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POTUS and Political Warfare - NSA Memo

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The following memo was reportedly written by a staffer at the NSA, and he was subsequently fired for it.

RINO McMaster then clean house, you may recall few weeks ago several heads at the NSA were chopped, as mickey made sure to eliminate anyone and everyone who may have agreed, r had anything to do with the memo.

The alleged author of the seven page memo, Rich Higgens who worked in the Strategic Planning Department, also lost his job and was escorted out of the building.

In the memo the forces working to subvert everything Trump are identified as media, academics, deep state, and foreign actors.

Trump is hated for not marching in lock-step with establishment republicans, globalists, bankers, Islamist's, and the deep state agenda.


It found it's way around DC, and eventually onto Trump's desk.

Written  for the sole purpose of informing Trump loyalists of what they are up against, several people lost their jobs behind it, and it is still making waves on K street.

I can only post a link, but it is worth the click and read....DM



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2 hours ago, Whatshername said:


WOW!  Thanks Dive.   :bump:


2 hours ago, Jaxinjersey said:

I'll second that WOW!  And echo the kudos... thanks DM!   The Conclusion really emphasizes the needed resolve!!!


34 minutes ago, pattyangel said:



DM, I can't say I'm lost for words, or even surprised by this,  I will say this, I'm angry by all this evil happening.  Its happening right before our eyes and each action gets darker and darker.  


Thank you so much for sharing!




Ya know guys, it's in the knowing that like minded friends would appreciate a peek behind the curtain to help put logic to goings on, is what that grin on my face is all about..

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