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RACING: Private sector drive economic development and the government to launch its facilities

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"Raising zeros remove the monetary mass"   Raising: lift or move to a higher position or level.   Deleting: remove or obliterate   Notice the use the word raising not del

U2 need to get a room.

97,500 dinars for 1134 retirees..thats 85.98 dinars per retirees each month for the period of 40 months being paid...sounds about right at a rv rate of 4.851 dollars per dinar. At this rv rate, retire

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It entertains me when I am on my breaks from trucking. I don't mind. I have this, FB, and my hubby to entertain me while I am on the road and that's about it. 😊

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3 minutes ago, idplzr said:

Yeh, they’ve been pumping a lot lately. 

Pumping a lot? Just reading articles that’s all.. haha but it’s all good man take care 

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Rafidain Bank announces a new payment for the advance of 4 million dinars for retirees

Rafidain Bank announces a new payment for the advance of 4 million dinars for retirees

 Twilight News    
 3 hours ago

Shafaq News / Rafidain Bank announced the disbursement of the fourth installment of the predecessor of the retired and insured workers of three million dinars.

The bank's Information Office said in a statement today that the fourth installment of the retired and secured workers' advance of 3 million dinars was disbursed to about 145 retirees.

He added that the disbursement of this advance was by informing the pensioner by sending him a text message informing him of the advance payment, after completing all the legal procedures to grant it and disbursing it through the electronic payment tools for which the financial balance was filled.


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Last updated
The time now is 10:52 AM

Rafidain Bank announced on Tuesday the disbursement of the fifth installment of the five million and ten million dinars to employees of the Ministry of Education through the electronic card. 

"The fifth installment of the five and ten million dinars has been disbursed to more than three thousand employees of the Ministry of Education through the employee's electronic card," the bank said in a press release.

He explained that the exchange "was done through the electronic card of the employee after informing him by text message on his phone informing him that the receipt of the advance through his electronic card, which was filled the amount of the financial advance to it."
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  • yota691 changed the title to Rafidain Bank announced a statistic for the grant of the loan of 50 and 15 million

Rafidain Bank announced a statistic for the grant of the loan of 50 and 15 million

Rafidain Bank announced a statistic for the grant of the loan of 50 and 15 million

 Twilight News    
 3 hours ago

Al-Rafidain Bank on Wednesday announced the completion of loans of all kinds, and granted to citizens during the month of April.

The bank's information office said in a statement that the proceeds of the loans granted to citizens last April were in the granting of construction loans, which were set at 50 million dinars in a plot of land not less than 50 meters and the number of grant transactions was 271 transactions.

The statement added that loans for small projects amounting to 15 million dinars have been granted 394 treatment was granted loans and complex housing Basmaya has reached 135 loans and funding for scientific research for students and professors researchers has reached 61 transactions.


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Last updated
The time now is 09:59 PM

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs announced on Wednesday that it had granted 2261 loans since the beginning of 2018 within the work of the Department of Employment and Loans. 

"Through the Training and Employment Department, the ministry granted (2261) loans distributed according to the categories approved by the ministry for the grants of loans to the Fund to support income-generating projects and industrial services loans, as well as loans that In the Community Rehabilitation category. "

He added that "Training and Employment Department granted (2236) loans within the category of support fund for small income-generating projects, while the number of industrial loans eight loans and loans granted within the category of community rehabilitation (17) loans to be the total loans granted by the Department from the beginning of 2018 to 30/4 / 2018 (2261) loan ". 

"The ministry grants soft loans to support small income-generating projects for registered job seekers within its database, ranging in age from (18-45) years to enable them to set up small and medium-sized enterprises, pointing out that the loan amount is from (5-20) million dinars "He said.

"The loans granted to the community rehabilitation group contribute to the integration of the disabled and the marginalized groups in the society through their participation in economic and social life through the establishment of individual income-generating projects for the categories of women prisoners of war, women with dependents, In working age) who are willing and able to work within the age group of 20 - 60 years, noting that the maximum limit of the loan amount does not exceed three million dinars.

He explained that "the industrial services department in the training and operation department is a site disclosure of projects that wish owners to obtain industrial loans through a specialized committee to ensure that the project is ongoing and continuous work," noting that "the completion of the grant procedures require the submission of photographs of the project and an ad piece On the name of the project and what the work is to be identical to the document granted to him on the basis was covered by the loan to be sent to the loan division to complete the procedures approved in the grants and then sent to the Industrial Services Section to complete the exchange procedures.
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  • yota691 changed the title to Small and medium enterprises

Small and medium enterprises



07/6/2018 12:00 am 

Haidar Kazem al-Baghdadi  
 When the voices calling for an economic revival in the country rise, it must be the result of the existence of data that will drive towards the achievement of the development goals desired by any country in the world. 
Here in Iraq, we have to start moving the national economy, and this is possible, as we can walk the small and medium-sized enterprises to be the first in a series of sustainable economic development we seek. 
The 1,000-mile journey starts with a step, and we will make our next step out of these projects that have achieved great successes in the outside world and have become effective in the world's largest economies and support large companies.
We have all the capabilities that would do this kind of projects, and at the forefront of these funding possibilities, where we find that the Central Bank of Iraq allocated about 6 billion dinars for this type of projects and can find the appropriate mechanisms to pass these funds to the market and make them contribute effectively to the economy the National. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the starting point for the economic recovery process, which requires strong strategic plans to contribute effectively to the process of activating production and services in Iraq.
The strategy of development of small enterprises, as described by one of the international banking experts, means "the development of a national plan to support, encourage and sponsor these projects, so that the objectives are clear and determine the mechanisms and tools and procedures necessary to implement this plan within a clear timetable in line with the strategy of development on the one hand and the possibility of participation and coordination in Between the concerned parties in the country. On the other hand, the realization of SME strategy means a set of integrated policies in different areas. Small and medium enterprises now provide 80% of the total employment opportunities and contribute 90 percent of GDP, which is one of the most important elements of development strategies and economic development in most countries of the world. "
Since small and medium-sized enterprises can cover all sectors, balanced development is possible with the availability of human capital and the market as well as finance.
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The Rafidain Bank logo



Economy News Baghdad

Rafidain Bank announced on Saturday the payment of the sixteenth installment of the predecessor of the civilian retirees of three million dinars.

The bank's information office said in a statement, read by "Economy News", that "the payment of the sixteenth installment of the civilian pension of three million dinars to about 3895 retired."

The statement added that "the payment of the twelfth installment of the retired military veterans of more than three thousand retired," noting that "disbursement of this advance was by informing the pensioner by sending him a text message notify him to grant the advance, after he completed all the legal procedures to grant it and disbursed through Electronic payment tools ".

Views 18   Date Added 06/09/2018

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Call for increased confidence in private financial institutions



10/6/2018 12:00 am 

In order to encourage the reality of work

Baghdad / Emad Al-Amara
The banking system in Iraq, and despite the importance of its institutions, but it was unable to create an atmosphere conducive to the revitalization of the private sector because of the constraints and procedures followed in these financial institutions as they were following the instructions and policies of the state; where we find that 90 percent of banking activity back to government banks at a time when absent The role of its own counterpart in supporting the economic activities of the private sector.

 Small investors 
academic economist , Dr. Ahmed Omar al- Rawi said the "morning" that most of the activity of government banks was intended to finance the public sector , which was characterized by centralism in its institutions manage the case without the benefit of those financial allocations by the private sector to invest in successful activities. "  
He added "The banking system continues to rely on complex mechanisms in its financing activities, where it is difficult for the private sector to meet the conditions required to obtain funding, so the small investors, the majority, did not benefit from the funding required for their investment activities, not because of interest rates despite the high rates but because B difficult lending conditions that were followed by government banks. "
He pointed out that "the banking system in Iraq was unable to finance large investments for lack of ability to do so, and remained active in short and short-term loans, which prevented the possibility of large investments by the private sector."  Directing resources The banking system in Iraq consists of about 70 banks, including 7 government. The system also witnessed an expansion in the Islamic banking business, which has become in tune with the trends of a large segment of the public. "There is a lot of talk about the need to adopt reform policies because of the major imbalances resulting from the mismanagement of resources and development, under the guidance of the International Monetary Fund, most developing countries, including Iraq, the adoption of reform policies that would direct resources towards targets that maximize benefits to society. is the distribution of resources in accordance with the market mechanism and openness to the outside world, especially in the field  of investment. private sector

In turn, between the academic economist Dr. Amr Hisham said that "the Iraqi economy, after the circumstances of the loss of its components and infrastructure, now in dire need to adopt reform policies to restore normal activity." 
"The call to encourage the private sector was the first policy to be adopted to contribute to building the Iraqi economy," he said. 
He added that "to achieve this call, the necessary legislative and institutional frameworks should be issued to encourage and attract private national investments, especially national smuggled funds." Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 and its amendments is a fundamental step in building and creating an appropriate investment climate. The Iraqi economy on a modern basis, and rebalancing the economic sectors by giving a greater role to the private sector in 
 economic activities . " Attracting investments

He said Hisham " the need to carry out a series of economic and legal policies that help to create an investment environment that encourages national and foreign investor, and give full confidence to ensure their rights through measures the most important of the existence of a national framework of laws and conventions that form the ground to attract Alasttmart.  
And the importance of " the existence of a national framework of institutional reception and encourage The movement of investments in Iraq and the support of local or expatriate investor, and provide all forms of support required for the development of investment, and the reform of investment activities because of the multiplicity of investment departments in the ministries of the state, which often intersect policies to encourage Investment, as well as the revival of national financial markets and raise awareness of the importance of investment in securities 

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Rafidain announces its branches to suppor t the advance of state employees in Baghdad


 Since 2018-06-10 at 10:35 (Baghdad time)


Baghdad - Mawazine News

Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Sunday the branches of the five and ten million dinars to the employees of the government departments electronically in Baghdad.

The bank's information office said in a statement received by Mawazine News, a copy of it, that "the branches that give the advance were determined by the employee's electronic card."

He added that "the branches of Baghdad are (the branch of Adhamiya - Al-Andalus branch in Sadr City - the green branch in the university district - the branch of Al-Zahra in the holy Kadhimiya - branch of the people - the branch of Paradise in front of Ishtar Hotel - Mashtal Branch - Kadhimiya Holy - Khansaa branch in Kamaliyya - Palestine Street Branch) "

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  • yota691 changed the title to Rafidain announces its branches to grant the five and ten million dinars to the state employees



Economy News _ Baghdad

Rafidain Bank announced the branches covered by the grant of the five and ten million dinars for state employees in Baghdad and the provinces.

The bank said in a statement received by the "Economy News" a copy of it, "It has been identified a number of branches that grant advances to state employees," noting that "the staff can visit these branches to apply on the advance in accordance with the mechanism easy and without any obstacles or problems little."

According to the statement, the branches are: 

1 - Adhamiya against the Abu Hanifa Mosque

2 - Al-Andalus Al-Sadr City - Alkayara - Sector 16

3-green university neighborhood - opposite the mosque of Mullah Hweish

4- Al-Zahra Al-Kadhimiya - Al-Shawsa

5 - the people, the people - the Mosque of the Sharafi - behind the firefighter

6 - Paradise Al Saadoun Street - Paradise Square - opposite Ishtar Hotel

7 - New Baghdad nursery - near the building of electronic computing

8-cycle refineries

9-Mansour Al-Amiraat Street - opposite Al-Shakaki Sweets

10 - Bab al - Mu'amam against the Shiite Waqf office

11 - Hudhayfah ibn al - Yaman district of the cities - the bridge - the old Diyala bridge

12-Ocean Kadhimiya - adjacent to Baghdad Gate

13 - Khansaa Kemaliyah - near the Khansaa exchange

14 - Palestine Street Al Mustansiriya neighborhood


1 - Basrah Al Watan Street - Asad Babel Square

2 - Pharmacists Basrah - Al Watan Street - Mahalat Al Zuhour

3 - The city of Basra - near the court - adjacent to the Municipality of Medina

4 - Basra stronghold - Ocean Street - near the train station - opposite the General Corporation of Ports

5 - Abu al-Khasib Basra - near the market of Abu al-Khasib


1 - Qadisiyah Diwaniyah - Center near the new governorate

2 - Ghamas Diwaniyah - near the market - Diwaniyah Al Shamia


1 - Al-Rumaitha Al-Muthanna - Al-Jisr Street - opposite Al-Farzadeq School

2 - Muthanna Samawah - governorate street - against the Commission of Integrity previously


1 - Mashkhab Najaf - Judicial Center - opposite the police station

2 - Muslim bin Aqil Najaf - Kufa - in front of the list of Kufa - adjacent to the shrine of Muslim bin Aqeel.


1 - Babel, the center of Hilla - adjacent to the Babylonian retirement

2 - bridge Babel - center Hilla - near the maternity hospital - in front of Baghdad's old garage


1 - Muqdadiya Diyala - Old Market Street

2 - Farouk Street Baquba - near the Institute of Teachers

3 - Baldrouz Diyala - Baladrouz district - near the petrol station Baldrooz

4 - Mandali Diyala - Mandali - Valka Mandali entrance - adjacent to the municipality of Baldrouz

Dhi Qar:

1 - Souk Al-Shuyukh Dhi Qar - Souk Al-Shuyukh - Near the Market - in front of the electricity department of Souq Al-Shuyukh

2 - Rifai Dhi Qar - Kaza of Rifai - teachers district

3-Or Dhi Qar - near the old Samawah garage

4 - Chabaish Dhi Qar - Kaza of Chabaish - near the gas station Chabaish

5 - Shatrah Dhi Qar - Shatrah - opposite Shatrah hospital


1 - the country of Salah al-Din - near the old post - adjacent Balad Police Directorate

2 - Dujail Salahuddin - Dujail - against the Qaiqamiya


1 - Martyrs Karbala holy - Republic Street - against the stock market


1 - the retirement hall Kirkuk - Al - Baath - adjacent to the retirement of Kirkuk

2 - Light Kirkuk - Atlas Street - near the passports


1 - Hadi Maysan - near the Shiite Waqf


1 - Kut Wasit - Corniche Street - adjacent to the large internal garage

2 - Wasit project - Kut - opposite the police station in the town of Kut

3 - Al-Kut neighborhood - Kaza of the neighborhood - hospital street - near Al-Gharraf primary hospital


1- Al-Anbar Al-Ramadi - near Ramadi Educational Hospital for Women

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/ Mawazeen News / Al-Rafidain branches are allocated to grant the five and ten million to the state employees


 Since 2018-06-12 at 10:29 (Baghdad time)


Baghdad - Mawazeen News 
Rafidain Bank announced, Tuesday, the branches covered by the grant of the five and ten million dinars in Baghdad and the provinces. 
"A number of branches have been identified to grant advances to state employees," the bank's information office said in a statement received by Mawazine News. 
He added that "the staff can visit these branches to apply on the advance in accordance with the mechanism of ease and without any obstacles or problems little." 
The branches are: 
branches of Baghdad ... 
1-Adhamiya \ Abu Hanifa Mosque vs. 
2-Andalus \ Sadr City - Alekiarp - 16 sector 
3-green \ university district - as opposed to a mosque Mulla Huwaish 
4. Zahra \ Kadhimiya - Alhosh 
5. People \ People - Mosque of Shoroufi - behind the firefight 
6 - Paradise / Street Saadoun - Firdous Square - opposite Ishtar Hotel
7- Al-Mashtal \ New Baghdad - Near the building of the electronic calculator 
8 - Refineries \ Session 
9 - Mansur \ Amiraat Street - opposite to Alkhalaki Sweets 
10-Bab Al-Mu'amam / Versus the Shiite Endowment Bureau 
11-Hudhayfah Bin Al-Yaman 
12-ocean / Kadhimiya - adjacent to the Gate of Baghdad 
13-Khansaa \ Kamaliyya - near the Khansaa Dove 
14-Palestine Street \ Al-Mustansiriyah neighborhood

Branches provinces 
1-Basra \ Street home - Lion of Babylon Square 
2-pharmacists \ Basra - home street - locality flowers 
3-city \ Basra - near the court - a neighboring municipality of the city 
4. stronghold \ Basra - Ocean Street - near the train station - as opposed to the facility General ports 
5-Abi Fertile \ Basra - near Abu Fertile market 
1-Qadisiyah \ Diwaniyah - the center near the new province 
2-Gmas \ Diwaniyah - near the market - Diwaniya maize 
1-Rumaitha \ Muthanna - bridge Street - Opposite School Farazdaq 
2-Muthanna \ Samawah - Al-Mohafaza Street - opposite the former Integrity Commission 
1-Mashkhab / Najaf - Judicial Center - opposite the police station 
2- Muslim bin Aqil / Najaf - Kufa - in front of the list of Kufa - adjacent to the shrine of Muslim bin Aqeel. 

1 - Babel \ the road of the center of Hilla - adjacent to the retirement of Babylon
2. Bridge \ Babylon - Ahalh- center near the maternity hospital - as opposed to the old Baghdad garage 
1-Muqdadiyah \ Diyala - Old Market Street 
2-Farouq Street \ Baquba - near the Institute of parameters 
3-Balad Ruz \ Diyala - Balad Ruz spend - near a petrol station Balad Ruz 
4 -mendla \ Diyala - Mandali - entrance washer Mandali - adjacent to the municipality of Balad Ruz 
1. Suq \ Dhi Qar - Senate market - near the market - in exchange for Dirh electricity Suq 
2-Rifai \ Dhi Qar - Rifai spend - district teachers 
3-ur \ ever Qar - Near the old Samawah garage 
4-Chabaish / Dhi Qar - Khabayish district - near the gas station Chabaish 
5-Shatrah \ Dhi Qar - Shatrah - opposite Shatrah hospital

1-country \ Salah al - Din - near the old mail - nearby Balad police Directorate 
2-Dujail \ Salah al - Din - Dujail - as opposed Alqaimqamah 
1-martyrs \ Karbala - Republic Street - in exchange for stock 
1-retirement hall \ Kirkuk - Baath neighborhood - adjacent body retirement Kirkuk 
2-Nur \ Kirkuk - Atlas Street - near the Passport 
1-Hadi \ Maysan - near the Shiite Waqf 
1-Kut \ Wasit - Corniche Street - adjacent to the large indoor garage 
2-project \ Wasit - Kut - opposite the town of Kut police station 
3- neighborhood \ Kut - spend the neighborhood - Hospital Street - near Garraf elementary Hospital 
1. Anbar \ Ramadi - near Ramadi Teaching Hospital Nessa Yeh

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