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RV is dead!


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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


OPA - RV is Dead!
To General Public,

Plan and simple, right now, THE RV is DEAD!

Thanks to the Senators voting against the Repeal & Replace Obamacare. 
Reason being there is a 70% tax on the exchange that was voted into law placed within the Obamacare bill, so if they let the RV go through the CABAL is refunded by your money.

Any and all the boards are telling YOU, its going right now. NOPE! 
The CABAL members within CONGRESS – SENATE all supported the vote against the Repeal & Replace. 


The last agreement signed by all 209 countries is NO TAXATION on the exchange and the only country that cannot hold up to that world wide direction is USA!  Those who voted against the Repeal & Replace are committed CRIMES AGAINST YOU the AMERICAN People.

Even the last President himself #44 who wanted that TAXATION on exchange has committed CRIMES AGAINST YOU by their actions!
If you want your RV to take place and exchange your Dinar, Dong, Etc. YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION and SPEAK OUT!
1st here is who voted for or against the Obama Care Bill
For the states of Alaska, Maine and Arizona on the Republican Senate, those are the ones who voted against.
For the Democratic party Senators from your state, they all voted no!
Contact your Senator via email & via phone

You need to inform them that YOU want the Repeal and Replace Obama Care bill to be approved

And voting against it, YOU and many like you are going to start a recall campaign and YOU and many like you will appoint THEIR person to replace THAT SENATOR. 

By not following YOUR direction they have just violated their OATH of Office and its YOUR right to remove them and replace them with YOUR candidate whom will follow YOUR direction.

Here is how you find their phone number and email address:
This is in your hands, if you want the RV, YOU GOT TO TAKE ACTION!

One Pissed Off American

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Hidden inside the Obama Care bill is a section regarding the RV.  It taxes American, USA citizens at a rate of 70% or more to participate in the RV!  That is why they were pushing so hard to eliminate Obama Care, to remove the issue of participating and being taxed with any RV around the world!  It's in the article, and if you review the original Obama Care legislation it is in there too, way deep in the bill...

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The link is right in the article!  I don't live in a hole, but apparently you may, since you apparently didn't see the link in the article, nor did you think about looking it up for yourself.  Seems many on this website are into the fraud of information deception, when something is shared, instead of looking into the information, they instead attack the messenger...  Just like they do in political circles.  It's all about distraction, putting your focus away from information, to keep us as slaves.  

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Another article of interest, considering the RV was supposed to happen already!




Posted on June 24, 2016by David Robinson

Last night a friend of mine and myself were talking with a person who gets around a lot, lots of connections, and picks up the undercurrent to many events building up in history.  We will call him Mr. G.  I will give a capsule version or summary of what he said about the pending Global Reset of foreign currencies around the world.

Iraq is the starting point.  Having had its currency destroyed in value due to war and by international agreements with the White House, UN, etc, it was arranged for Iraq to get value for their currency once having set up the required agenda to make their currency worth serious money again and of sound value for international global trading so Iraq could rejoin the Global Market as an equal player and partner to all other nations on earth. 

One of the players that decides the fate of Iraq, whether it will be allowed to have a booming economy in international trade or again be betrayed by Wash, D.C., is Obama.  Obama is in the position to decide the fate of Iraq and playing for bigger pieces needed to control the outcome of world history.   

Mr. G claimed that Iraq has made around 140 attempts to “RV” their currency so far but always blocked by Wash., D.C. controlled sources, meaning Obama calls the shots behind the scenes whether Iraq will be allowed or not to return to a global trading partner with the rest of the world.

Another player in world currency is China. China bought control of Wells Fargo Bank and Wells Fargo Bank reportedly has control of the  exchanging of foreign currencies when the hour comes whether to have a new monetary system for the world or not. Wells Fargo will set the value for exchanges with other banks. China owning Wells Fargo holds to the position that if Obama keeps blocking the global reset of international currencies, then China wants all other citizens of other nations to have the right of exchanging foreign currencies for their fair values with the Global Reset, that is all but the American citizens to punish them for letting Obama mess up the world economy through dishonest tactics used by him from the White House.  

The global currency reset is to monetize the assets of the nations of the world and give a new chance to get the world economy moving successfully ahead with enough money to move the world economy ahead in a healthy manner. Because Obama has been using Washington agencies as fronts for him and also international agencies controlled by Wash., D.C. he is apparently out to block this Global Currency Reset and violate all the legal treaties and agreements including UN involving restoring Iraq to full status as a nation among equals on the earth and in the Global Economy.  

This has made many foreign nations needing this Global Reset to help straighten out their national economies mad as hornets against Wash., D.C. and Obama and ready to unite to dump the American dollar for international trade purposes and collapse the American economy in retaliation for the acts of Obama hurting national economies all over the world.
If Iraq is allowed to trade freely worldwide as an equal partner to the Global Market, then either pressure or else conscience (?) has stopped Obama from messing up this Global Reset. Congress is a joke as to legal integrity, but time to put Congress on the legal mat and require legal integrity out of these buck passers who do not want the responsibility of doing what is right for the American people and America as a nation. 

With the release of this report, send copies to members of Congress and state legislatures. States can go bankrupt if Obama causes the American dollar to collapse for purposes of international trade. They have a vested interest also in this Global Reset issue. 

The Americans get their fair value in exchange of foreign currencies when the ‘go’ signal is given to start exchanging at the new rates. This, in turn, gives them the money to heavily invest in setting up new industry in America, create millions of new jobs, and boom the American economy.  If the American economy booms, this should help make America a better nation for foreign nations to sell to which in turn will expand their national economies also. 

As Henry Ford said when alive, enough international trade should push the world towards peace and not war, as war is fought over economic issues. Peace and prosperity worldwide should calm the world down from the violence of war, etc.  I don’t remember his exact words, but this was the message of Henry Ford that enough international trade could make the world peaceful rather than warlike.

Under the U.S. Constitution, our scared to death of responsibility U.S. Congress has the legal authority to investigate Obama over this Global Reset issue and impeach him and remove him from office if he is trying to commit high treason against the national economy of America.  He was raised in a highly radical environment and does not think like the ordinary Americans. As President Ronald Reagan said, “Man is not free unless government is limited.”
Why is Obama holding back this Global Reset when Iraq, etc. is doing what is required of them under international law?

When we have the mass exchange of foreign currencies under the Global Reset, the American economy then booms! End of this harsh “recession” (actually depression, but the figures are tampered with to make it sound better than reality!)   Understand what Obama is doing and trying to do to America. Don’t let him slam the brakes on the potential to boom the American economy!

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Or what about this article from 2016!  More disinformation, or with the change to gold standard by other countries the USA is being excluded!  One world government, one world banking, electronic control of money and of people's lives, and the only countries that can fight against it is the people of the USA and switzerland.  The only two countries where people are allowed to own guns, and defend their rights!  

From the Federal Reserve to a new US Republic via a Global Currency Reset

Events of the last ten days

Compiled on 17 June 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” CEO, Child Abuse Recovery.

1. On June 10 2016, Friday, Landa China Global received three tranche alert notifications, the initial funding for their Humanitarian Prosperity Packages. Landa now had access to quadrillions for humanitarian projects.

2. The RV was expected to happen in the US when China transitioned to a gold-backed currency. Around the first part of June 2016 US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was in China where he agreed to a 15 June 2016 transition date. Though scheduled for June 15 2016, that transition was said to actually take place on Sunday June 12.

3. On Sunday afternoon June 12 2016 Republic President General Joe Dunford & USA, Inc. bankruptcy figure head Jack Lew arrived in Reno on Air Force 1 with full surrendered release documents re: UST control over to the new Republic Treasury.

4. On that same Sunday June 12 2016, the new US Republic Treasury was hydrated with gold and asset-backed US Notes to cover a ten year budget plan that fixed the country’s infrastructure and basic operational needs.At the same time China also transitioned to a gold-backed currency, as did the rest of the global currencies in the BRICS system.

5. Wells Fargo Corp was authorized to release the RV kick-starting the Global Currency Reset on Sunday night June 12 2016. Wells Fargo would hold back the release pending certain political events.

6. The bankruptcy on May 2 2016 of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation was being felt in increasingly obvious ways. On Sunday June 12 2016Khazarian mafia bosses ended their meeting at the Bilderberg gathering in Dresden, Germany. Nathaniel Rothschild was said to preside over that meeting on behalf of top his uncle and top Khazarian mafia boss Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild. The official press release was here:

7. CIA officials said that nobody was answering the phone at official Rothschild family companies, nor at their family complex in Zug, Switzerland. Considering the closure of the Rothschild offices in England, Japan and elsewhere, it was gussed they were in Switzerland with England’s gold reserves. If that was the case it meant that the Rothschilds no longer controlled the Bank of England.

8. The British military had been removed from protecting the Royal Mint (where England’s gold was stored). The military was replaced with a private security company known as G4S. This was the scandal-plagued company that botched the security for the London Olympics. It was also where the so-called shooter in Orlando used to work.

9. Pentagon sources said US forces were evacuated from Germany’s Ramstein Air Base in order to shut down Bush cabal drug trafficking there and thus cut off their funds.

10. By now the European financial system was about to collapse.

11. On June 14 2016 Tues morning before markets opened in Europe, the London Gold Exchange (BOC) and OPEC Oil Exchange (HSBC) was scheduled to be surrendered to the Chinese Elders, but the transfer was held up because of political turmoil.

12. On that same Tues. June 14 2016 negotiations for a new financial system in the US went on hold as Cabal controllers of the old system went into hiding. There was a chaotic situation in the United States, Middle East and Europe. The May 2 2016bankruptcy of the Western financial system had affected social and economic stability – that had yet to be reported by the main stream media.

13. Late Tues. June 14 2016 and in spite of the chaos, or perhaps because of it, Iraq was said to have paid out all citizens at the same rate across the country. The new rates were retroactive back to 2013.

14. Also on Tues. June 14 2016 a large shredding truck was parked in front of the US Federal Reserve Building in New York. Big “Shred-it” Truck Just Spotted In-front of the New York Fed

15. Globally the Federal Reserve US dollar was now being ignored as the new US Treasury Notes activated in the global monetary system of BRICS.

16. From Mon. June 13 through Tues. June 14 2016 major funding moved into place in preparation of a Global Currency Reset.

17. On Tues. June 14 2016 many wondered what was going on at the US Treasury when President Obama made a Islamic Terrorist speech as the new Republic President General Joseph Dunford and US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew stood alongside. Everyone standing next to Obama including Lew were anticipating him to announce the new US Note currency circulation as per a signed treaty. The Treaty gave the new Republic Treasury control of printing the nations money again (this in place of the private, illegal, bankrupted and already fully transitioned Federal Reserve Bank). Obama’s failure to make the announcement delayed release of the RV.

18. Jack Lew had made a pre-taped announcement that could air at anytime per the emergency broadcast system if need be. However, that was not the optimal strategy for the Chinese Elders who for legal reasons, insisted on an overt transition statement and/or confession for the public record.

19. In view of Obama’s reluctance to make the announcement, on Wed. June 15 2016 at 8am CST China announced it was 100% gold backed (which happened on June 12).

20. On Wed. June 15 2016 the Paris Agreement (which included the global Gold Treaty) was formally put in force for all sovereign nations. Officially the Paris Agreement was on climate change, but had in it the framework for the global Gold Treaty and currency reset. The Agreement had been passed by 194 countries. A total of 196 countries had agreed when China finally signed.

21. The new US Note was tied directly into the global reserve currency implementation. If the Paris Agreement was to be “put into force’ 13 days after it was ratified by 55 countries representing 55% of global carbon emissions, then all 195 nations had to be 100% compliant, including our own Republic of the United States.

22. The US Inc (aka the Federal Reserve) had defaulted back on May 2 2016. With China going gold-backed with their currency, the BRICS system was now in full force for all 196 countries.

23. Implimentation of the Gold Treaty not only meant a Global Currency Reset, but a new Republic for the US. Under the agreement everything was to conclude by June 15 2016. This meant the new US Note must be released as bills had already been preloaded in ATMs.

24. By that same Wed. June 15 2016 all necessary global monetary change agreements had been signed. Information over the last two weeks indicated that the Global Currency Reset and receiving of 800 numbers for those holding foreign currency redemptions was an imminent event. Why? Because the Chinese had always said that either all nations go, or none go and the nation of China had already gone. America would be next.

25. On June 15 2016 the IRS and US Treasury were officially turned over to General Dunford and the new US Republic.

26. By not making the announcement on Tuesday USA Inc. President Obama had lost his chance to reveal the global change to gold and asset-backed currency, the expected change in the US tax system and to reveal the new US Republic. This reluctance by Obama triggered a forced rollout of the Global Currency Reset.

27. Also in view of Obama’s reluctance to reveal the fall of the Federal Reserve note, now announcement of the new gold-backed US Treasury note would likely be made through a top level spokesman like US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

28. Early Thurs. morning right after midnight at 12:01 am EST June 16 2016, Jack Lew made a public statement that was taped, delayed and carried on CSPAN later that morning. In this announcement Lew said that USA and China were putting the Paris Agreement in force. This put gold-backed currency into effect worldwide.

29. Also on Thurs. June 16 2016 Speaker of the house Paul Ryan made his weekly address. In that speech, Ryan proposed that Obama Care be appealed and replaced. He also suggested that the IRS be abolished and replaced with a non negotiable flat tax that included a consumption tax on new goods, but not on used goods, or basic essentials like food and medicine. In the new tax structure old tax system loopholes were to be closed and everyone would pay their fair share.

30. On June 15 2016 Pentagon Chief of Staff General Joseph Dunford had officially been put in as the new President of the new US Republic. With the new US Treasury in charge, these proposals had a chance for success.

31. There would be no public announcement about the Federal Reserve and IRS termination until after the November elections, though both agencies had already been reformed. The media wouldn’t be reporting this because the powers that be didn’t want to scare the markets.

32. However, by Wed. night at midnight June 15 2016 final negotiation teams had met in Bejing and Reno to conclude agreements. By early Thursday am June 16 2016 in place was the new Chinese Elder gold-backed BRICS system. The US would no longer return to the old fiat system.

33. The Paris Agreement had been ratified. All final military, diplomatic decisions were implemented including those involving oil in Brazil and Venezuela. The Vatican, Cabal and US had been put on notice that there would be no more games. The Chinese Elders now controlled all bond and equity markets.

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42 minutes ago, MajDA said:

Hidden inside the Obama Care bill is a section regarding the RV.  It taxes American, USA citizens at a rate of 70% or more to participate in the RV!  That is why they were pushing so hard to eliminate Obama Care, to remove the issue of participating and being taxed with any RV around the world!  It's in the article, and if you review the original Obama Care legislation it is in there too, way deep in the bill...

Isnt this the same bill criminal Nancy Pelosi said "we must pass the bill to see what's in it" ? Now you make a good point I have heard this once before. The shadow military complex controlled by the illuminati aka 6 families would hate for us to get wealthy. Ofcourse satan would try to stop this ...if he could. It makes sence to me MAJ... IF THIS IS THE CASE AND IF congress comes back from "recess" on the 5th of soon will repeal and replace Obamacare get accomplished because either way I'm 100% rv is this year because dow hit 20k and hit a major marker prophetically 

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Post has not even been up an hour, and almost 200 views, but amazingly, the only comments and feedback I get is directed attacks.  Nothing identifying that my resources are valid or not, nothing saying that is not correct because of this reference.  The direction I was guided to look for more information over the last 10 years regarding this GCR and RV has been one with caution.  Thus I have to say it is you who are attacking me who are being political by attacking the messenger, to distract from the potential truth which is being subtly presented before us.  


The RV and GCR may happen or may not.  But it is the 21st of August with the great American Solar Eclipse which determine our futures.  There are too many issues, activities, events and other information all around the world focused upon the 21st of August to say it is happenstance.  Something major is due.  If there will be negative events, Directed energy weapons and EMP will be first used to eliminate communications and news, as if you haven't noticed there were no CHEM TRAILS over the past few days!  Amazing isn't it.  That means the USA is not protected from EMP or direct energy weapons above us as the chemtrails were part of a shield to protect, not intended to directly harm.  


This site, is apparently a major distraction with huge amounts of disinformation and wishful thinking, as we can see now with the all the attacks that come from posting some information quoted from other people, I as a messenger do not wish to continue with these attacks as they are Bull%$!@, and the people who are launching them, I think they may be involved in this too.  Maybe all these people who are attacking me are part of the group pushing dis-information in order to sell more worthless dinars which have been removed from circulation, then packed up in shipping containers, full of Iraqi Dinar, shipped to the USA.  Then sold to hopeful, wishful thinkers.  

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1 minute ago, Texstorm said:

If y'all get any of this I suggest that you check in with you local psychatry center ASAP....." The mind is a terrible thing to waste" unqoute.  

Lol who is perfect to define normal as normal...I don't know any psychiatrist that would wait a decade on iraq and not lose a few marbles lol but then again I don't know any psychiatrists 

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