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A new product to promote competition in the Iraqi market

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A new product to promote competition in the Iraqi market



6/20/2017 0:00 
 BAGHDAD / Farah pumice  
continues to Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) efforts to support citizens with limited income, where recently signed a cooperation agreement with Saz services company vehicles to offer my car loan service. 
Amid this image sees economic analyst Rahim Shammari said this kind of agreements creates a spirit of competition among private companies, to bring the best products to the public. 
And signed by the Iraqi Trade Bank agreement with Saz services company vehicles agent distributor (TOYOTA) approved in Iraq to offer my car loan service, the staff  of the 

In this regard , Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq , Faisal said Alheims in a statement the "morning": " The signing of this agreement came within the framework of cross - fertilization of ideas of both parties and the convergence of their efforts to do what contributes to the support staff segment." 
And will be the Iraqi Trade Bank lending applicants employees to buy Toyota cars from Saz company, who are endemic salaries at the branches of the bank, loans up roof top about 60 million dinars, while Saz company will secure sales of Toyota cars for applicants to buy through borrowing from the bank, in addition to the inclusion of sales services maintenance and after - sales services and original spare parts, as well as to enjoy sales warranty Almsenai, pursuant to the regulations of Toyota factories, and offer Toyota dealerships in the 
The back economic analyst Shammari confirms that the products offered by the Bank (TBI) to the public you move the wheel of the national economy, as it creates a spirit of competition with other government and private banks. 
He noted that the agreement with Saz company will help to move the car market in the country, to contribute according to its consideration of the face of lower prices in the domestic market. 
Alheims also said that the future visions of the bank will determine the expansion of customer service in terms of launching new banking products, as these loans help employees on the acquisition of distinctive cars affordable installments. 
He noted the Director - General to the TBI first bank operating in Iraq resides within the exclusive agent lounge to complete the treatment of the loan and the issuance of approvals period not to exceed 48 hours after the completion of the loan application and provide the bank with the required documents, indicating the pursuit of bank presence near  
its customers. 
On the other hand, praised the directors of a group of companies Manager (Sardar) Masahiko Tanikoji cooperation which combines the company and the bank, urging that make other banks , the biggest effort to help citizens secure live and progress requirements, especially as the saz company agent Toyota is interested in the services provided by agents that manufacturer 's order to realize the well - being sought by society. 
Got "my car" product on the approval of the Central Bank was launched for the first time in early March, and there will be an employee specialist and director of finance is in the exhibition to facilitate applicants for the offers of my car and give the answer within 48 hours at the same show, and that this agreement product my car is the second of its kind, where the first took place with Doha exclusive dealer of Jeep), Dodge).
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So a Toyota for about $50,000.00 US dollars hmmmmm it sure would be nice if they a had currency worth something to make their monthly payments !!! 


Thanks Yota.   

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