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The Unanimous Vote On The Return Of Iraq To The Arab And International Membership Of The Scout In Azerbaijan !

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Thanks DT....Yep..."27 years" and still Iraq is being held responsible for the actions of an egotistical maniac tyrant...It didn't help matters that another egotistical maniac took his place...Iraq has come along way and are at the brink of paying their dues for the lack of leadership integrity....Abadi has a vision for Iraq and the fortitude to direct Iraq in a prosperous direction...This article is proof that Iraq has turned the tide and the world is starting to acknowledge the reality of Iraq's transformation.... 

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17 minutes ago, Half Crazy Runner said:


Yeah, I'm ready for my financial Independence Day!! 



Good point it's the first 4th of July 1776 the birth of America year. And also happens to be the same year that the first Continental Silver Dollar was ever minted. In the year 5777? Quincidence my donkey....better yet, a treasure map to a blessing in biblical proportion

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16 hours ago, gregp said:

unanimous vote on the return of Iraq after a 27-year break to Arab and international


there's that word again. International. 



Sounds like international countries from all over the world are supporting Iraq. In more than economic areas as well. Running out of excuses not to RV if you ask me.

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4 hours ago, jpriceisright said:

I was only 2, 27 years ago and have been in this for 12+ years. I'm ready for it to be done haha. I'm ready for a big party with all the DV people! Or if anyone is in Dallas, we could have a party now haha.


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