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Can We Have A Vote


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3 hours ago, Shabibilicious said:

Don't go to the Political Forum where politics is supposed to be discussed........problem solved.  :peace:  And please tell me, you've been here since 2009, myself 2011....what part of the saga that is the Iraqi Dinar do you not know about?  :shrug:  The RV will happen when it happens, plain and simple.  


GO RV, then BV


LOL ... I'm still trying to figure out who he/she/it is calling a troll !!!  :blink::wacko:


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5 hours ago, Pitcher said:

Can we have a vote to get rid of the political trolls on this site.


Relax - Davis And His Canadian Delusion To Become US President Isn't Hurting Anyone ! :blink: 




Besides - There Are People Here Who Actually Believe They're Going To Become Millionaires With An Exotic Foreign Currency ! :o 


:D  :D  :D 


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