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150 million dinars for each house destroyed by terrorism in Anbar


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150 million dinars for each house destroyed by terrorism in Anbar



10/8/2017 12:00 am 
 Baghdad / Isra Samarrai 
The Ministry of Displacement and Migration is coordinating with the Anbar Council to compensate families whose homes were damaged by military operations against the terrorist "Da'ash". Two billion dinars were paid to compensate those affected by the terrorist operations in the governorate.
The head of the Anbar branch, Mohammed Rashid, told Al-Sabah: "The department seeks to compensate the families returning to their areas in Anbar, especially after the extensive liberation process witnessed by the province by the efforts of the security forces and clearing the province of terrorist gangs that destroyed the residential role. For the informant families. 
He confirmed coordination with the Anbar Council to grant families with a 100 percent damage to their homes up to 150 million dinars. 
Rashid said that the number of families returning to their liberated areas during the first half of this year reached 180 thousand families, revealing readiness to implement the stabilization program in coordination with the relevant bodies and cooperate with the United Nations to help refugees to rebuild  
their areas. 
Rashid pointed out that some areas of the province, such as Qayyim and Rawa, are still witnessing waves of displacement to the area of Kilo 18 because of the cleansing operations of the terrorist gangs in their areas, where the ministry through its teams to receive displaced families after arriving in the wetba in air-conditioned buses in order to deliver them to The camps set for them in Amiriya Fallujah and the tourist city of Habbaniyah. 
He pointed out that Al-Anbar province is not covered by income-generating projects due to the lack of financial allocations, citing the need of displaced families returning to their original areas of unemployed men and women. Widows and others to maintain the implementation of various projects such as sewing, blacksmithing, cooking and shaving to promote the reality of  
A member of the Anbar Provincial Council, Mohammad Yassin, announced the disbursement of 2 billion dinars in compensation among the victims of terrorism in the province. 
Yassin said in a press statement: that the disbursement of two billion dinars as compensation from the central government among the people of Anbar affected by the terrorist operations in the province, adding at the same time that those compensation included the victims of terrorism in Fallujah, Ramadi and Hit and modern since 2005 until 2013, Law for compensating those affected by terrorist acts.
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2 minutes ago, NoviceInvestor said:

That is a decent amount of compensation ..

Yep, their houses are not cheap like everyone assumes.. my Kurdish friends house in Erbil costed $600,000 USD. Now it is a nice big house, but it goes to show you that housing even in Iraq is not cheap. And imagine having to pay for it in cash as he did? A 30 year mortgage doesn't exist there..

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