait and stagnate it is ACTIVATE!!  They say in the current week to come...   6-6-2020   Newshound Guru Pimpy  there's a lot of reasons to be excited...some things happened yesterday or I should say last night while you were's a little exciting... Article "Parliament passes vacant bag candidates and succeeds in completing the A-Kazemi government" Yes it's okay, you can clap or you can pee-pee dance it's okay!  It looks like his cabinet is complete.  I don't see anything looks like finally Al-Kazemi has a complete cabinet, Yay! ...I feel good about this...there's a lot of positive vibes going on out there...

      6-6-2020   Newshound Guru Jeff   Article  "Parliament passes vacant bag candidates and succeeds in completing the Al-Kazemi government"  They have completed the full formation of the government.  But remember I told you there were two things needed which are the linchpin.  Two not one.  They have to finish their agreement with Kurdistan and they had to finish the last 7 ministers.  The last 7 ministers is done.  Out of 2 you have 1 remaining.  Article "Next week a delegation will visit Baghdad to resolve the agreement on the oil file". This is're gonna have everything pretty much done within a week.  They should have this done probably by the 10th...they're on track to finish the two remaining items.  They already got the government done.  They could most likely have the second last remaining variable...done next week...that will allow them to probably change the rate during the second half of June...It looks like Iraq will go international as well during that second half of June.   6-6-2020   Intel Guru Footforward   Tweet:  "Mustafa Al-Kadhimi:  My cabinet is now complete with today's vote... This is vital in implementing our program and delivering on our commitments to our people - who are waiting for actions, not words.  I think parliament for renewing its confidence.  We will move forward with optimism and fortitude."  [So this means the government has formed completely then?]  yes.  ...You notice he's talking about actions. What actions do Iraqis want? They want monetary reform.  [things are looking good for this month.]         agreed.

      6-6-2020   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat   Article:  "INCLUDING STOPPING THE CURRENCY AUCTION AND CHANGING THE DINAR PRICE .. 5 DEPUTIES PRESENT PROPOSALS TO BRIDGE THE BUDGET DEFICIT"   ...this is one of those WOW articles.  ...these are members of the House of Representatives so the next area to take up these recommendations would be the Finance Committee and then the CBI. But I have to tell you this is already in motion and the CBI is already working on these measures. But it was very nice to see parliamentary members making their ideas heard and for once coming up with sensible recommendations that will work.
    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found this article of Dinarian interests...
      It would appear the 2020 Iraq Budget is complete.
      It must now go before the Vote & the Gazette before it is activated.
      Treat as a rumor. Not varafied. Your opine...GO RV.
      10 Nov 2019   Militiaman:
      Article: “Parliamentary Economic: The 2020 budget includes unprecedented reform clauses” I like the way they translate things… lol… The incomplete budget law for 2020 until now. In other words it is now complete. I’ll bet the meeting with the KRI talking about PERMANENT REVENUE SHARING could fall under the category of unprecedented reform clauses,e.e., read HCL. My best guess is it is apart of it. The now completed 2020 Budget was scheduled to be completed with out disruption. Imagine that? Wow! From the sounds of things the attendance was stellar today. Many things lining up and even in some areas cooling off…imo.

    • By Luigi1
      Luigi found these articles concerning the FML...
      5-23-2019   Newshound Guru Whitelions   Article  "...The financial management law has been finalized"    its done... jumping up and down...this is a big piece.
      5-23-2019   Intel Guru Delta  "THE PARLIAMENTARY FINANCE IS COMPLEMENTED BY THE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT LAW"  Quote:   "At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Committee announced the completion of discussions on the law and readiness to vote in the House of Representatives on Thursday" ...GRAVEYARD SHIFT GET READY FOR TONIGHT...IF THEY PASS IT THEN TIME TO CELEBRATE....
    • By Luigi1
      4-17-2019   Intel Guru Bruce   Iraq has some legislation that was passed and is going to be enacted tomorrow [Wednesday]... That is a new series of banking laws. THE NEW LEGISTATION S GOING INTO EFFECT TOMORROW [Wednesday] ...we are hearing that should be some what of a kick off for everything. ...We had the Finance Minister from Iraq here in the United States I believe over the weekend. They did put some deals together with Master Card and Visa. I think that is important. That is really good. 

      4-17-2019   Intel Guru Frank26   [via Clare]  IS THERE A NEED FOR SOMETHING ELSE?...NO.

      4-17-2019  Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...The government needs to...make significant strides towards stopping bribes, payoffs, money laundering and theft.  California ChickenCalifornia ChickenCalifornia Chicken In other words allow investors to get their profits out.  These are not all mandatory but are significant enough to stop investors from bringing their capital to Iraq. And after all what we're looking for is significant investment capital to begin to create a private sector.

      4-17-2019   Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick   [via Clare]   THERE IS NOTHING FROM STOPPING IRAQ FROM ADDING VALUE TO THEIR CURRENCY.   EACH WEEK THEY ARE PREPARED TO RAISE THE VALUE OF THEIR CURRENCY...EACH WEEK THEY ADD FUEL TO THE FIRE." Get caught up on last night's updates below and if you are not a
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