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Georgia special election: Republican Karen Handel beats Jon Ossoff in runoff

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Republican Karen Handel spoke about social media and ‘anger from the left’ in race that’s drawn national attention as a referendum on the Trump presidency



Ben Jacobs in Roswell, Georgia

Tuesday 20 June 2017 12.54 BST



Karen Handel greets diners during a campaign stop at Old Hickory House in Tucker, Georgia Monday.
Photograph: David Goldman/AP
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An energized Republican base kept Ossoff from accumulating a significant lead among early voters and doomed the hopes of the anti-Trump activists



Ben Jacobs in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Wednesday 21 June 2017 03.17 BST






Vid in link

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On 6/21/2017 at 7:40 PM, Whatshername said:


As fun as it is to watch those pompous asses while their brain cells go into overload trying to grasp the reality that what they talked themselves into believing was nothing more than a shared delusion, and in spite of the indescribable pleasure of seeing one collectivist after the other fall like dominoes, I am compelled to point out, they are far more than 0-4.

They are more like 0 - 1240 (approximately).

If you add all the city council seats, mayoral, races, state legislators, state senates, governorships, etc, the dems have lost well over 1200 races in the last eight years.

In everything from dog catcher to POTUS, Americans across AMerica are letting the dems know EXACTLY how much we appreciated their drunk on power elitist oppression, and above the law corruption, over the last eight years.

I suppose I should be a gracious winner, but I'm far too shallow for that.

I prefer to gloat, smirk, giggle, and laugh in their faces, the "stink eye of death" is a wonderful thing to behold when worn by a progressive, and directed at me, it's the only way I can be sure they noticed my single digit salute of thanks for making my day.... 

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5 minutes ago, easterlily said:

I hope Colorado can start to clean out the Democrats in the next election. We are too blue, we need more red.

I hope so is a reason not to move there....but I love it!


Thee seem to be a lot of ex Californians messing it

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50 minutes ago, SnowGlobe7 said:

I hope so is a reason not to move there....but I love it!


Thee seem to be a lot of ex Californians messing it

That's their agenda, to infiltrate into each state and mess things up.

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