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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

NEW LOOK for CBI Website!


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What I do is put in my web address field then return.

Then I select English.

Then I select Home Page.

In the bar above the currency exchange rates area, I select statistics.

There is a "click here" hot link in the table area for extended statistics. Now the webaddress is

I select English again.

I hit Home Page again.

Then the currency rates appear.  This is what I got.


US Dollar USD 1.2
EURO EUR 1.08565
British pound GBP 1466.129
Canadian dollar CAD 876.741
Japanese yen JPY 11.156
Norwegian krone NOK 141.862
 TO                              US Dollar                             EURO                             British pound                             Canadian dollar                             Japanese yen                             Norwegian krone                              
Here is the link:
Seems like the actual cbi website is still linked to the test (or whatever you want to call it) website.
Go Moola Nova!
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5 minutes ago, SnowGlobe7 said:

I am umping this thread....


3 minutes ago, boosterbglee said: that humping or bumping?  :lol:


She Said 'Umping' - So I Think That She's Calling Snowballs And Strikes ! :o 


:D  :D  :D 


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Hey Everybody!


The new CBI website HAS BEEN HACKED!!! (NO JOKE!) Hey, it won't translate to English!


<script type=
Here are the exchange rates:
[removed][removed] [removed][removed] [removed][removed]
Euro EUR 1351.536
Pound sterling GBP 1535.589
Canadian dollar CAD 934.343
Swiss franc S.FR 1221.248
Swedish krona SEK 141.669
Norwegian krone NOK 144.021
Danish krone DKK 181.743
Japanese yen JPY 10.432
Australian dollar AUD 916.890
Special drawing rights SDR 1646.316
Gold for 24-ounce GOLD



The USD DOES NOT appear on the table!


What is going on?


Is sombody(ies) going to be spanked on this one? Or is this an indication of things to come?


Does anyone have any insight on this?


Go Moola Nova!


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I have a screenshot of the message from the CBI site, but my image is too large to load and I'm not able to resize it at the moment. Here is the translation of the Arabic message that was on


Iraq and Winn Corruption deals and the smuggling of money and the smuggling of millions, even billions of dollars to unknown sources source before the eyes of all MPs and in front of Haider Abadi certainly will not forget the issue of smuggling billions of dollars out of Iraq, through fictitious financial companies and cashier banks exhausted these billions of state treasury And what about the case of the disappearance of the amount of four billion dollars from the treasury of the Central Bank in the days of Nuri al-Haleki, where he had absolute powers in the disbursement of funds directly from the treasury of the Central Bank and the lack of paralysis of the House of Representatives and the Integrity and all supervisory and administrative bodies and in particular the Office of Financial Control in Accountability and Accountability And follow-up funds disbursed with the existence of one of the secret arms of the owners in the most important position, which is the head of the Office of Financial Supervision Abdul Basset Turki A $ 4 billion withdrawal from the central treasury without any official books or even a reference to it, but it was just a telephone call from Nuri al-Halki ended everything, where the Central Bank of Iran received $ 2 billion in cash to support the economy of Iran's dilapidated, Billion dollars for the purpose of sustaining its economy and the Huthis in Yemen received $ 1 billion to support them in their rebellion 



I got it resized......



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