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Yesterday's enemies will enter a tripartite alliance against al-Maliki to exclude the Dawa Party and win the throne of power


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Newspaper: Yesterday's enemies will enter a tripartite alliance against al-Maliki to exclude the Dawa Party and win the throne of power


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Baghdad today - follow-up

Al-Arabi newspaper said that the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr and Vice President Iyad Allawi is about to enter a bilateral alliance will be opened to Prime Minister Haider Abadi as part of a front facing former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his Islamic Dawa Party.

The newspaper reported in this report that no one would expect an alliance in Iraq that combines both Sadr and Allawi, one day after the military operation launched by the latter when he was prime minister in 2004 against Sadr's supporters in the province of Najaf (180 km south of Baghdad) and resulted in Killing, wounding and arresting hundreds of members of the Sadrist movement, but the policy that made them enemies turned them to allies about to enter the legislative elections next year against a common opponent, the "Dawa" led by Nuri al-Maliki, which is more isolated than ever before popular and political.

"The coalition of Sadr and Allawi, which was opened to the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, began to whisper, before turning part of it to the public through visits between the parties that met on two goals, the first victory in the elections, and the exclusion of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his coalition "The state of law" to lead the political process and the acquisition of the prime minister's chair again. "

According to the newspaper, "the three parties exceeded their differences in order to prevent the return of Maliki, backed by Iran to power, taking advantage of previous differences with the head of the" coalition of the rule of law, "the Sadr movement has always demanded the need to avenge from Maliki, who was killed and arrested thousands of Sadrists in an operation called" (2006 - 2007.) Iyad Allawi, has not forgotten until now to remove his mass from the premiership by Maliki in 2010, despite the fact that the Iraqi List, which was then headed the largest number of parliamentary seats, while Abadi fears a lot of the possibility of growing the ability of al-Maliki again, Which may prompt him to think of returning to power even if it is illegal. "

The newspaper quoted a political source close to the Sadrist movement as saying that "the agreement between Sadr and Allawi and Abadi had happened in principle," explaining that "the tripartite alliance began several days ago courting the current head of the National Alliance ruling Ammar al-Hakim, National wisdom) to join. "

He pointed out that "the delayed announcement of the emergence of the tripartite alliance, was related in large part to the election law," adding that "the discussions of the blocs confirmed that the grand coalition will emerge if the election law useful for large blocs, and fragmented if the law otherwise.

He pointed out that "the vote of the Parliament on the electoral law in the form of St. Lego modified, serves the large political entities, which may serve in the interest of accelerating the announcement of the new alliance," asserting "the efforts to attract parties and personalities Sunni and Kurdish to expand the alliance of Sadr Allawi Abadi "He said.

The Iraqi parliament voted last Tuesday on the law of provincial elections (local governments), relying on the mechanism of St. Lego, which, according to observers and observers of the Iraqi election, is in the interest of large parties and small investigation.

In the framework of the preparation of this alliance according to the new Arab, Allawi stressed the "need to remove the walls of political sectarianism," asserting that "the retreat of the ruling parties behind the community or component deprived Iraq from enjoying its prestige as a state, or enjoy the valuable opportunities provided by social and cultural diversity.

Allawi criticized the parties, which "have employed multi-ethnic, religious and sectarianism in the process of sectarian conflict, which plunged the country into a sea of blood and rubble of war, as well as to dispel other opportunities by curbing regional and international openness." He called in a statement to "remove the secretions of sectarian revenge, and the law to root out the Baath party dissolved in Iraq."

The new Arab confirms that the harmony between Sadr and Abadi to form an electoral alliance was not limited to coordination with Allawi, as previously political sources confirmed the existence of moves to include the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, and the head of the "coalition united," Iraqi Vice President Osama Najafi for this alliance "

On the other hand, Maliki seemed uncertain about the rapprochement between his opponents, according to the newspaper, prompting him to accelerate the construction of electoral alliances with a number of factions, "popular mobilization," which he founded after the entry of the "Da'ash" Mosul and a number of Iraqi cities in mid-2014. He also decided to go to the province Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdistan region, taking advantage of the poor relationship of Kurdish parties there Barzani.

The newspaper continues "In principle, Maliki formed alliances with the Movement for Change, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, close to Iran, and in this regard said the MP in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, said Talabani," Maliki will be the main ally of her party during the next phase, "noting" The existence of a demand by (coalition rule of law) led by al-Maliki, to form a government of a political majority. And this is under study, because the next government to be transient sectarianism by bypassing party and factional quotas, and focus on finding solutions to the problems accumulated.

Maliki's work according to the sources of the newspaper to gain some votes in the liberated areas of "Da'ash", especially the deputies who participated in the middle of last month in the "Baghdad conference," which they announced "an electoral alliance close to Maliki and backed by Iran."

"The majority of the political forces support holding the elections on time and the international community refuses to postpone them," he said in a statement.

"Alliance of Iraqi forces," which represents the Sunni provinces of Iraq, "does not look the features of his alliances are clear so far, in light of the schisms that hit the ranks," revealed members of the alliance of "the new Arab." They added that "a number of MPs and politicians of the coalition are preparing to split and form a political entity of their own, in preparation for participation in the upcoming elections," stressing that "the new political trend will include some of the leaders attended the Baghdad conference."

A member of parliament, "coalition of Iraqi forces," Abdul Rahman al-Loizi, "the existence of consultations within the political forces that participated in the Baghdad conference to form a new electoral bloc to run in the next election," he said in press statements that "the alliance of forces is witnessing a great political division ", Despite the optimism of some of the new alliances as a member of the previous parliament, Adab Aldouri, which confirmed that" the political movement witnessed by the country these days normal. "

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Follow - up / Tomorrow Press: 
plans to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, out of the mantle of a coalition of state law, and contest the next election in isolation from al - Maliki front, through the formation of a new political bloc, according to Al Quds Al Arabi newspaper. 
"He has decided not to run for the next elections in a coalition of state law," the newspaper quoted a source close to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as saying.
He added that "Abadi will not come out alone from the coalition, but will be accompanied by his supporters as the leader of the Islamic Dawa Party Walid al-Hali, and MP Ali al-Alaq, as well as the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Alalak." 
According to the source, "the new political project of Abadi, comes with the blessing of the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, and the leader of the wisdom movement Ammar al-Hakim without disclosing the accession of al-Sadr and Hakim to the new block of slaves or not." 
The source preferred "the accession of Sunni figures to the new political project for the slaves without naming it, as well as a movement towards the movement of change Kurdistan." 
"Al-Abbadi and his team started promoting their project through the establishment of television channels and news agencies, including the Al-Rashed Media Foundation, which includes a news agency and a television channel, located inside the martyr's monument (next to Rusafa in Baghdad)."
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Tripartite alliance combines Sadr and Abadi and Allawi ... These goals?

 August 04, 2017 - 5:20 Number of readings:   

Sumer News : Follow up  

Revealed newspaper Arab new that the leader of the mainstream Sadr Muqtada al - Sadr and Vice President of the Republic of Iyad Allawi , on the verge of entering the alliance binary will open to the Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi in the framework of the front facing Prime Minister former Nuri al -Maliki and the party Dawa Islamic , which is led by .

She said the newspaper in a report it in this regard , he did not one to expect an alliance in Iraq , combines both of the chest, and Allawi, a day that after the operation the military , which launched the latter when it was prime minister in 2004 against supporters of al- Sadr in the province of Najaf (180km south of Baghdad ) and resulted from Kill, injure and arrest hundreds of <ai = 52> elements of the current movement, but the policy that made them enemies turned them allies on the verge of entering the elections legislative scheduled year next against a discount joint, a party " call " led by Nuri al -Maliki, who has become more isolated than any time ever popular and politically . "Led by Nuri al - Maliki, who has become more isolated than anytime ever popular and politically . "Led by Nuri al - Maliki, who has become more isolated than any time ever popular and politically . "

He confirmed that the " alliance of al- Sadr and Allawi , who opened the head of the government of Iraqi Haider al - Abadi, began to whisper, before to become part of it to the public from through the visits of mutual between the limbs which met on two goals, first to win the election, and the other exclusion of Prime Minister Iraqi former Nuri al - Maliki and his coalition " State of Law"For issue the process of political and acquisition of a chair the presidency minister once again . "

According to the newspaper , the " parties to the three exceeded their differences in order to prevent without the return of al - Maliki, backed by Iran to power, taking advantage of differences earlier with the president of " a coalition of state law " , Valtiar Sadr has long demanded the necessity of revenge from al - Maliki , who killed and arrested thousands of Sadrists in the process launched by the name of "Charge of the Knights " years (2006-2007).As for Ayad Allawi, has not forgotten until now shifted its mass from taking the presidency of the Minister of by al - Maliki in 2010 , the spite of the access list of Iraq , which was headed by the so then the largest number of seats parliamentary, while fear Abadi , much of the possibility of increasing the capacity of al - Maliki of a new , Which may prompt it to <ai = 105> thinking back to power even if it were not legitimate . "

The movement of the paper from a source politician close to the main stream Sadr as saying that " the agreement between al- Sadr and Allawi and al -Abadi was had received from the terms of principle " , explaining that "Alliance trio began since the days of several courting the current president of the Alliance National ruling Ammar al - Hakim, who formed recently on behalf of (current wisdom National ) to join him . "

He pointed to the " delayed announcement of the emergence of the alliance trio, was related in part larger than the law of elections " , adding that "discussions blocs stressed on the coalition big emerge in the case of the law of elections useful for blocks of large, and split apart if the law other than that ."

He pointed to the " vote of parliament on the law of elections form St. lego average, was injured in the service entities and political big, it which might hurt in the interest of accelerating the announcement of the alliance 's new " ,stressing " the existence of efforts to attract parties and figures Sunni and Kurdish to expand the alliance of al- Sadr Allawi Abadi "He said.

The parliament of Iraq voted on Tuesday last, the law of elections councils provincial ( governments and local ) , depending on the mechanism of St. lego rate, which according to observers and followers of significant electoral Iraqi,pour in the interest of parties , big and finding small .

In the framework of the boot for this alliance , according to the Arab new,stressed Allawi on " the need to remove the walls of the sectarian political " ,stressing that the " isolation of the parties of the ruling behind the community or component deprived Iraq of enjoying prestige as a state, or to enjoy the opportunities the value that provided by the diversity of social and cultural ."

He criticized Allawi parties that " employed pluralism , ethnic , religious and sectarian in the process of conflict and sectarian, which has flooded the country in the seas of blood and rubble of war, as well as for squandering opportunities other than by curbing the openness of regional and international." He called in a statement to "

And it emphasizes the Arab new that harmony between al- Sadr and al - Abadito form an alliance electoral not limited to coordination with Allawi, as previously sources of political that confirmed the existence of moves to include the President of the region of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani, the president of "coalition united " , Vice - President of the Iraqi Osama Nujaifi this alliance "

In contrast, seemed al - Maliki is assured of a rapprochement between his opponents , according to the newspaper, the push to accelerate towards building alliances election with a number of factions , " the crowd popular " ,which was founded after entering the organization " Daesh " Mosul and a number of cities , the Iraqi mid - year 2014.He also decided to move towards the province of Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdistan region, taking advantage of the poor relationship of Kurdish parties there Barzani .

There is a demand from before ( a coalition of state law ) , led by al - Maliki to form a government of the majority of the political . This is under study,because the government coming to be cross -sectarian than by exceeding quotas partisan , factional, and focus on finding solutions to the problems accumulated . "

And the work of al - Maliki , according to sources of the newspaper to gain some votes in the areas liberated from the " Daesh " , especially the House of Representatives who participated mid - month , last in the " conference of Baghdad " , which declared it for " an alliance election close to al - Maliki , and backed by Iran ."

It seemed Maliki optimistic alliance 's new from during his assertion that " the elections ahead will be difficult and take a lot of surprises " , explaining in a statement that " the majority of the forces of political supports conducting elections on time, and rejects society the international delay ."

" Coalition forces of Iraq " , which represents the provincial Sunni Iraq " does not appear to landmarks alliances coming clear until now, in the light of splits that hit its ranks " , as revealed members of the alliance 's " Arab new ." They added that "

To it, he confirmed a member of parliament from the " coalition forces of Iraq" , Abdul Rahman Alloizi, on " the existence of consultations within the forces political that participated in the conference of Baghdad to form a bloc elected a new fighting elections next " , adding in a statement to press that " coalition forces is witnessing a split politically significant ", On despite the optimism of some alliances new as a member of parliament the previous reproach league,which confirmed that " the movement 's political , which witnessed the country these days , normal ."The political movement that the country is witnessing these days is normal . "The political movement that the country is witnessing these days is normal . " 

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It is NOT the RV that will lead to the Iraqi salvation, but the end of political sectarianism.  If they unite against the evil Maliki, who cares?  The bottom line would be that:


A.  They are uniting, as in getting along with each other


B.  Lessening Iranian influence and gaining TRUE sovereignty, not some paper "blessing" from the globalists at the UN or IMF.


I wonder how many really grasp how massive this tripartite alliance could be.  Sadr and Allawi joining with Abadi and Hakim?  W.O.W.    Anybody think that the Kurds would object to joining them in an "anybody but Maliki" campaign?  


THIS is their future, not some change in their currency.

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49 minutes ago, Donziman said:

Maliki has several military forces loyal to him. The Popular forces and the Quds force

are armed by Iran.I believe the PUK force fighting the Pergesma kurds are also with him

They have so many players that even change sides regularly it makes things tough.

Hard to believe that after the diabolical monster Maliki has been exposed to be. Anyone would want to be sssocisted with his schemes....

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8 months until election. Those opposed to Maliki are quietly lining up in defense. Will he get the message and remove himself from contention?? FNBplanet is correct in that politics in Iraq flip-flop on a whim and your enemy's enemy then becomes your friend. They should have rid themselves of the Maliki cancer 3 years ago after elections. Let's hope it happens somehow soon.

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